Ramblings 0.71 (MWFW v3ch14 update)


Its Thursday and here’s the not so great News, I lost about a day’s worth of translations due to a power outage in my area.  It only lasted for a brief 30 minutes, but that was enough to set me back about 31%.


I should have been done by tomorrow (Friday), but it looks like the release could be set back for Saturday or early Sunday.

Good news? Well I made a banner out of photoshop if that counts for something…


How could this have happened? 

What the power outage? I don’t know, it was really hot today, maybe the entire neighborhood turned on their Air condition units and overloaded a power station.

Didn’t your save your work to a server or something?

It may have been a freak accident or something, but my work was saved on my browser. I left my laptop to sleep so I didn’t consume a lot of energy. Once power came back on, my internet restarted and everything, I tried to let my browser reconnect. But during the re-connection to the server, everything refreshed and my work was not transferred along with it.

All in all it’s my fault for not thinking about backing up something…

So what now?

Well, it’s not a total loss, I can still recall more than half of what I’ve translated, so it should take half the time to translate 31%. It’s just I have to rethink the grammar conventions again.  The chapter will come out at the latest before July ends. At best it would’ve been tomorrow and all I would have needed to do would be edit and add references. *sigh* I will do what I can.

So enjoy your week, hopefully you guys are having a better time than me! Enjoy a State of Trance episode with Alpha 9!