In between a rock and a hard place

Well, I’m going through several story revisions at the moment, and a few of my peers have been nagging on me to refocus and stuff. So I decided to take some writing classes and also do some self-study, in between my college course and work and the rest of my everyday life. Also I’m in

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Working straight

With no break. Yeah my schedule has been intermittent with 8-12 hour workshifts. I’m just chiming in to keep my status as living still on record and that I’m in decent health. I’m fatigued but alright. I don’t think I’ll have a day off until 2 weeks from now.  

Waddle waddle

I am overwhelmed a bit. Because of real life work schedule. And on my side I do have notes for my stories.  And while I’ve been told by my peers I should concentrate on one thing at a time. My mind has a hard time going through that method of tasking. I tend to jump

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