Vol 3 Chapter 22

Outside the mansion, were a group of children waiting for Kazuya’s return.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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On board Parabellum’s Air Force One, everyone was full of excitement as they were being escorted by F-22 Raptors on their way to Parabellum’s Island country.

「Ahahaha!! This is great!! This ship is so spacious and comfortable!! This is the best ride, more than anything I’ve experienced!!」

「Mo-mother!! Please stop it, you’re embarrassing us… …」

「MOOOMM!! Stop it already~ Everyone is looking over here now~」

Laying down in one of the planes reclining seats, Amira raises and lowers the chair rest over and over like a small child, beating on the cushions with glee, as Feene and Lena scold their mother in sheer embarrassment of her actions.

「Princess, I’m going to say it again, but don’t cause a diplomatic scandal―― Princess? Are you listening? Princess Iris!?」

「Oh~ Wow~ it’s so beautiful… … the clouds are right below us… …」

「Pri-princess Iris? What’re you――」

「… … Umm Head Minister, it’s useless, no matter what you say, your words won’t reach the princess」

「That seems to be the case… … heavy sigh… … How about you, explain things to her Majesty then… …」

Things were going well aboard Parabellum’s aerial ship until two runaways decided to come on board. Mary who was Karen’s subordinate had tried to stop her lord, while Phyllis and Baretta who were Iris guards and attendants failed in their attempt to keep her from getting on the plane. Giving up trying to educate the Princess, the Canary Kingdom’s delegation leader turns to the Princesses attendants, while the Princess stares outside the window, amazed by the expanse of clouds below.

「――Duchess Lautrec, do you realize what you’ve done?」

「… I know… … I was wrong , I’m sorry」

「It’s fine for now, but please refrain from taking any foolish actions from now on」

「Yeah yeah, I get it already. … … But I can’t help it, I was becoming worried thinking about Kazuya」

「Wait, what was that!?」

「Ha ha… … It’s nothing. I was just talking to myself」

「Is that ‘really’ the case?」

Karen turns to look out the window as her heart was captivated by thoughts of Kazuya. Sulking a little as her aide Maria naggingly scolds her for her brash actions not to long ago.

… … The situation out there is a bit chaotic.

Separated by a simple curtain, Kazuya peeks out at the VIP delegates from the Canary Kingdom and on the opposite side the Monster Kingdom dignitaries. Getting the impression that its becoming quite rowdy out in the cabin.

「―― Ahem, Master. … … um. Master?」

Calling out to Kazuya as he was distracted by what’s beyond the curtain, Chitose puts on a troubled expression calling out to him once more.

「Huh? Ah, oh Chitose, what’s wrong?」

「We’ll be arriving to the mainland, so please review the schedule」

「Alright, I got it」

Reviewing the data tablet full of information, Kazuya returns the tablet back into Chitose’s hands.

「――Right, there’s no issues」


Briskly confirming the schedule, for when they’ve arrived at Parabellum’s mainland, Kazuya reaches out for a drink which had already been prepared for him.

「Oh Master, by the way~  ――I heard you enjoyed yourself quite a lot with some Succubus girls, the other day」

Timing it perfectly, Chitose drops a bomb right when Kazuya was ready to relax.

「Pssplishaaww!! Cough Hack Coughing

Gushing like a fountain, Kazuya spat out his drink, coughing profusely.

Who said I did that?

Did Elle tell her, even though I told her to keep silent about the whole thing??

Desperately looking for an excuse like his life depended on it, Kazuya racked his brains thinking of possible comebacks.

「Please look at all these letters, those devilish vixens have written for you~」

Receiving the stack of letters from Chitose ―― Kazuya realized he could no longer escape any punishment, as the contents of each letter was laden with sentences of reminiscent experiences of carnal activities with the Succubus girls, and their desires to engage in further sexual activities. Kazuya realized no amount of excuses would be able to quell Chitose’s wrath.

「Ah it’s wrong… I never wanted to do it with any of them… ….uh Chitose?」

Panicking in cold sweat Kazuya answers flusteredly, but Chitose begins to press her chest on him.

「Master, I… … please don’t abandon me」

… …Chitose?   What are you even saying?

Being used to seeing Chitose become super jealous with her dark passionate eyes, Kazuya was shocked with Chitose’s trembling appearance and weak eyes, that he shook his head thinking he was holding a different woman entirely.

Kazuya’s mind began to race, confused by Chitose’s change in attitude and unexpected behavior.

