Author: Kur0_Oni

I’m doing midterms

So for the brunt of my real life issues. I am doing my midterms and all that shenanigans. As for chapters and all. Your assumptions aren’t wrong, in the fact my concentration was actually directed towards my studies. Once all my classes are okay. I will use a couple of days during spring break to

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Running on fumes

There are days, when I just forget about filling my cars gas tank, because I’m just caught up with work. Geez, it sucks quite a bit, when you’re stuck on the side, because of something so simple. I’m reminded of a coworker who is super intelligent but dumb at the same time. She can do

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Back to the drawing board

well just as my title, I grew a bit frustrated with myself. And I’ve had quite a mindful of stress built up. Relationships are important, so my time has been used to at least maintain my social life, to a decent extent. (I dont want to grow old alone). Well I’ve been rummaging through a

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