Vol 3 Chapter 21

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Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Behind the Demon King’s Castle, at the execution grounds.

Usually this place would be unused and quiet but now plenty of Monster-kin gathered around, watching the guillotine and gallows, awaiting for the execution of the traitors.


… … I hate this, this detestable atmosphere.

Sitting on her luxurious throne, which was specially prepared, overlooking the crowded bleachers and the group to be executed. Bound by their hands over 300 elves carried rugged expressions.

Beside Amira, stood her aides, body guards and sitting around her were the rest of the Chieftains of the various monster tribes.

But in the spot where the usual Elven chieftain sat, a new Elven face resided there.

That was because ――

「Saltz, in the end… … do you have anything left to tell us?」

「… … I have nothing left to say. This entire mess was due to my son’s foolish actions.  Considering the severity of the matter, there is nothing left for me to say even if our entire clan would be executed」

Besides the matter of betraying the Monster Kingdom in favor of the Alsace Magical Empire, it was in connection to their attack on an ally providing a great amount of assistance, in particular Parabellum’s leader. Charged with the assassination of their ally, President Nagato, Nelson Saltz was the Chiefs son, so it became apparent for the entire clan to be executed.

「Since that is the case… … You may take him away now」

Due to their ethnic traits, the Elven race lived for long periods of time, Rodney Saltz was a close friend to the current Demon King Amira Rosinger. Their friendship lasted quite a long time, bowing towards her for the last time, Rodney was taken away towards the execution grounds.

Even if the fault lied elsewhere, there is no way out of this… … But to kill a friend for the sake of our country… … I absolutely hate it.

Grinding her teeth Demon King Amira would have to watch as Rodney Saltz was taken towards the guillotine, where his neck would lay exposed as the blade hung high and his lopped off head would be displayed to all as the ringleader for his clans grave crimes. While his clan would stand on the gallows, nooses around his family members necks, as the young masses watched with anticipation.

Even now, the young elves cried and lamented in despair fearing for their end, filled with bitter distaste Amira was about to give the command for the execution.

「Demon King!!」

Flustered a guardsmen ran towards the Demon King, relaying a message, he whispered into Amira’s ear.

「… … Yes, what is it?  Kazuya!?」

Annoyed by the guardsman who came with a last minute report, Amira’s eyes became excited hearing the news, as she snapped her neck towards the direction in which the incoming party would be arriving.

Escorted along side Parabellum’s elite guards, coyly grasping Kazuya’s sleeve Feene blushes while Lena grasps Kazuya’s opposite arm with a face full of satisfaction. Carrying an annoyed and jealous expression Chitose accompanied Kazuya as he was lead towards the execution grounds.

… … Ugh, those stupid girls of mine.

Rising from her throne to greet Kazuya, Amira was filled with a mild jealousy at the sight of what her two daughters were doing.

「President Nagato, what’s the meaning of this? Why are you suddenly here?」

「Demon King Amira, I just heard you were about to execute the elves」

「That is correct. They will be taking responsibility, for the terrible actions that Nelson orchestrated. But what of it, is something the matter?」

「You see, I actually came here to ask for a favor」

「Really? And what favor have you come to ask?」

「Well, rather than an execution, I would like you to give them all over to me. Would that be fine?」

As soon as Kazuya’s request reached the other Monster Tribe Leaders, who’d been listening in on their conversation which included the elves, their expressions immediately become clouded.

「… …Well as you can see that would be quite difficult. These traitors are here to set an example」

「Well, let’s see. Since that’s how it is… … why not spare the women?」

Towards Amira’s reluctant reply, Kazuya offers up a compromise.

「In that case… …not that it bothers me… … but what are you going to do with all the people you bring back with you?」

「Isn’t it obvious, I’m just going to have some fun」

Saying the most plausible reason just to hide his true intentions, Kazuya gazes towards the female elves with an erotic desire in his eyes.


Picking up Kazuya’s true intentions, hidden behind his words, the female elves scream arbitrarily in a way, that showed they realized, their miserable fate.

