Vol 3 Chapter 23

Finishing up his business within the Canary Kingdom, Kazuya was ready to return to Parabellum.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Inside Canary Kingdoms Royal castle, in a storeroom housing various magical tools and alchemic ingredients.

Inside this room researching the recipe for magical potions and drugs, was Iris and her personal attendant.

「Um.. Princess… I’ve prepared all the ingredients as you’ve said… …」

「Thank you so much」

「It’s just… …Princess, what are you truly planning to do?」

「Now that’s… … a secret. Don’t mind me, you can leave now」

「Uh, ah, but Princess I…」

「Willis, Don’t make me say it again, you may leave. ――… … oh and one more thing, you’re not to tell anyone about this, got it? 」

「I, I uh… …y-Yes Princess, I understand」

Being sent away, Iris’s attendant sends a worried glance in her direction. Once alone, Iris begins to laugh pompously.

「Ohoho, Ohohoho!! Now that I have all the ingredients, all I need to do is just mix them all together. Now just you wait, dear brother~♪」

Deluding herself with thoughts of Kazuya, Iris picks up various ingredients her attendant had prepared for her and begins to make a certain concoction.

Taking a forbidden tome from a bookshelf in the corner of the room, Iris reads it with a serious expression.

「Let’s see, it’s like this… … and like this…….」

Staring intently at its instructions, she begins to mash and melt her ingredients, removing impurities, and combining it all, all according to the forbidden text.

「――and a wyvern’s beard. Ohohoho~ … … Now let’s see what we have here」

After completing certain steps, Iris decides to test her finished concoction.

「All done, now time for a taste test」

Pigmented with all kinds of colors and hues Iris transfers the dangerous looking liquid into a transparent bottle. In another container with several mice, Iris prepares her concoction placing it in a way where they would drink it.

「Oh wow~ … … that’s good… …but it’s not as effective as I thought it would be… … oh wait, that’s it!」

Having watched the mice, Iris was feeling a bit down about the results of her little experiment. But in that moment, Iris realized what she was missing, and immediately returns to work.

「Ah! I forgot, I’m supposed to put my blood in at the very end」

With a small knife, Iris begins to nick her finger, adding a drop of her blood into the mixture’s bottle.

Drip Plunk Dripping from her finger, the moment her blood mixed with the dangerous looking liquid, its disgusting appearance rapidly cleared until it became transparent.

「Hehe~ … … I was able to finish it. Now that its done, I just need to have dear brother take it… … Fufufu~,  Ahahaha~」

Reveling at the accomplishment of her work, Iris floats a devious smile as she begins to immerse her thoughts with a single person in mind.

Drooling Now, isn’t time to go catch brother dearest~?」

Wiping the drool which began to drip from her lips, Iris begins to tidy up the room in a hurry, removing evidence of her actions. Tightly cradling her creation like a secret treasure, she leaves the room energetically, in search for Kazuya, who happens to be visiting the Canary Kingdom’s Royal castle at this time.


Sque~!?  Squeee!!!

Within the empty storeroom after Iris’s departure, a male mouse which had drunk her initial product, laid itself over a female mouse, it’s eyes were bloodshot as its body moved vigorously at the waist.

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Finishing up his business within the Canary Kingdom, Kazuya was ready to return to Parabellum.

「P-princess!! Stop, please!! 」

「Princess wait!!  Wait!!」


Hearing several familiar voices and recalling an all too familiar situation, Kazuya turns to face the disturbance.

「Dear Brother!!」

「Gaugh!? Iris!? What’s going on? Why are you… 」

From out of a corner, Iris jumps out and dives into Kazuya’s chest.

「(… …I barely made it)」

Narrowing his eyes at Iris who was rubbing her face on his chest like a small animal, Kazuya immediately raises his hand towards his elite guards and maids, Reina & Raina. Patting Iris’s head, he motions for his entourage to stand down, poised in an offensive manner they began holstering their assault rifles (HK416), meeting his maids gazes, they began to lower their muzzles as well.

「Ehehe~ ah Dear Brother, I have some delicious desserts for you. Won’t you come to my room to eat them?」

Ah, that person isn’t here… …this is my chance!!

Enjoying Kazuya’s aroma, Iris pulls on his arm trying to take him to her room. Not wanting to waste the chance of Chitose being absent from his side.

「Princess, that kind of selfishness is… …」

Finally catching up to the Princess, Phyllis and Beretta try to separate the two, but then give up in resignation.

「Ah, so your not… …you won’t come?」

Clinging to Kazuya so she wouldn’t be pulled away, she pesters Kazuya with eyes like that of an abandoned puppy.

