Ramblings 0.69


Why the sudden Jump to 69? I’m celebrating the anniversary of my birth. But I know that’s not why you’re here.

Here’s Chapter 13 of Volume 3

First let me just rant about my life these past two weeks. It was long work hours, that’s all.

Next let me gripe about translating Chapter 13. There were a couple times I had to actually stop and take a break, because it was a really emotional roller coaster. My mind needed to adjust to the different moods, so I could get the context correct.

Now another thing, Misha Baranov in this story is a girl. But this person in actual history is a dude.  Mikhail “Misha” Baranov was a World War II Soviet fighter pilot.  Initially I thought the author was gonna set a trap, but noooo in this story Misha is a girl.

Moving on I’m going to take another break, for two days.

Here’s a little look at what I will need to work with characters -wise for the next chapter.

Word Count

It the usual amount of characters for the standard chapters. So after my two-day break, I’ll try to finish this within a week or so.

Cheers to an early weekend and enjoy!!