Vol 3 Chapter 19

Rising up from the Parabellum’s underground basement, the ICBM climbs into the sky, leaving a column of white smoke from Parabellum’s Mainland.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Going back in time for a bit,  Ibuki was in the mainland when news of Kazuya’s Presidential Hawk crash was relayed throughout all of Parabellum. Issuing an emergency declaration across all channels, Commander Ibuki had already prepared a number of troops in advance. Having geared up to participate in Kazuya’s Rescue operation, the rescue unit waited for more orders.

While the entire Parabellum Mainland became boisterous and rowdy, a phone rings for Unit 666 — The Dust Busters.

『――It’s fine. Prepare both ICBMs and SLBMs with their nuclear payload get them ready to launch, the target is the Alsace Magical Empire, launch code is 09952158. Stand by for my orders to fire.』


As Chitose conveyed her authority and permission to use nuclear weapons. Chitose was unable to fully conceal her terrifying fury in her voice during her call to Unit 666’s commander, Colonel Hildolfr hands trembled as he clenched the telephones receiver holding in a “certain” emotion as he put down the phone.

「Colonel, who was that on the phone?」

「That was Madam Vice-President just now. Besides that, rejoice now, we have been given permission to finally use our nuclear armaments. And our target will be the entire Alsace Magical Empire」

Colonel Hildolfr was ecstatic, trembling with pleasure as he answered his subordinates questions.

「Wh, why are we targeting the whole country?」

「Oh, why the whole country.? It is highly likely that our beloved Commander-in-Chief has been murdered. Wouldn’t this be the natural conclusion? Well this was the Madam Vice-President’s decisi――

No, isn’t she the current President now? … ….Well no matter, moving on, we are to await for orders to launch. Hmmm? The question now is, do we get in contact with the Strategic Bombers for this or do we contact the other units about loading the nuclear payload onto the ICBMs. We’re going to get busy real soon, so everyone move quickly!」

「「「「「Yes sir, understood!」」」」」

Noticing that his men were still frozen in place, Colonel Hildolfr began to bark at his subordinates.

The men began to fluster as they pulled out their manuals which had been prepared beforehand.

Watching his men’s actions, Colonel Hildolfr stands alone and begins to mutter.

「… … I will get to see Armageddon with my own two eyes… … this is exciting, I am so lucky」

Whispering under his breath Colonel Hildolfr laughs maniacally as his face fills with delight.

But by the next day, news of Kazuya’s successful rescue was announced, avoiding Armageddon altogether.

Upon hearing such news, Colonel Hidolfr’s shoulders drooped as he became quite depressed.


Returning back to the present situation, Kazuya steels himself, resolved to use nuclear weapons, he starts giving his orders to Unit 666.

『Okay, just a moment. Entering launch code 00000000. Target the Gigantic Machina――』

Receiving the correct set of launch codes from the President, Unit 666 prepares their systems for the nuclear launch.

「――Command Accepted. Missile is ready for launch. Standing-by for firing orders.」

『… …Launch』

「ICBM Launched!!」

As soon as Kazuya gave the order, two personnel operating the control keys twist simultaneously. Colonel Hildolfr’s face distorts into a crazed smile, lifting his fist up high, he brings it down with all his might, breaking the launch buttons safety cover in order to initiate the missiles launch.

Rising up from the Parabellum’s underground basement, the ICBM climbs into the sky, leaving a column of white smoke from Parabellum’s Mainland.

「First and second rocket boosters have separated from main unit」

As the LGM-30 Minuteman III’s first and second stage rocket boosters safely separate, it begins to reach its third stage. The W87 Nuclear warhead coasts along the atmosphere flying only with the inertia of its Mark 21 re-entry body.

「Reaching the target destination―― 」

The Mark 21 was originally designed to re-enter the world’s atmosphere, falling towards the surface, but this particular one did not.


High above the Jar Plains, exceeding an altitude of 100km around the world’s atmosphere, the warhead detonates at the hands of Parabellum’s operators.

Instantly a second sun appears as the nuclear warhead explodes with the force of 300 Kilotons, its intense flash would sere the retinas of anyone looking directly at it.

As the nuclear explosion occurred in world’s upper atmosphere, several seconds following it, a strong electromagnetic pulse was generated. As the atmospheric pressure was fairly thin gamma radiation from the EMP traveled over a range of 1000 kilometers.

「It’s coming!!」

As contact had been lost with Captain Michael Wittman of the 1st Armor Battalion, Major Kurt Knispel took over command of the remaining forces.  Broadcasting Headquarters warning on all channels, he relays caution to any operable car.

