Author: Kur0_Oni

Chapter 9 for SIMP

So I’m trying to knock out as much as I can, before a Hurricane passes by my place(possibly). Oh and by the way, I’ve been getting emails saying some of the text has been repeating or something like that. If you catch it let me know, I’m assuming it’s a wordpress issue when I copy and paste

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New chapter out for SIMP

Alright, for my readers who have been wondering, I am sorry for not informing you about my distractions. Lately I got absorbed with Overwatch and I won’t lie it has pulled my mind away from writing. But gaming aside I present another chapter of Science is my Passion, just click on the link right below

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Well I’m out of the field and back in civilization, I have a bunch of things to edit. I finally have my R-18 shorts up, you can click on the link, it should be working now. Original Shorts <<< Please check it out One story thus far, I finished editing, I have a stockpile of

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