Ramblings 0.66

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It’s Thursday so I’m just providing an update and in the past two days, I’ve managed to translate about 37% of Volume 3 Chapter 13.

Work wise, I’ll be doing an extra shift on Saturday & Sunday so that cuts into my translating time. So I estimate this chapter may come out around next week Wednesday July 18, if no other wrenches gets thrown into my groove.

Well my original purpose for “Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World” was just to translate two chapters, which had dead links (previous ramblings 0.5 & 0.52). Now that I’m already 7 chapters deep into this, and because of community encouragement I feel like continuing to the end of this current volume.

And that’s my current goal, I think it’s tangible and within my capabilities so long as life doesn’t want me to experience hardship.

Also on another tangent, I plan on making changes to this site. So everything is still in a planning stage and I haven’t set a date towards when maintenance for it will begin.

these are all my thoughts at this time, so now I’ll get back to a little more translating and then I’ll be off to rest and prepare for another laborious work shift.

Enjoy the week and have fun!



1 comments on “Ramblings 0.66”

  1. It’s good to know you’re at least up front about your status.

    And you’re translating when you can. I’m fine with your 2 chapters a month, just don’t drop this series.

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