Vol 3 Chapter 20

When news of Kazuya’s helicopter crash reached the Canary Kingdom, Iris and Karen had borrowed a flying battleship (actually it was stolen) and flew towards Camp Dallas breaking into their airspace


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Three days have passed, Parabellum & the Monster kingdom were in the midst of post-war operations. Utilizing an unorthodox method Parabellum’s forces managed to survive the Alsace Magical Empire’s simultaneous invasions towards the Monster Kingdom. With the use of an electromagnetic pulse generated from a high altitude nuclear explosion, the battles which took place at the Jar Plains and Alligator Creek were won.

For Parabellum an extensive amount of work was being accomplished, after acquiring the Gigantic Machina, there were also 2000 ground type machines & 10 flying types all with their pilots and approximately 300 automatons. Working day & night the management and transfer of war spoils, including over 4000 prisoners of war combined from both major battles needed more support. Having lost a substantial amount of personnel and unable to maintain a massive army (reorganization was necessary), reinforcements from Parabellum’s mainland were dispatched to the borders to enforce security.

During that time a small commotion was occurring in front of Camp Dallas’  base hospital.

「Master is resting right now,  no one is allowed to see him」

「Please, let me see my Darling Brother!!」

「I want to see Kazuya!!」

Correction, this was not a small commotion.

In front of the hospital where Kazuya resided, Chitose was in the middle of arguing with two individuals. When news of Kazuya’s helicopter crash reached the Canary Kingdom, Iris and Karen had borrowed a flying battleship (actually it was stolen) and flew towards Camp Dallas breaking into their airspace, fighters were scrambled to intercept, but later escorted their flying ship back to base.

「How many times do I have to tell you!?  You’re not allowed to see―― Wait, You!!」

Two problem children appeared at the bases hospital, managing to evade Chitose they went off in search to verify Kazuya’s health and well being.

What! How are those guys―!?

It’s as if they already know where Master is… … …

This can’t be, do they really know where Master is currently resting?

Invading the hospital and using a woman’s intuition, Iris and Karen began to rush in a straight line to the hospital room where Kazuya was located.

「STOP!! ――Hey you over there!! Stop those two! Stop them!」

Chitose was in the middle of chasing the two intruders.

And right at that moment, two guards appeared in the direction the intruders were heading.

「You’re in the way!! Move aside!!」


「Huh!? ――Erghk!!」


It happened all within an instant, Karen did a spinning kick, striking one of the guard’s chins. While Iris used all her strength and kicked the other guard’s crotch. Voicing their pain both guards sunk to the ground having not been useful at all.

Shit!! How useless!!

As one guard drools, the other guard is foaming with bubbles at the mouth while holding his crotch. Chitose glares at the two sunken guards, her eyes narrow as if she was looking as something worse than trash, just before she continues her pursuit of Iris and Karen.

This is the worst! They’re almost at Master’s room!!

Losing patience, Chitose finally sees Kazuya’s room right in her view.

「Stop those two people!!」

Chitose shouts at the elite guards standing in front of Kazuya’s room like sentinels.

「Hm? Understood!!」

「Yes, Ma’am!!」

「Ugh! No, wait, please, let me go!」

「Rgh! Stop, let go of me. Please let go of me already!」

pant pant, Finally these two have been caught……」

In the blink of an eye both intruders had been defeated and captured, something to be expected coming from Parabellum’s elite guard.

「Fufufufu…. I hope the both of you are prepared for whats about to happen!!」

「Shit, it was just a little bit more!! ――…… Kazuyaaaa!」

「Noo!! Big Brother, let me meet my Darling Brother!!」

Having caused her so much stress, Chitose gently pats her chest in relief, capturing Iris and Karen right before they broke into Kazuya’s hospital room.

All of a sudden, reacting to the movements of the elite guards that captured the two girls, the hospitals automatic doors slide open, revealing Kazuya who was residing in his room.


While being on the opposite side of the door ―― revealing a sight for everyone to see, all three women turned silent.

「Kazuya~ Here, open your mouth. Aa~~aa~~」

『Uh wait… Ah~mphh, Feene I can eat things on my own 』

Hey, hey Kazuya, what about Lena?

『Huh, what about her?』

Really!? Are you being thickheaded, I’m asking if you think she’s cute?

