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Ramblings 1.4 (v3ch27 News)

First chapter release for 2019 Volume 3 Chapter 26 Next chapter analysis As per the standard chapter length for this volume. I can estimate the release to be the last week of this month. EDIT (2019/1/16): I will be on short Hiatus until end of February My 3rd semester for college classes started. So I

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Website & Platform updates

Its a New Year and I’ve put off site maintenance for a while now. So there’s a bunch of things I had to go and tweak for WordPress 5.0.2 Gutenberg. The block publishing system, means a lot of manual coding for certain features. But for simple design it is efficient. Also certain plugins aren’t compatible

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Site Maintenance -Test page

Live site maintenance over the next couple days, to prevent down time Testing features and plugins Trying to test/ revise Day & Night mode Testing other features, may result in some things being disabled. I’ve found some bugs and I’m trying to fix those. Also featured images will also being going down for certain posts

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