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Ramblings 0.777 (Changes to Site)

So I mentioned this about a couple of months ago, I’m going to be changing the site around so its much easier to read content off of my website. If you come across any dead links let me know, I’ll try to fix them in a timely manner. I’m still translating volume 3 chapter 18

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Ramblings 0.775 (v3ch18 News update)

I’ve finished 132 segments out of 217, and that’s roughly 56% of the chapter.  And for any math people don’t be alarmed. I know 132/217 is equal to 60.8%.

Ramblings 0.77 (v3ch18 News)

So after translating  12 chapters until this point. I am going to do an editing overhaul on all previous translations [Vol 3 Ch 6-16]. Just for consistency-sake and mainly because it bothers me a bit.  And that is the conversion of “Magical weapons” to either Magical Machines or Machina.