『Oh..um… well…she is pretty cute I guess… …」

Well if that’s the case! Then Lena will become Kazuya’s wife!!

『… … Huh?』

「She’s going to what? Lena is? What are you talking about!?」

「Well isn’t this normal!? Fufufu. It was just like that time, when we first met I almost couldn’t hold myself back, but our Ogre instincts desire strong men. And it seems like mother is also aiming for the same thing, trying to be the first one to win~」

「What!? Mother was really trying to―!? NO, Kazuya is mine!!」

「Oh my dear sister is being quite bold~. Even I wouldn’t be able to say such things in front of the person himself.」

「Huh? Wait, no, I, this, Ka-kazuya this isn’t!! It’s not what I meant!! It’s different, I, I, I… … LENAAA!!!!」

Lena isn’t at fault you know~

「Ah, ah, waaaaaa~~!!」

… … This is bad, really, really, bad.

Chuckling to himself as Feene couldn’t crawl somewhere to hide, embarrassed because of Lena’s remark, Kazuya suddenly felt a painfully piercing gaze. Looking towards the automatic doors which were wide opened, Kazuya realizes the dark and murderous gazes of Chitose, Iris & Karen, their eyes making direct contact with him.

「Mas… …ter?」

Irritated with a terrifying deadpan expression, Chitose’s head tilted to the side as it rotated, ticking in a robotic fashion.

「I came here rushing all worried, but then… … Big Brother is… … this calls for some punishment ♪~」

Iris’ smile was like a flower in full bloom, but the aura around her became super scary.

「Kazuya? Oh it looks like the bottom of your nose is stretching quite a bit… …Isn’t that nice? You look like you’re having so~ much~ fun~….. 」

With a bulging vein on her forehead and cramped cheeks, Karen coldly glances at Kazuya, her stare reaching absolute zero.

… … This is the worst, day, ever….

Giving into the situation and any consequences that will befall him, Kazuya closed his eyes as he quietly accepts his demise.


In a room deep underneath Camp Dallas, a certain scheme was about to be put into action.

「…………Buha~ck!? Coughing

「Are you awake now?」

Stripped from her possessions Adele’s hands and feet were bare as freezing cold water had been used to rouse her. With the administered drugs losing their efficacy she roughly awoke out of her stupor.

cough―― Ugh, what do you want from me?  」

Restrained strictly by her shackles along with a slave collar to prevent her from acting up. Adele glared aggressively, in a manner that wanted to shoot Chitose dead, while trying to resist with all her might.

「Hmm. You seem to be doing quite well, even though you’ve been here for four days now」

Appearing like the headmistress of an academy, Chitose sat reclined on her chair with her legs stretched out on a table. Getting up from her chair, she approaches Adele whose hands were held by restraints suspended from the ceiling. Circling behind Adele, Chitose eerily whispers into her ear.

「――Now things are just about to get much more interesting」


The moment Adele hears Chitose’s voice, a tingly chill runs down her spine.

Seeing her reaction, Chitose laughs continually as Adele’s face distorts with fear.

「Well, today I just decided to come by here to――」

「I’m not going to tell you anything!!」

「… …Oh, well it’s ok, you don’t have to tell me anything.」

Adele was determined not to say anything so she declared it out loud, but Chitose just assented to her response.


Adele assumed Chitose was about to interrogate her about the Empire, so she was unprepared for Chitose’s nonchalant reply.

「Your face is asking me why, well then let me tell you. ――

If you talk so easily, I wouldn’t be able to torture a bitch like you, you see?」

And this will double as a means to distract me.


Seeing Chitose’s wide smile, Adele gulps, paling as blood is drained from her face.

「Well, let’s get started」

Signaling one of her subordinates with her eyes, one of the men brings a cart, rattling with items.

Brought before Chitose, the carts table was littered with a great variety of disgusting looking torture tools.

「Let’s see, what should I start with… …. Oh, how about this one? I can use it to get under the nails――」

Chitose began to assault Adele mentally, she began to go through each torture instrument on the cart, explaining its use one by one in extreme detail.

「――Hmm? Oh what’s wrong, why do you look so pale?」

As her explanation of torture tools reached its end, Chitose picks up a long slender rod, crackling with electricity she passes the tool in front of Adele’s eyes several times, while scattering sparks.