As the Air Force sought shelter, the Tank Corps roughly stayed in place. Promptly following the broadcasted warning & nuclear detonation, the electromagnetic pulse poured heavily and swept through the battlefield.

And due to Kazuya’s policies, all aircraft and vehicles which had taken EMP countermeasures, were completely intact.

「… … Ha ha, we did it」

But as the enemy hadn’t taken any precaution towards an electromagnetic pulse attack, their Machina which had been awash with radiation stopped functioning completely.

Although it was a rudimentary design, the Magical Empire’s machines used circuits to operate their frames. Having been primitive, every circuit had been thoroughly burned by the electromagnetic pulse.

And due to that attack, thousands of Machina including the Gigantic Suit of Armor ceased to operate, turning in statues on the desolate Plain of Jars. Every one of them had been neutralized and were almost intact.


「Nuclear detonation detected, prepare for incoming electromagnetic pulse!!」

As the EMP scattered all across the Jar Plains, the Magical Machines began to lose their ability to move properly. At the same time, Camp Dallas also experienced effects from the EMP.

「Recover the video feed」

Having taken countermeasures before hand, Parabellum’s aircraft, vehicles and equipment were all intact, the bases electricity only disappeared momentarily before returning back to normal operation.

「… …. I was planning to use this only as trump card」

Kazuya murmurs under his breath, glancing at the large monitor displaying the Jar Plains in its entirety, countless Magical Machines froze in place, unable to operate.

Sigh When I think about all the damages, my head starts to hurt」

Reports started to flood in, as Kazuya observed the situation. Although there was no clear damage present on the ground due to the High Altitude Nuclear Explosion.

Approximately more than half of Parabellum’s satellites became useless, long distance wireless transmissions and internet connections via satellite became unavailable after the EMP.

「… …Master, please get some rest, we can handle the processing for later. Even if all your injuries were fully healed, there must still be some fatigue」

「Alright then. Sigh Chitose… … I’m sorry to burden you with this」

「It’s fine, I already know」

Listening to Chitose’s counsel, fatigued, Kazuya rises from his seat with Ibuki attending him at his side, both leaving the Command room docilely.

After observing all of this, Chitose turns back to give orders to the rest of the men in the room.

「Start up the Airborne Early Warning and Control systems, deploy all radar and surveillance aircraft. Our highest priority is to re-establish our communication network!! Also what is the status in Binderg――」


 The Foreign Legions were a mix of Parabellum’s logistical non-combat personnel who requested for a change in service, immigrants from the Canary Kingdom who volunteered to fight and slaves who were purchased by Kazuya all were taught to become regular Soldiers.

Of the 4 established Foreign Legions the 1st Foreign Legion were equipped with German equipment, and after completing their basic training their were tasked to fight against monsters and bandits around Binderg. It was merely by chance that they encountered the invading large scale army of the Alsace Magical Empire.

「There sure are lot of them…..」

Alligator Creek spanned a width of about 500 meters with its water depth about 1 meter at its deepest point. Being so wide and shallow, magical creatures such as lizard men, golems and automata lead the vanguard. Following behind are the Land type Machina and Infantry, dancing in the skies above them are their flying type Machina.

Battalion Commander of the 1st Foreign Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Barr Adalbert observed Alligator Creek with a troubled face.

「Commander, we’ve evacuated all the civilians and prepared our units for battle. What are your orders?」

Requesting guidance, the Executive Officer of the 1st Foreign Legion, Major Erwin Rommel of the Fox Tribe was an immigrant from the Canary Kingdom.

「Hm? Oh, ah that’s right. We will begin our attack once the enemy completes crossing the river. Afterwards we’ll get in contact with Headquarters」

Removing his gaze off of the approaching enemy Colonel Barr focuses on the table top to asses the strength of his own troops

「Yes, I understand.」


As Major Rommel’s reply went in from one ear out the other, Colonel Barr was lost deep in his thoughts.

I see, considering this is all the military power we have, we should be able to manage somehow.

Yup, besides our equipment we have 300 Infantry Soldiers. The 1st Foreign Legion, is just made up from a bunch of volunteers reformed with some outdated weapons.

Their marching discipline, combat experience, weapons training and use of equipment are rather poor, we’ve wasted quite a bit of fuel too.

Well, it does bother me that their proficiency is rather low, but… …

「Ah, oh… … Commander Barr」

Rommel timidly raises his voice just as Lt. Colonel Barr was in the middle of strategizing, calculating his forces with the map and table top figures.

