Month: March 2016

I caught a cold

Yes, I am not feeling to well. I caught a cold over the past week and I am still recovering from it. My releases are late, but I’m still trying to pump them out I owe people my other R18 story too (Still working out how to make widgets and stuff). The weather lately, can’t

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6.1 Side Story

<< Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >>   Chapter 6.1 .:  Prophecy In the Year 1724 of the Oracle Decree, a prophecy came from the 8 Great Temples. A  wave  of  change  shall  be  born  onto  the  land,  whoever  so  much  as  controls  the  change,  may  be  able  to  receive  great  power.  Power

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6. Meetings & Greetings – 4

Sorry for the late post, but better late than never. I caught a cold virus over the weekend during military training. I’ve been catching up on my backlogged stuff. So here’s my late release. << Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >>  |  SS >> Chapter 6.: Memory Dive   -Old Man Healer’s PoV-

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