「ah―― … …」

Do you think you can break my mind just by explaining each torture device, you think that will make me talk!! 

「I- i- if that’s the case, then why aren’t you doing it!?  You fucking whore!! You think I’m scared of you, scared of your tools!! … …. Screw you!!」

Having been on the verge of losing her mind, Adele clenches and grits her teeth, before smiling boldly and snapping back.

Deep inside Adele’s mind, her innermost thoughts trembled with fear, as she spat at Chitose over and over.  But because of the slavery collar around her neck, she was unable to actually do it.

「… …Don’t try to act tough」


Feeling annoyed by Adele’s small outburst. Chitose lowers her gaze as she approaches Adele, before ramming the electric rod into her mouth.

「You bitch… … Don’t even try to say anything… …」

Chitose began to curse and mumble inaudibly.

「It’s because of you, because of you I was scolded so much by Master!! I’m forbidden to serve Master at night for a whole month!!」

Chitose had been reprimanded by Kazuya because she indiscriminately targeted ordinary civilians and also disregarded allied troops in her attempt to launch nuclear weapons. Since he was unable to demote her because of her position, he punished Chitose by removing her from their nightly activities for a full month.


How am I supposed to know that!?

Adele groaned, unable to speak.

「Even though Master promised to cherish me when he returned, I was punished instead!?… …I won’t ever forget this… … So to dispel my pent up resentment, I’m going to-」

「MmMPH!!  (STOP IT!!)」

Lifting her face, Chitose’s darkened eyes stare straight into Adele’s as her hand closed in on the electric rods switch. But right before she presses it, the sound of a phone rings in the room.

Riiinnnng riiiiinnnnng riiiiinnnngg

「… …Understood. Madam Vice-President, it seems that the meeting has started earlier than scheduled」

As one of her subordinates answered the ringing phone, Chitose stopped what she was just about to do, if it was just a little bit more, electricity from the rod would have passed directly into Adele.

「Tch, lucky girl」

「Nngg-GAah, aah… aah…. … aaa….」

Chitose pulls out the electric rod from Adele’s throat. Having been freed from the intense pressure and extreme stimulation, Adele gags as she exhales out in resignation.

「We’ll continue this later. … … Clean up this mess. Don’t forget to administer her “medicine”, and no one else is allowed in here except for me, understood」

「「「Yes Ma’am」」」

Chitose sees a puddle of yellow liquid on the floor, having travelled down Adele’s thighs, after taking one more glance, she exits the room.

… … Oh Celicia…

… If only you were here…

… But it seems like now, I’ll be meeting you soon.

On the fourth day of being held captive, Adele’s spirit was close to it’s breaking point (for quite some time) even though nothing had been done to her yet.

Even now, in a world of her own, Adele sincerely wished to meet Celicia.


At Camp Dallas the freezing wind blew fiercely as snow fell, chilling a person to their bones.

「This meeting is now adjourned」

Chitose declares the end of the conference which would decide Parabellum’s future development.

… … I’m exhausted. But there’s no room to take a breather, because we will soon become busy again.

Reports from our intelligence operatives who we’ve sent deep within the empire, as wells as the interrogations with the captured prisoners all concur. According to their information the Empire avoids military conflict during the Winter and focuses their efforts on expanding their combat strength. By the time Spring arrives they will have enough forces for a second invasion.

Based on those reports, within the next three to four months our objectives should be to improve our domestic affairs. We’ll need to strengthen our forces and strike at the Empire before the try to invade once more.

「… … HAaaa~ This is exhausting」

「Thank you for all your hard work, Master」

Exhausted after a crucial conference, Kazuya sighs heavily.

「Oh, I completely forgot, since everything has been so hectic… Chitose, please bring Adele over here」

「Huh?…. Ah, erm, right!」

Startled by Kazuya’s request, Chitose looks down with a hard to read expression and cringes slightly before returning a reply.

Hm?….. Why is Chitose acting strange?

Curious about Chitose’s unusual behavior, Kazuya pondered to himself, but later cast off the thought as Chitose went ahead to bring him Adele.


「Hm? Somethings off…. are you alright?」

Twisting his head to the side, Kazuya watches Adele enter awkwardly wearing a brightly orange prisoner’s attire, escorted by Chitose and the elite guards.