「… … There are a lot of girls gathering around master…  I… I’m worried… I’m scared that one day you’ll get bored of me, and abandon me some day… ….」

「Chitose… …」

Towards Chitose’s unusual demeanor, Kazuya tightly grips her feeble figure, hugging her tightly to give her some peace of mind.

「You belong only to me. I’ll never get tired of you, nor abandon you at all」

「Ah, Master… …」

Tearing up at Kazuya’s reply, Chitose sticks close to Kazuya’s chest, deeply moved.

―… … All according to plan. No one will take Master away from me.

Without realizing it at all Kazuya holds Chitose, a sharp smile forms as she buries her face in Kazuya’s chest.


Reaching the mainland soon, Chitose presses herself on Kazuya, while her other hand reaches down deep into his pants.

「… ….Uh?… … Chi…tose..?」

Reminiscing the past, Kazuya turns victim as Chitose pulls on him, using her hands to stroke him many times over.

「Chi, Chitose, wait stop, don’t do this!!」

「Master….. I can’t…. I’m really sorry about this」

What’s going on?… … Did she emotionally snap!?

Having been relieved from their nightly activities, Chitose’s sexual desire had been accumulating quite a bit, after catching whiff of Kazuya’s scent, her desire exploded in that moment.

I can’t anymore… …

I wasn’t expecting to do this either.

But I can’t hold myself back any longer…. …. Master~…..

Stained with a deep lust her face flushed red, Chitose continued to move her hands as she wordlessly mouthed her apology to Kazuya.

We are approximately 20 minutes away from our destination. At this time all passengers please focus your attention outside towards the ocean

「Wait!! Chitose get a hold of yourself, endure it!! Wait until we get back to the mainland!!」

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Kazuya becomes terrified by the in-flight announcement, as the airplane descends the chances of getting caught drastically increases.

「It was all my fault, I’m so sorry But…. I can’t…. I can’t wait any longer. Anyhow, we’ll be fine… …we’re separated from everyone with this curtain, no one behind it will notice… “first of all” I’ll service you with my mouth」

What do you mean “first of all”? Everyone over here is staring really hard and getting wet!!

In the seats surrounding Kazuya and Chitose in the First class cabin, their maids leaned on their seats as their desire for a piece of the action boiled, watching Chitose and Kazuya’s festivities.

Moving impatiently, Kazuya saw Chitose’s lustful eyes, her breathing became hot and heavy. Unzipping Kazuya’s pants, she begins to pull on Kazuya’s zipper with her mouth.

But in the cabin behind the curtain, voices and footsteps resounded as they could be heard heading their way.

Damn it!! It was just a little bit more!! Why do they have to get in the way!!

Suppressing her sexual urges, barely pulling herself together, Chitose fixes her disheveled uniform before sitting back down in her chair.

――SAFE!!   We barely made it, that was dangerous… …

It felt like my insides just left me entirely.

「Kazuya! What are those things floating in the middle of the ocean?」

At the exact same moment when Chitose sat down in her chair, Amira appears excitedly from behind the curtain, bringing along everyone as they begin to pile into Kazuya’s part of the cabin.

「Oh….Uh…that… those are the ships from our Navy」

Answering Amira’s question in similar fashion, during the time Karen first visited Parabellum’s mainland, the naval vessels were dispersed in various formations.

But unlike that time, these naval vessels were currently in the middle of a mock battle, training in counter offensive strategies for the upcoming battle which would occur several months later, firing non-lethal simulated rounds and anti-air bullets.

Reflecting the suns light, a glistening number of warships littered the sea.  Having spent their dummy ammunition, their empty gun barrels wafted white smoke, while the wind carried those fumes into the distance.

「Really? You mean all of those!?」

Amira eyes shone with excitement, pressing Kazuya for an explanation, as she pressed her face to the window watching the large fleet moving around below.

「Hey um, Kazuya? I get the feeling that the number of ships here have increased from the previous time I came to Parabellum… ….」

「Oh about that, during that time, we had a lot of ships in drydock for upgrades and repairs. That may have been the reason」

Noticing quite the difference in the amount of ships moving about, Karen asks Kazuya, why her previous time around had so little ships.

「If anyone is curious, you are free to look at them individually at a later time… … But to briefly put it, there are about 50 battleships (New and old), about 150 Aircraft carriers, cruisers, and destroyers, that’s in addition to many other types of naval vessels which are not in this picture」

… …. Well at this very moment, a Dreadnought class warship is currently in the works.

「Hm-hmm… … I don’t get it, but that sounds really great」

「Hmmm… I guess to put it simply, a fleet of this size could easily crush 10 to 20 small countries 」


As Kazuya casually gave a dreadful example, the dignitaries of the Monster Kingdom and Amira herself, became fully aware of Parabellum’s extraordinary power.