Damn… …

Even though this is just a farce, and I really have no intention of doing those things, I actually really do look like the villain here.

Amira who clearly saw Kazuya’s intentions for coming to the execution grounds, laughed inside her mind.

I see what you’re trying to do, but if your looking for women just for pleasure, you should have said so straight from the beginning, all of us will… … care and love you tenderly.

Turning her gaze away from Kazuya, Amira talks to Chitose with her stare.

「(Fufufu, I see Chitose must have it hard)」

「(Having it hard?? Stupid, it’s just Master doing his own thing again)」

Retorting with a snort, Chitose pouts before putting up a dignified face.

「Well that would conclude our negotiation」

「Yes, I understand. All of you over there!! You heard our conversation, release all the traitorous women to Parabellum’s President!!」

「「「Oora!! (Understood)」」」

As soon as Demon King Amira gave out her orders to her guards, all the elven women, over a 100 individuals were transferred over to Parabellum’s guards stationed nearby.

「Well then, that’s pretty much all we came here for」

「So your leaving already?」

「Yeah, well I’ve finished up all my errands」

「I see」

See you again sometime.

Looking back at Kazuya who waved his hands from afar, Amira waved her hand in return.


Thank you, for saving the daughters of my clan.

Having stood behind Amira, filled with emotion and deep in thought Rodney Saltz bows, deeply lowering his head up to his waist towards Kazuya’s figure which was moving away.

「Um, mother? What’s that important thing you wanted to talk about?」

As soon as Kazuya’s back fades in the distance. Feene question’s Amira while Lena still had her mouth open in a daze.

「Oh don’t worry, since we’ll talk about it later, just head back to the room first」

「Huh, oh, right. Ok, I understand」

「Okaaay~. But I wished Kazuya stayed around for a little bit longer…」

Turning towards the Demon King’s castle, Feene obediently enters while Lena complains, following their mother’s instruction.

「Hm~fufufu, So that is the President of Parabellum. I’ve heard a lot of rumors and he seems to be a very interesting man」

Right when Feene and Lena left, another individual appeared next to Amira.

「… … Melchia don’t talk like you know about such things,  and he’s mine for the taking」

「Really? Isn’t it the early bird, the one who gets the worm? giggles

Oblivious toward the sharp glint emanating from Amira’s eye, Melchia licks her seductive crimson lips, her peaked interest, favoring Parabellum’s President.

Moreover, beside those kids――my succubi and experienced girls are so excited that they’re certainly ready to report at any time now… …

Chuckling Fufufu~ Well I wonder, if I’ll get to devour him myself.

Accentuating the Succubus races’ voluptuous features, sporting risque attire which highlighted their bountiful breasts, as well as exhibiting their curvy bottom and thighs. The Chieftess schemed to use her races natural charms an abilities to lavishly bewitch their target.

And the Succubus Chieftess Melchia Digitalis renowned for her skills to degenerate all kinds of men and male creatures alike into her playthings, thought of how she would make Kazuya fall into depravity.


[Summoned Armaments]

It is now possible to summon weaponry designed, developed and manufactured before the year 2014.

[Summon Limit & Force Composition]

Your present level is 67.

Soldiers ・200000

Artillery ・25000

Vehicles ・25000

Aircraft ・10000

Naval Vessels ・9500

In the case for Artillery, Vehicles, Aircraft & Naval Vessel summons, the required amount of operating personnel will be summoned alongside.

Logistical Combat Support personnel  (Combat Engineers・Maintenance/ Mechanics ・Communications Specialists・Supply & Food Specialists・Medical Soldiers・etc.) are not included towards the Infantry summon limit, currently the available summons of LCS personnel  can reach a scale needed to support『Theater of War』operations.

There are no restrictions for the extent of summoned small caliber arms or heavy weapons that soldiers can operate.