「….. It’s just your imagination」

「I see, I guess that’s fine….」

For some time (Kazuya was unaware of) Chitose’s torture towards Adele, before arriving, she threatened to kill her if Adele tattled on her, causing Adele to have some sort of misunderstanding.

I’m glad “I didn’t do anything” to her at that time…..

Overhearing the two’s conversation Chitose secretly strokes her chest and sighs in relief.

After ignoring Kazuya’s intentions and following through with her own agenda, Chitose was on pins and needles, having been scolded not too long ago. Fearing he’d find out about her misdeed again, she was relieved when Kazuya nodded without digging into the situation.

「Ah moving on, there’s a reason why I called for you, there is a certain person who wants to see you」


「You can come in now」

At Kazuya’s call, opening the rooms door, a lone woman appears.


「It’s been awhile, hasn’t it, Adele」

Having been told that she was killed during the invasion of the Canary Kingdom, Adele was shocked to see Celicia alive and well.

「…..Is this real …… are you really Celicia?」

「Yes, I am Celicia Flintlock, I’m the real thing you know」

As Adele was still held by her restraints, Celicia walks right up to her and gently caresses her cheeks.

「You’re actually….sniff….sniff….. You’re really alive! I’m so glad」

Feeling Celicia’s warmth transmitted through her cheeks, Adele becomes convinced that this was not an illusion nor a dream, Adele joyously begins to shed tears of relief.

「Fufu, I‘m also glad to see you」

「It’s… I… Wa~aaaAAAaa」

「It’s okay, you don’t have to cry anymore」

Trying really hard to stay composed her tear ducts burst, breaking down Adele cries like a child. Embracing Adele and cradling her in between her breasts Celicia tries to soothe Adele while holding a motherly expression.

「Have you calmed down?」


Having cried out loudly while within Celicia embrace, Adele responds to Kazuya’s question with a refreshed feeling.

「Alright, then I will move on to the real reason why I brought you here. Getting straight to it, won’t you join us and become our companion?」

「I refuse. There’s no way I’ll ever work with you」

After hearing Kazuya’s request, Adele immediately turns it down.

What… did I misread the situation? Adele seemed obsessed with getting her vengeance against me, so I thought by bringing in Celicia that would ease her resentment. That should’ve been enough to……

Sigh Well this is problematic. Capturing the Empire’s Hero and having her become a prisoner of war, I had assumed the possibility of her trying to escape or even causing a riot, was I wrong?

There was also that time when she wanted to kill me… … the time with that shitty elf, when Reina’s group had been captured, she did make some wild claims… …but she doesn’t seem like a villain now.

(Adele only boasted about turning Reina and the other girls into toys, just to provoke Kazuya into fighting her)

Kazuya was at a loss, thinking of a way to convince Adele, whom held noble intentions while fighting for her sense of justice. She believed she had been fighting evil people for the greater good and those who were powerless.

「Adele, that’s not good」


「You shouldn’t be saying such selfish things to Kazuya. ――Because you will also become Kazuya’s personal slave, just like me 」

Smiling grandly, Celicia glows in a benevolent manner.


Celicia’s unexpected remark was like a bomb, causing everyone in the room to harden.

「…..Celicia?….What the…. Kazuya’s personal slave?」

Just when her conscience already healed, Adele receives another shock listening to her dear friends outlandish remarks.

「Don’t you get it, Adele? We’ll be together as Kazuya’s personal slaves, we’ll live only for him and his sake alone, forever」

「Celicia, what’re you?… Please, stop with the jokes」

「I’m not, Adele why would you think I’m joking?」

Even so, why are you looking forward to this.Why are we both going to serve Kazuya? Feeling an intense sense of uneasiness and fear, Adele realized how incongruent Celicia’s actions & words were as she beamingly smiled towards Adele.

… …What’s wrong with Celicia? This isn’t you, why――… …this can’t be!!

「You bastard! What did you do to Celicia!?」

Losing her calm Adele’s expression turned sour, questioning Kazuya in a furious manner.

「Uh… Well you see….what happened was….」

Kazuya began to explain with an uncomfortable expression.