Likewise, for Karen and the delegates of the Canary Kingdom, their expressions looked as though they’ve tasted something sour, coming to the same conclusion as Amira’s group.

Under no circumstances, should they turn Kazuya into their enemy―― because the moment you make Parabellum your enemy, your forces would be subjected to a one-sided slaughter.

「Huh? What’s wrong, why’d you guys suddenly become quiet?」

「No um… its nothing」

「Ah don’t mind me」

Turning their heads away, Karen and Amira couldn’t face Kazuya who carried a serious expression.


「Alright everyone, you’re free to go visit any place you wish as we’ll be providing you with all guide personnel」

This was all made possible because Kazuya was returning back to Parabellum’s mainland for various reasons. Since it was also a perfect opportunity Amira and company wanted to experience Kazuya’s country.

「Well, since I’ve been shown around before…. I… .. If its not too much of an issue, Kazuya… … I’d like to be by your side」

Should I have gotten them an appropriate guide to bring them to some favorable places?

As Kazuya thought about such things, he realized those ideas would be dismissed by the girls.

「Ah! Dear sister is so slyー!! Don’t try to get a head start on usー!!」

「That, Le-Lena!! I’m not trying to get a head start on anything… I…I’m just, just… …」

Lena snaps back towards Feene suspecting foul play, as she had been on Parabellum’s mainland already.

「… … I’ve also been here before, so it’s fine.  I guess I can wait while Kazuya’s business is all taken care of」

Unable to say out loud that she was looking forward to be by his side, Karen exclaims that she’d be fine waiting for him.

「I want to be next to Big brother!!」

Opposing Karen’s and Feene’s responses, Iris clings to Kazuya’s arm.

「Since that’s the case… … I’ll be going with Kazuya as well」

Finally having the chance to come to Parabellum, Amira spoke her true intentions for this significant one time visit.

… … Then, what was the point of coming to experience Parabellum at all?

「I don’t mind if you all decide to come along with me… … But I don’t think it will be fun, even if you do come along」

Surprised by Amira’s remark, Kazuya gives permission for everyone to accompany him.

「Ma-master!! We can’t… …」

Expressing her dismay, Chitose raises her voice unable to keep silent any longer.

Oh, that’s right.

Realizing Chitose’s response, Kazuya adds on a condition at the last minute.

「As mentioned before, you all can come along, but you’ll need to use the cars that have already been prepared for you」

「But that’s… …. I want to ride in the same car as Big Brother」

「(ŎεŎ) Pouting Face I want to ride with you too!!」

Iris and Lena protest at Kazuya’s conditions.

「Princess, can’t you see your bothering Kazuya」

「Lena, be patient」

Depressed sigh… … I understand 」

「… … Okay..」

If you keep being selfish you’ll become hated by Kazuya.    Listening to Phyllis’s whisper, Iris reluctantly nods in agreement.

Obediently following Amira’s words, Lena frowns with an unsatisfied expression.

「Well then, let’s get going」

Calmly calling out to the group, everyone nodded in affirmation, with the exception of Iris and Lena who still held a little dissatisfaction.

Oh, aren’t those the girls from the Saltz clan… … I wonder what they’ll be doing now that they’ve been brought here?

Having ridden on a separate aircraft along with Air Force One, the girls are apprehensive as they depart from the plane, and get aboard a large bus which had been prepared. Just as she was about to get into the car, Amira glanced at the elven girls of the Saltz clan, anxious about what would happen to them.

And by the way during the ride, the Presidential Cadillac Limousine, which Kazuya and Chitose rode, swayed unnaturally right up until they reached their intended destination.



Reaching Kazuya’s destination ―― Amira and company who arrived at the President’s private residence on Parabellum, all became stunned.





「「「Big Brother!!」」」

「「「Big Bro!!」」」

「Wait!! Hold on, just wait!! All of you――Gwaugh!!」

Outside the mansion, were a group of children waiting for Kazuya’s return.

「Gyah, Come on!! I can’t move, you guys are piling on top of me!」

Swept off his feet by a lot of children, Kazuya was currently being crushed by kids of different ages, races and genders.

「MASTER!? You guys, what are you guys doing!?」

「「「「Waaa~!! Mom is getting angry at us!!」」」」

In the midst of all the mayhem, Chitose went to go save Kazuya who was buried in the pile of children.

Is Kazuya an actual father and Chitose really a mother?

「… … I wonder what all of this is about?」

Doubtful about who these kids were, Karen throws out a question while Kazuya was still buried amongst them.