・[Important Ability Notes]

  • It is now possible to summon via thoughts or voice commands, without viewing the menu screen.
  • Military supplies, resources and facilities which are summoned can be recalled or dismissed, but personnel (Soldiers) cannot be unsummoned.

(It is impossible to erase the dead body of a deceased summoned Soldier. Furthermore, it is impossible to summon the same deceased Soldier again.)

  • In the middle of combatThe ability to summon is restricted.  Self defense for logistical combat support personnel will be enabled.

... …Hmmm. I should re-consolidate my forces.

After several days following the execution of members from the Saltz Elf tribe, Kazuya had been casually reviewing his abilities in a guest room within the Demon King’s castle. A planned accommodation from the very beginning, Kazuya was guided to the room, after finishing talks with Amira.

At a time like this, Kazuya was being escorted by his maids Elle, Wilhelmina and a few members of Parabellum’s elite guard.

As for Chitose and the other officials, they were currently in the middle of diplomatic negotiations in another room. Separate from Kazuya and Amira’s discussion, where the details of a combined counteroffensive against the Alsace Magical Empire and drafting of a new agreement for future development were in progress.

Knock knock

「Pardon the intrusion. President Nagato, her lordship, Demon King Amira requests for your presence. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would appreciate it if you would follow me.」

「Really? Alright, I understand」

Waiting for Chitose to finish her meeting, Kazuya decided to follow the maids request. Contrary to the previous maid which had guided Kazuya to his room, this maids attire was quite sultry and revealing.

I wonder if something is wrong? … …. Or could it be another issue altogether?

Responding back to the maid, Kazuya left his room with Elle & Wilhelmina while pondering why Amira would suddenly call out of the blue.


Succeeding the moment Kazuya followed after her, the corners of the maids mouth curved into dark smile, which went unnoticed.

「Please come this way, we’ve arrived」

Entering the dimly lit room, following after the maid, Kazuya began to notice the sweet smell in the air.

What is up with this room… …actually, where is Amira?

「Che! Master, the Demon King isn’t here!! And this smell is―― !!」

As soon as Kazuya entered the room, Wilhelmina whose sense of smell has better than others due to her Wolf races trait, was the first to notice the peculiarity.

「Oh, I’ve been found out? Well, there’s nothing you can do about it now 『Succumb to Slumber』

Right when Wilhemina raised her voice in alarm, from the shadows of the dimly lit room, a bewitching gaze causes Kazuya’s elite bodyguards to fall to the floor.

「What the!? Hey, are you guys okay?」

「Uh oh, the two of you are in the way.  It’s not that easy to resist my bewitching gaze, but not that it matters. 『Succumb to Slumber』

「Augh… …nnngh… Mas…ter…」

「Hnn! Master… please… run away… …」

「Elle! Wilhelmina! Dammit!!」

Resisting the Succubus’ bewitchment, Elle and Wilhemina grit their teeth but after becoming struck a second time, the potency of the bewitching gaze causes them to fall to the floor, alongside Parabellum’s elite bodyguards.

「Now now, those hindrances won’t be bothering us anytime soon. Fufufu~  so why don’t we have some fun, don’t you think so Parabellum’s President~」

Stepping out from the rooms dark corner and appearing in Kazuya’s direct view, Leader of the Succubi tribe, Melchia Digitalis smiles like a carnivorous beast ready to devour her prey.

「Oh I get it now… … You’re the ringleader for the race of Succubi, Digitalis was it? 」

Unholstering his two sidearms, Kazuya points his Colt M1911 towards Melchia who had just emerged, while his FN Five-Seven was aimed towards the girls who kept appearing one after another (Girls who had been peeping in on him during his time at the Den of the Dirty Devils)².

Shit, we’re surrounded!! And the maid who brought me here has locked the door and is blocking the way.

What do I do? Should I just try to force my way out of this?

「Oh~ I’m so honored that your excellency remembers my name. But let me introduce myself once more, I am Melchia Digitalis Chieftess of the Succubi tribe. And now that introductions are out of the way…  fufufu~」

Bowing teasingly towards Kazuya, Melchia’s enticing chest sways along with her laughter.

