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My Randomness

Ok Ok, this will be my random blog for Wednesday. I’m just trying to gather my thoughts and things together, and to remind my readers I play Valkyrie Crusade. I really like the art of this game, besides playing it and it gives me some inspiration towards what I do. I play it at least once

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I have received…

Quite a bit of criticism. And to be honest it was quit harsh. So I’ve been trying to rethink my stories for a bit. Oh don’t worry I’m not abandoning my first trial novel “Science is my passion”. It’s just I’m reworking the next line of format and stuff. I’m not killing the adventure before

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Family comes first

Hi everyone, I’m still on a Hiatus, but I still want to update you guys on some things. I will be returning later in the month to writing my chapters and a few more stories. It’s currently in a half-assed state, so I want to fix it up quite a bit more. Today is my

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