Month: August 2016

Hurricane Watch

I’m supposed to make a release tonight, but I’ll need to delay it for a bit. My area is prepping for 2 Hurricanes. So Flash flood warnings have been playing through the radio and stuff and right now, it’s recommended to conserve electricity. When the weather gets better, the post should be up.


So to fill my writer’s block moments, I just go to some other creative aspect of mine. Basically building Gunpla. And believe me, I’m still writing. I just have 2 more chapters and then I’ll have to worry about next month.  

SIMP side story

Just to say, this doesn’t count as a chapter so it will not change my 3 chapter quota for this month. This is just an extra I felt like posting because I managed to finish it a lot faster than I initially thought. Enjoy the side story. Click Here for Chapter 10 Side Story