「There’s no need for formalities, speak normally. What is it that you want? Rather than that, What did you do to Elle and Wilhemina?」

「Ah okay~  Then I’ll take you up on your offer~  Oh, as for your ‘girls’ there’s no need to worry,  I just had them go to sleep with my bewitching gaze until our “business” is finished」

「Business? What are you up to?」

「I’m not scheming anything~ … … It’s just, fufufu~  there’s only one kind of business that a man and woman can do together~  wouldn’t you~  think~  so~」

Smacking her lips, Melchia shows a lascivious smile as the other succubi drew closer to Kazuya.

「Stay back!! It’s too bad, but I actually don’t feel like embracing you at all」

「Hmm~  Don’t you think its a shame~  for a man to turn such things down? Don’t you~  worry too much~,  and put that bad thing away~.  We’ll be doing some pleasant things soon enough~   don’t you think so~?」

Ah crap!?

「Ah!? gulp… … ah… …」

Awwwww~ … … Looks like he fell~♪

Closing the distance right up until their noses touched, Kazuya became charmed in the blink of an eye, as Melchia used her bewitching gaze directly up close.

Kazuya groaned, staggering as he slowly sank into Melchia’s soft chest.

Seductive Sigh Let’s see, come on now my dear, dear president~, let’s get more acquainted, by using our bodies~」

Be that as it may, that was just so easy, wasn’t it?…. …

Well, well, I can now manipulate Parabellum from the shadows, by drowning this man in pleasure with our bodies.

「Alright everyone~♪  Make sure to be very~  careful~  and not to overdo it okay~♪」

「「「「Yes, Melchia 」」」」

After attaining Kazuya in the palm of her hands, Melchia spoke to the surrounding Succubi & girls who were quite eager, before disappearing to the back of the room.


Receiving a report of Kazuya’s disappearance from a maid she had assigned by his room, Amira got a bad feeling as she hurriedly moved towards Melchia’s quarters.

「Melchia open up!! There’s no answer!! … … Hmph!!」

No matter how many times Amira pounded on the door, no response would come. Frustrated by the situation, and having no key for Melchia’s private quarters, Amira kicks open the door, entering into the room.

Cheh! I was too late!!

Instantly, Amira was struck by a wave of burning incense, aphrodisiac fragrances and smells of lascivious activity, immediately realizing what had occurred.

I made it, Ah this is bad….

I don’t want to entertain the idea, but if Kazuya had fallen to Melchia’s schemes…. ….

No, the real problem would be if Chitose were to find out about all of this….

「Melchia, where the hell are you!? Do you have any idea what you’ve just done!? You better answer me!! 」

Aggravated because she didn’t receive a response from Melchia, Amira barges through the most innermost room.

「UGH!? What’s this!? What, what happened here?…」

As soon as she opened the main chambers door, a strong smell and haze wafted throughout the whole room.

Scowling towards the rich smell of bodily fluids, Amira becomes surprised by the sight in front of her.

「… … pant… … pant… …」

「Nnnghhhaa, more… ..ha~… …」

Giggling… … ehehehe~… …yes daddy… …」

「Aahh, nooo~… …you can’t… … I’m not… … no don’t… come in… …」

「… …. … ah… … … … A… …Mira?」

Melchia was akin to a defiled beauty as she was covered in a white liquid and her succubi that lay around her convulsed with delirious pleasure. Several girls eyes were hollow with delight having experienced something beyond their imaginations as their voices cracked with ecstasy.

「Are, are you all okay!? Melchia!? What the hell happened to you all!?」

Forgetting all about rescuing Kazuya and coming to deliver punishment to Melchia because of the current situation, Amira gripped Melchia who was in a great mess.

「Ahhh~… … kahaha… … my plan failed… … I was beaten instead… …」

「Huh, what was that!?」

Ehehemore~… … no stop… … we… tried… to make… him… muahhh~… into our… slave… … ehehe~… but… in the end… … we became his~♪」

Mixed with ecstasy, Melchia’s expressions contorted between seriousness and pleasure, before passing out in satisfaction due to recalling the intense stimulation.