「… … I guess. It’s fine, only for a little bit」

「Is this really fine, Master… …?」

「Master, are you sure?」

「Don’t worry, I got this」

Bewildered from Iris’s upturned eyes, Kazuya reaffirms his decision towards his maids doubts.

「Yaaay!! Come on Brother Dear, let’s hurry!!」

「Is this really okay, Mr. President?」

「Ah its alright, my schedule is somewhat flexible」

Responding with a light smile to the apologetic Phyllis, Kazuya inform his subordinates of the change in plans as Iris pulls on his arm.

「Dear brother come on~, quickly, quickly!!」

「Alright, I’m coming」

Smiling wryly Kazuya follows Iris’s lead to her quarters

「Muuuu….. Pouting Face  (ŎεŎ) 」

I didn’t expect this, I’m going to have to change my plans

Narrowing her gaze at the two who entered her room along with Kazuya, Iris felt hostility toward Reina and Raina. Originally her plan was to have a cup of tea with Kazuya and have some cake with him, but now she couldn’t do that.

「… …Does it taste good, Dear brother?」

「Uh-huh, its really nice」

Smiling towards Iris’s question, Kazuya munches on the biscuit like sweets

「And these are for you two, please have some」

I’m so glad I prepared these ahead of time, just in case something came up.

Trying to eliminate the two disturbances behind Kazuya’s back, Iris serves Reina and Raina several confections from a separate dish.

「No, we’re fine…」

「Not interested」

「Reina, Raina, don’t say such things, you should try some there actually delicious」

Admonished for declining Iris’s offer, Reina and Raina reach out towards their sweets, placing it in their mouths because of Kazuya’s words.

「Delicious… …」

「It’s good… …」


Smiling like a doting father of the two, Kazuya laughed at their leaked impressions from the confections they each ate.

「――Is there something wrong, Dear Brother?」

「Ahahaha, no its nothing」

As Iris and Kazuya were in the middle of their conversation, about 5 minutes from the time they ate their sweets Reina and Raina began to feel strange.

「… Ah… wha…t’s … this… …?」

「Huh?… Why’s… …it… …spin…ning?……」

As Kazuya and Iris were enjoying their small talk, Reina and Reina wavered before faltering to the floor.

「R-Reina!? Raina!?」

Surprised by the sudden event, Kazuya rushes over to the two girls.

... … Finally, it’s working.

Watching the two hindrances fall into a deep sleep from her sedated confections. A dark cold smile spreads across Iris’s face as she secretly approaches Kazuya from behind.

「Are you alright!? Reina, Raina! Hey, someone hel―― Nmmph!?」

―― Gulp, gulp, gulp

「Pwa~ Sigh… …. Ohohohoho~ Dear Brother are you feeling okay? Don’t worry about those two, they’re just fast asleep… okay? 」

The moment Kazuya opened his mouth to call for help, Iris immediately kissed him, making him drink a certain liquid that she held in her mouth. Laughing out loud to herself, Iris’s expression distorted with excitement.

「Iris, what did you cough  gyaah!?」

Unable to grill Iris for her impulsive actions, Kazuya’s body began to feel  strange.

It’s Hot!! My body feels… …its feels likes its on fire!!

Because of that mysterious feeling, Kazuya spasms as he curls up on the floor, his forehead grinds the ground as he tries to get a hold of himself.

「I…ris, to me… … what di…. nnnggghhh!!!」

「Ohohoho~ That was my first kiss with brother dearest… … Aww~♪」

Kazuya desperately tries to calm the ravenous beating inside his body, as Iris traces her index finger across her lips, basking in the moment of her first kiss, recalling the feeling of their lips touching.


「Huh? …. Ah yes dear brother?」

Returning back to reality from Kazuya’s call, Iris moves towards Kazuya, kneeling right before his eyes.

「What did you make me drink!?」

「Uh, about that~ It’s nothing you should worry about~ What did I make you drink~? … … Ah, its just a little thing I made~  Just a magical love potion which stimulates one’s deepest desire and increases their endurance―― My ownHoney-trap~」

Love potion?… … it’s a just sexual stimulant!!

Listening to Iris’s explanation, Kazuya realizes his dire predicament.

「Originally this was just a simple magical potion that men used quite often…. but now fufufu~  It looks like the aphrodisiac properties aren’t having much effect on you dearest brother. …. ….Oh look at that~ it appears you’re beginning to feel the full effects of my love potion.  Ohohohoho~ 」

Staring intently at the large bulge of Kazuya’s lower half, Iris licks her lips, ready to eat her prize.

Trying to use his Mental resilience (Strong), Kazuya realized it wasn’t very effective against the effects of the love potion he consumed.

