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First of all, here’s the 2nd chapter for February, Cheers!

Volume 4 Chapter 14

And now on to a few announcements. Within the next few weeks to about a month or so. I’ll be working on some site changes and updating some public info. I’ve been made aware that my site gets a decent amount of traffic, and not having these things could get me into a serious situation.

  • I’ll be working on a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Comments Policy and a bunch of declarative legal jargon. A disclaimer and stuff.
  • I’ll be moving over from WordPress Native comments w/ jetpack support over to Disqus Comments system.

So far those are the main things I’ll be focusing on. For site maintenance.

Here are some reasonings for the above mentioned site maintenance.

First Bullet: I got a scare recently, when I received a pretty convincing email about my content and stuff, threatening legal action. Turns out it was a scam, just to acquire my info and seize my site. But after checking in with a good friend whose dealt with creating websites. He informed me not to just react and abide by the email, but research the issue first. He also mentioned I should have a TOS, PP, CP and mentioned other good advice too. And not knowing or being unaware of certain requirements is not a good defense, if there is ever an official correspondence.

Second Bullet: I’m moving over to Disqus, due to an overhead issue. Having WordPress native comments, actually puts a strain on the page itself. For some of my lengthier chapters which are over 5000 words, its evident and sometimes you’ll see lag with the “Like” option on comments & replies.

By Going over to Disqus, I’d roughly eliminate the page lag for mobile devices (Tablet and/or smartphones). There are cons to switching, comment systems. But overall, I want a smoother reading experience for my readers.

Similar to WordPress, you don’t need an account, but your comments will be in queue for moderation, if you always comment as a guest. If you already use Disqus to comment, then there is no issue.

Alright, now on to Volume 4 Chapter 15 news

Without further ado, here’s a chapter analysis of the current raw.

8117 Characters to work with, mostly dialogue heavy and not much research involved. So I should be able to get to this pretty decently.

As for the timeline of this chapter, it should be out in the 1st week of March. Not sooner than that, because I really need to do some site maintenance. And that’s my priority at this time.

All in all I want to say Thank you to all my readers! You really are one of the reasons why I post up my work. I wish you all a wonderful February and may you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

Ghost in The Shell – Cyberbird (Saibābādo – Yoko Kanno)