「Oh, these kids…  We’re not actually related by blood」

Liberated with Chitose’s assistance, Kazuya answers Karen’s question while dusting off his clothes by hand.

「「「「「「They’re orphans?」」」」」」

With Kazuya’s nonchalant reply, everyone’s heads tilted as their mouths opened in surprise.

「Ah, well you see. I often saw them in various places all over the different regions… … And seeing them as how they were, I couldn’t just leave them alone, so I took them in… Well (it was mostly like that)… …」

There were also some who weren’t orphans at all.

Keeping it to himself and muttering under his own breath, Kazuya didn’t want to voice out the truth of some.

In his mansion besides orphans, Kazuya had picked up girls and boys for various other reasons as well.

While a majority of them were orphans, there were children who were persecuted in the Canary Kingdom for being different, and from many other regions Kazuya would shelter persecuted children without discrimination.


As everyone sent their silent gazes towards the gathered children, Iris catches sight of another girl with the same opposing colored eyes like herself, and begins to form a complicated smile.


「Umm… … Big Brother?」


「―― Ah, no, uh never mind」

Noticing Iris’s silence, Kazuya strokes her head, just before she was about to ask something.

But when their eyes both meet, Iris quickly looks away and closes her mouth, reveling in the warmth transmitted from Kazuya’s palm on her head.


「Alright kids it’s time to eat, do you guys like some cooked rice?」


「Does everyone else want to eat too?」

「Yes please」

「Well, that’s to be expected」

「It would be rude to refuse your kind offer 」

「I’ll have some」


After the orphaned children’s spirited response, Kazuya turned to ask Iris and the rest of the group, while they nodded in agreement.

「So shall we get going?」

Hand in hand, Kazuya drew the children towards where they would eat, as Amira tagged along.

And yet Kazuya’s easygoing proposal would become the start of a serious issue.

「Huh? Oh, Clarice what’s wrong?」

During the time when Kazuya was eating and in middle of talking to everyone.

Persecuted for being different, Clarice had been driven away from her village of winged people for having black wings, as having white wings were the norm.

Moving right next to Kazuya, the young girl held a piece of grilled meat in her mouth.

「What are y―― mHmph!?」

Ignoring Kazuya’s curious inquiry, Clarice immediately brings her mouth and presses her lips onto Kazuya’s.


Having conversed with Kazuya not to long ago, Amira became speechless by Clarice’s actions.

Not one person said a word, as Clarice looked like she was kissing Kazuya directly.

「Wha!? ….. Gulps ……gasps… Clarice, what are you doing?」

Caught off guard Kazuya swallows the small piece of meat, that Clarice held in her mouth.

「Mhm hehehe… …it’s nothing. Oh Father, here~」

Taking the fork from Kazuya’s dish, Clarice picks up some grilled meat for Kazuya to eat.

「 ~Ah, A~ah」

Confused by this gesture, Kazuya casually eats the piece of grilled meat presented before him.

「Oh thanks, it’s really good――Mhmph!?」

But while Kazuya was in the middle of chewing his food, Clarice once again intercepts Kazuya’s lips, to chew on the small piece of meat hanging from his mouth.

―― Munching Drooling

Just now, that was an entirely different kiss from the previous one.

Enjoying every bit of it, Clarice chewed on the meat which had been just been from Kazuya’s mouth.

「Mhmm… relieved sigh… thank you for the meal, father」

「Um, er, right」

Finishing the meat which had been in Kazuya’s mouth, Clarice responds back to Kazuya with a smile. Flapping her wings triumphantly, she returns back to her seat gloating her victory in front of Amira and company.

… …. I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this.

Passing off Clarice’s behavior just as childish mischief, Kazuya became a bit more anxious after being struck by Amira and company’s expressions, realizing there might have been meaning to their exchange.

(((((… …That girl just did it… …)))))

Amira shivered, having watched it happen just before her eyes. The young girl just paraded the wedding ceremony for the Winged Race for all to see.

In short, the Winged tribes Wedding Ceremony consists of a man offering food to his partner via mouth-to-mouth, an exchange of nourishment. And a proposal to be together. If the woman accepts, she’d receive the food, swallow it and her following reply would be to return food with a mouth-to-mouth transfer, the same as what the man had done.

In addition to that ceremony there’s a special magic Inseparable Bonds it creates a binding pact which solidifies the relationship, making it unbreakable.

Normally because the union of two people is an enthralling event, it usually ends with a mouth-to-mouth exchange… … but, in that moment no one realized that Clarice had secretly used that special magic Inseparable Bonds on Kazuya, and neither the person in question, realized it himself as well.

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