Concentrating deeply over and over in his head, Kazuya tried to suppress the boiling sensation currently raging within his body.

「Fufufu~ … … I thought i had really made this love potion properly, I didn’t expect this to happen… … Ahah~ngghhh~… why do I feel so…. It was only just~ a~ little bit~…  Mouu~!! … … My body is starting to yearn for you even more, I want you more than anything else dear brother!   」

「Huh… …What!?」

Towards Iris’s banter and feverish demeanor, Kazuya roughly turned his gaze away from her.

No way!! How!?

Panting… Haa~… Haa~….. please, dear brother~♪ won’t you make me yours~♪」

Having delivered her love potion to Kazuya via mouth-to-mouth, a small portion of it had entered Iris’s body during the exchange. Amplifying her delirious feelings towards Kazuya even more.

Iris’s body began to flush with a lustful desire as her eyes pursued Kazuya, slightly offended that her immature body wasn’t sexually appealing.

This is bad! If this keeps up, I won’t be able to―!

「Is anyone out there!?」

「Aww~ it’s useless you know~ There’s a magic barrier in place, so sounds and even our voices wouldn’t leak out, Dear Brother~」

Trying to prevent himself from assaulting Iris, Kazuya tries to call out for help, but because of Iris’s preparation, his pleas to the outside were hindered.

Damn it, how do I get out here!?

「My Dearest~? Your struggling is useless… … Isn’t it you’re desire to take me and have your way with me~?」

Using his mental willpower and every fiber of his being to rise up, Kazuya slowly wobbles his way towards the exit.  Iris merely watched Kazuya’s actions with a smile.

「Almost… … Just have to… …」

Concentrating with all his might, Kazuya’s hands were just about to open the door.

「My Dear♪ Come feast your eyes on this♪」

「Ah…..? I Can’t!!」


Kazuya glanced back towards Iris, reacting towards her sultry voice without a sense of doubt, in the heat of the moment he had dropped his guard.

「Do you dislike green fruits? I haven’t reached my full maturity yet, but I’m sure you’ll find me delicious~ Ohohoho~」

The moment Kazuya lowered his guard, by giving Iris his attention, she had removed her soiled underwear drenched with her fluids. Lifting her dress to reveal her wet dripping crotch, she causes Kazuya’s eyes to widen and impelling his instincts.

「Uooh, Aaah, oh, oh, ah ah ah ah aaaaa!! grunting noises

Careless, Kazuya loses his sense of reason as he forgets to get help from his men beyond the door. Succumbing to the love potion, he turns into a sex crazed beast as he rushes towards Iris, pushing her down and tearing her dress away, before wildly embracing her.

「Ahaha Dear Brother~♪ You’re too much~ So forceful~♪」

Euphoric that her greatest wish, finally was achieved, Iris gladly embraces Kazuya who became a sex fiend, savoring every moment of her achievement.


Recalling being inside Iris bedroom, he had only come here to taste some desserts.

「… … I… fucked up」

Losing himself to his sexual desires, Kazuya held his head with both hands, now that his mind has become unclouded.

「Ehehe~… this is great… …it was too much… … dearest, we did it so much~… … my belly’s grown… …Lewd noises... …. It’s all inside~」

Laying down right beside Kazuya, Iris floats with an ecstatic expression, as he breathes without saying a single thing.

「Iris, what just happened?」


Meeting Iris’s gaze, before turning to see the red stain on the sheets, Kazuya anguishes over what he’s supposed to be doing.

But all of a sudden, Iris puts the final nail in the coffin

「Oh my Dear~est♪  You’re going to take responsibility for this, right?… … You’re not going to just leave me are you? ~♪」

「…..Iris… I, well, you see the――」

「Hey, hey, dear brother.  It was my first time, but you were so rough with me, you know~」


「I had become so exhausted, but you still kept on going. Holding me down, even though I begged for some time to rest. I forgot how many times you stood tall,  releasing your seed, over and over inside me」


「Didn’t you feel so~ good? Being inside~ of~ me?….  Didn’t it feel great~ after filling me up~ until it swelled this much? There was so much, that it even spilled~」

Iris gently caresses her swollen womb, massaging it with appreciation towards Kazuya’s mindless actions.


「Ohohoho~♪ With this I’ve definitely become pregnant. Don’t~ you~ think~ so~ too~ Dear~ Brother~♪」

――You’ll take responsibility for this right?

Not allowing Kazuya to turn away, Iris held Kazuya’s face between her hands drawing close until their noses began to touch.


Towards Iris’s question, with a glazed defeated expression Kazuya could only nod his head in silence.

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