「Yes, what is it?」

「Um.. Before the battle begins there was something I wanted to ask…」

「Okay, go ahead」

「Thank you very much. Uh… You see, I overheard a rumor that I was nominated to become the Executive Officer for the 1st Foreign Legion by the President… … Is that really true?」

Anxious before the coming battle, Major Rommel daringly inquired Lt. Colonel Barr about how he was appointed as a vice-commander of the 1st Foreign Legion.

「…… Oh that, it’s true, but what of it?」

「Ah no, um I just can’t understand the President’s reasoning for appointing me the vice-commander of a unit I haven’t met before… …」

Towards the end, Major Rommel murmurs with a confused expression.

「Haha~ So your curious about the reason why you were selected? That’s because you are like the “Fox Tribes” version of the great Erwin Rommel」

「Ah, ha ha…..」

Confused Major Rommel laughed towards Lt. Colonel Barr’s reply. It was a coincidence that his name was the same as Field Marshal Johannes Erwin Rommel『The Desert Fox』of Germany’s 3rd Reich. Kazuya mainly selected him as a vice-commander due to his name and his Fox tribe background.

Major Rommel tilted his head listening to Lt. Colonel Barr’s answer, further perplexed by his response.

「Well not that it matters, but our President expects a lot from you」

「Ah….Is that right?」

As Rommel tried hard to understand the Colonel’s explanation, unexpectedly cannon fire echoed from the Town of Binderg

「What was that? The enemy hasn’t crossed the river yet, who fired? Ratelo, get on comms and find out who that was!」


――All units, this is the Command Post, whoever fired that round, respond over――

Copy that. Commander, it was the second Panzer VI Tiger II tank which fired.   Their reason for opening fire『I thought I could hit it』it seems they managed to take out one of the flying machines around the battlefield」

「…. …. …. Tell them, to refrain from firing arbitrarily and follow our instructions」

「Roger that」

Amazed by the Ratelo’s report, Commander Barr had the Ratelo relay his orders from their Command Post.


「Commence Fire!!」

Immediately crossing Alligator Creek the Imperial Army was met with fierce resistance from Parabellum forces.

Firing in unison the Hawkeye Humvee, Sturmgeshutz III, Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251/9 released their high explosive rounds, as another salvo of shells came from the surrounding tanks and armored cars.  Equipped with anti-tank weaponry and heavy machine guns the Infantry continue with their barrage.

The aftermath of that first encounter, dyed Alligator Creek in a deep shade of carmine. When the vanguard of monsters & machines fell, the following forces did not waver as they continued to charge forward, closing in on the City of Binderg.

Towards the back of their formation, land type Machina would fire of their magic cannons while the vanguard of monsters continued their assault. Magicians would expand the range of their barrier magic while daringly moving forward, but ultimately this would just lead to a mass heap of corpses.

Trying to support the ground forces, flying Machina would fire their magic cannons trying to create an aerial raid, but they were unsuccessful. The Wirbelwind’s anti-aircraft fire, hindered their visibility with smoke and flashes of light as flak prevented them from getting closer to Binderg.

「All units, retreat back towards Binderg. We’re gonna give these boys one Hell of a Welcome Party」

『『『『『Yes sir!!』』』』』

After several minutes of raining down artillery shells, blowing away ranks of the enemy’s monsters, Machina and automata, like creating holes in a block of cheese.  Confirming that the enemy was still advancing towards the city with more forces, Lt. Colonel Barr orders each unit to fall back.

Following their orders, Parabellum’s units retreat inside Binderg, drawing in ground Machina and Imperial Soldiers to the cities urban areas.

「The enemy is retreating!! Don’t let them escape!!」

「Do not lose sight of those machines, everyone charge!!」

Observing Parabellum’s forces retreating, the Imperial Commanders ordered their men to pursue, not realizing they were sending their forces into a trap.

「Fuck, where the hell did they go!?」

Waves of Imperial forces entered the City of Binderg, following the retreating Parabellum forces, only to find that they disappeared. Advancing within the streets of Binderg they search desperately among the well-laden brick structures surrounding them, looking for a sign.

「Huh? Hey its one of those metal monsters, hide!!」

While Imperial Soldiers move through the streets of Binderg, an M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle appears from around the corner. It’s tracks echoed as it moves like a very rough caterpillar.

Freezing from the tanks initial appearance, the Imperial Soldiers moved away from its sight, hiding to protect themselves from its attacks, but after hiding for a while nothing happened.

