Author: Kur0_Oni

I’m Sorry

I’m not really the type to bring up personal things. But lately, I’ve been a little swamped in real life, my expected chapter today will have a late release. My reading list has been posted for anyone curious about my genre tastes. I didn’t link or list any novels that have been taken down, from

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Additions to my portfolio

So needing a little break-time to collect my thoughts, I’ve decided to add a couple other short stories to my site. These stories will be following a different format, so it won’t come out as blog posts like my usual chapters. If I do decide on making another series, that will all be announced at

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5. Meetings & Greetings – 3

Releasing this chapter ahead of the Wednesday deadline so I can focus on the next chapter. Again thanks for the support! << Previous Chapter  |Table of Contents|  Next Chapter >> Chapter 5.: Reckless…. -Arend’s PoV- Although it was a short walk back to the Healer’s Shop, it felt like a week long journey through hell.

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