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Ramblings 1.1 (v3ch24 News)

<< Old Rambles || New Rambles >> Greetings and here’s the very first chapter for the month of December. Volume 3 Chapter 23 Yay for girls with different colored eyes (Heterochromia). And this is volume 3 chapter 24’s character analysis. Another slice of life chapter incoming *hint hint*  well its something besides all the heavy battle military

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Ramblings (v3ch23 News)

<< Old Rambles || New Rambles >> Here’s the 2nd chapter for the month of November, for your reading pleasure Volume 3 Chapter 22 Here is Volume 3 Chapter 23’s analysis. After so long we are back to the normal standard Character count. 5228 Japanese characters which roughly makes up 4986 words.  At 182 segments, I can

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Ramblings 0.9 (v3 ch22 News)

<< Old Rambles || New Rambles >> First translation for the month of November! Volume 3 Chapter 21 Its also not appropriate for most work or public environments And for your next chapter analysis and stuffs It’s roughly the same amount as this past chapter (v3ch21). So a little bit more than the standard chapter character count. 

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