「After the battle at Canary Kingdom’s Fort Nashist, Celicia’s body was severely burned, she had lost both eyes, even her hands and legs were gone」

「Gone..? What are you saying…..」

「Just listen to me from start to finish. Appearing similar to all the other corpses, my men assumed that she died, but Celicia was actually on the verge of death. One of our Soldiers noticed her heart stir only for just a little bit, so she was brought over to one of our field hospitals just in case. It just so happened that I had been touring the area (and took the opportunity to experiment) having already used my perfect healing ability for Celicia’s case, it helped but… … these were side effects of my abilities use」


「Well the result is… … it’s quite a big side effect… and I’m sorry to say this, I don’t understand it myself, but… It appears that those healed by my ability have this obsession for me, leading them to be dependent on me」

Gesturing towards Celicia with one hand Kazuya palms his forehead with the other, expressing the headache he’s been dealing with.

「If that’s the case, isn’t it the same as becoming brainwashed!?」

Shouting at Kazuya, Adele begins to emit some bloodlust.

「… …I can’t refute that」

Troubled by Adele’s outburst, Kazuya averts his gaze out of embarrasment.

「That!… … … … Then turn her back… … … Return Celicia back to how she originally was!!」


… I would do that if I could… … But I can’t undue what’s already been done.

Sobbing with mixed feelings, Adele cries out in a sorrowful growl.

「You bastard… … How dare you do that to Celicia!… I will never, ever forgive you… … A man like you is better off d―― hyuk?  」


Resounding throughout the room, Kazuya hears the sound of something deeply embbedding itself into flesh, piercing in deep.


Huff Puff  Celi… cia?…Why…? 」

Spitting out blood, Adele confirmed the dagger which had pierced deep into her abdomen by Celicia, inquiring her for answers.

「Adele, don’t be rude to Kazuya!! At this very moment, I feel so blessed!  I’m so sick and tired of living under the Loewen faith. And to be turned back to my previous self ―― I would never accept it. Which is why… … Adele you should be reborn by Kazuya’s power as soon as possible. That way you’ll understand my true feelings. And have your mind, body and soul dominated with pleasure~ 」

Despite her motherly appearance displaying tenderness and devotion, Celicia’s eyes were pitch black with madness.

「Hm~fufufu don’t worry, let me tell you something really fascinating. I’ve watched Kazuya’s perfect healing ability, and you know, the greater the degree of injury the patient is in, it’s proportionally linked to how much their heart and soul will fall for him. So it’s going to be quite painful, but just like me I want you to be just~  on~  the~  verge~  of death~  Adele~♪.  Then you’ll become Kazuya’s personal slave, oh how exciting~♪

「Ugh, Guah, Rgggh!! Ugh… aaAAAAaAaaAAA!!!」

Adele’s tormented screams resound loudly as Celicia buries her dagger deep, violently moving it within Adele’s insides.

「「STOP HER!!」」

「「「Ye-, yes Sir!!」」」

Having been stunned by Adele’s wails, Kazuya and Chitose regain their senses as they yell at the elite guards to hold down Celicia.

Laughing histerically AHAHAHA, Oh Adele, I’m looking forward to your transformation…. Fufufu, let’s serve Kazuya~♪ together, from now on!!! Ahahahaha」

Having been overpowered by the elite guards, Celicia was restrained as her mouth curved into a delirious smile, she smacked and licked her lips as they had traces of Adele’s blood on her.

Wheeze Ha~a… Ha~a…」

「Stay with me, I’m going to heal you right now」

Kazuya rushed up next to Adele who was straining and in agony, just as Celicia was escorted out of the room by the elite guards.

「Ha~a… Ha~a… Go away, stop… Ha~a… Don’t use your power on me!… wheeze… I don’t want to be brainwashed!!」

But Adele, adamantly refused Kazuya’s help.

「Even if you say that!  You’re going to die, if this keeps up!」

「Sh- ut … … Up!! cough

Adele’s internal organs had been severely shredded, even if she was brought to the  hospital’s trauma center, she would not survive.

There was no other way to save Adele, except for Kazuya to exercise his full healing ability.

「…… I won’t silently stand by and watch another person die before me (again) … …Even if it means having you hate me forever」

「NO!! STOP!!」

Resolved to bear Adele’s grudge no matter what, Kazuya placed his hand over Adele’s wound and began using his healing ability without restraint.

And just like that, another person became victim to Kazuya’s healing power, for unintentional reasons.

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