Author: Kur0_Oni

SIMP chapter 10

Alright, a new chapter is out. I finished with the brainstorming and writing and I’m working on chapter 11 right now. This is 1 out of 3 for this month. Again my goal is to push out three chapters, everything else I post will be extras. I’m taking a break from playing Overwatch and stuff, in

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A new month and another distraction

Yes, I’m still writing and collecting my thoughts. Drawing is rather rough at this time. because I’m having a bit trouble as to how I want my characters to appear. Everyone who has read my story thus far can usually picture their own version of my characters. But as I progress through with the terminology and

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Chapter 9 for SIMP

So I’m trying to knock out as much as I can, before a Hurricane passes by my place(possibly). Oh and by the way, I’ve been getting emails saying some of the text has been repeating or something like that. If you catch it let me know, I’m assuming it’s a wordpress issue when I copy and paste

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