「Melchia!! Hey Melchia!! …Huh?…Oh, you just fainted!」

Fearing Melchia had just died before her, Amira scoffed to herself when she realized, Melchia just lost consciousness.

「… …But this doesn’t make sense, did Kazuya really do all of this??」

The burning smell of incense and aphrodisiac fragrances began to affect her as her underwear started to become wet, Amira looked around awestruck at the sight of Melchia and dozens of her succubi lain strewn on the floor with expressions of euphoria.


I’m so exhausted.

Did you finished overpowering Melchia, Master?

In the middle of showering and cleansing his body, querying for an answer Elle knocks on the door, having guided Kazuya back to his original quarters.

Sigh Geez, I was unaffected by their charms and enchanted eyes due to my

【Mental Resilience (Strong)】

It was quite hard to pretend to be mesmerized by their abilities.

Still, did I overdo “it”  because I was backed up or something?

Well I did get some revenge for them trying to manipulate me, by doing them until they begged for forgiveness… … that should be a fine punishment, right?

Finishing taking a shower and in the middle of wiping down his body, Kazuya was lost in thought, recalling punishing Melchia and her girls thoroughly, drowning them in pleasure until they were trembling and sore, begging for forgiveness.

Well I did use my perfect healing ability though, maybe the side effect kicked in partway?… … it may have tampered with their minds a bit.

SIghWhat would that wandering man from “Tripper” do? ¹

Peerless Stamina

・Vigor immediately increases by a factor of 10.  (You are now able to dominate partners you embrace)

Sitting half-naked in a chair Kazuya pulls up his status window, reading the details he begins to loathe the text in between the parenthesis, disgusted by the information.

「I’m baaaack―― Master???  What’s  wrong?」

「Ah nothing, I was just a little sweaty so I took a shower」

「Hmmm, Is that right……」

Completing her negotiations, Chitose returns to their room and suspecting something right after she arrived, but Kazuya returns an answer and behaves as though nothing had happened.

When did this room become hot?

Squinting her eyes towards Kazuya, Chitose decided not to ask the question which was on her mind.

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TL Notes: Well again with context, the author’s original audience are the Japanese public, so its kinda fun when you know the little cultural tidbits. Next chapter news is right here.

1.  トリッパー  “Tripper” by Tamio Okuda {A Japanese country song, sung in Japanese }  The rough summary about the song, is it’s about a man’s journey. Now pretty much Kazuya was reminiscing and comparing himself to the guy in the song. It was a moment of nostalgia and the thoughts of “what if”.

[English Translation from Metrolyrics]

I can’t feel anything.
My body’s started to rust.

But despite this,
my engine kept running.

I’m going to keep going, today and tomorrow,
staying in high spirits.

Either way, I’m going to keep going without tiring out.
The deep blue sky isn’t that blue yet

I want to see that. I want to see it. I bet it’s an amazing sight.
I want to see it.

My luggage has been emptied.
I threw some things away and gave some things away.
I start to pick up speed as my heart and soul have gotten lighter.
Even the white clouds aren’t so white.

Where is it? I want to see it.
I want to see something that’s a whole lot more amazing.

One straight ray of light. It’s going to make me cry.
Everyone’s just like that.
I’m sure you’re like this, too.

The deep blue sky is just as it is, and so are the clouds.
But I doubt that’s all there is to it, probably not.

A love song stabs into my chest.
It’s probably the light.
The next light

I want to see that. I want to see it. I bet it’s an amazing sight.
I want to see it.

One straight ray of light. One straight ray of light.
One ray of light. Just one. One ray of light.

Link to Song Lyrics | Original Music Video  | Cover Music Video

2. Den of the Dirty Devils a high class brothel within the Monster Kingdom Capital Belgrade refer to Volume 3 Chapter 11