「… …Hm? Wait a minute, it doesn’t have a cannon like those other metal monsters, we’re in luck!」

Nervously peaking from his position the Imperial Soldier notices that there isn’t any cannons attached to the M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle.

「… …It’s really true. That means we can get closer and kill the guys who are inside.」

「It’ll be our victory」

Gulping deeply and swallowing their saliva almost as though they were drinking boiling water, the Imperial Soldiers warily approach the Metal Monster. Rising up slowly they move as quietly as they can towards the M1ABV.

「Hehehehehe, well get to take out this one quite easily….Huh!? Everyone get down!!」

Equipped with a bulldozer like front, mounted on its turret area, it carries a landmine removal cable, which is deployed via a rocket. The moment the Imperial Soldiers try to approach, the tank arms itself and gets ready.

Launching its landmine removal rocket―― A thick cable full of C4 explosives trailed, flying in the air as it landed in front of the Imperial Soldiers.

「Hiiieee!! … … … … … What is this? Rope? 」

「Ah, what the hell, that scared me!!  From now on just watch carefully, alright Chargeー!!」

Embarrassed by being scared of rope, the Imperial Soldiers faces flushed as they became enraged. Charging towards the M1ABV without realizing what that cable actually entailed.


The Imperial Soldiers rush towards the M1ABV tank screaming, raising their swords and spears. Within an instant the landmine removal cable explodes with such ferocity, the Imperial Soldiers left the world without knowing what happened.

M1ABV deploying it’s landmine removal explosives

「Command this is Breacher 01. Enemy Infantry defeated at Waypoint 3, requesting to change locations, over」

『Breacher 01 this is Command, move to Waypoint 2 and assist Breacher 02, over』

「Breacher 01 acknowledges. ―― moving to Waypoint 2, out」

After reporting the fruits of their battle, the tank commander cuts communication with Command and directs his pilot to move onto Waypoint 2.

「Understood, sir, all things considered, I was surprised, I think we can really do this」

「That’s the spirit. Keep up this momentum and you’ll be able to take care of the next guy」

Inside the vehicle the operators of Breacher 01 are filled to the brim with motivation, excited by their recent victory.

「Command this is the Patrol Platoon, we have incoming Machina at Waypoints 4-5 requesting clearance to engage, over」

『Patrol Platoon you are clear to engage, Happy hunting, Command out』

Hiding within the narrow alleys of Binderg, Parabellum Soldiers of the Patrol Platoon ambush the invading Imperial forces.

After notifying Command about a couple of Machina accompanied by magicians and enemy Soldiers passing through the main street. One of the Patrolmen carrying a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, appears through a gap in the road, and fires directly at the oncoming Machina. The Carl Gustaf launches its anti-tank round piercing one of the Machina.

Tearing through the Machina’s cockpit, the interior of the pilots surroundings blazed, as crimson flames escaped. Immediately following that, the Machina falls, crushing several soldiers in the process before exploding with a shockwave.

「Argh, Carlos! How dare you!! I can still――what the, why!? I can’t see what’s happening outside!」

The moment when the Machina’s pilot realized that his partners unit was destroyed due to the sound of an explosion, he immediately tries to retaliate.  But suddenly he loses imagery to his cockpit and becomes unable to see his surroundings. One of Parabellum’s Soldiers took out the Machina’s image sensors with an XM109  Anti-Material Rifle. It’s 25mm round provides greater performance and damage than that of a standard 50 caliber Anti-Material Rifle.

「Do it now, fire!」


As the Machina’s optical screen was interrupted, the soldier managed to finish reloading his rocket launcher, firing another high explosive anti tank round, preventing the Machina’s pilot from taking revenge.

「Huh? … …Can’t we hide ourselves? Ah, Kevin’s dead」

「Let’s do it」

Realizing that their enemies were targeting their Machina, Magicians began to protect themselves using magic to create rock walls from all sides. Making it hard for bullets to pierce through.

As their enemy conjured walls to protect themselves in all four directions. Parabellum’s Commander of the Patrol Platoon, felt it would just be too easy to chuck a grenade over their exposed top. Suddenly realizing this great opportunity, he orders his men to deploy the XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System, in order to test out its power.

Calibrating the distance to their target with the lasers range finder, they set the XM25’s rounds detonating distance.

After loading the 25mm High Explosive Airbursting round, the data is automatically entered from the weapon, after confirming that all things are clear, the soldier pulls the trigger without hesitation.

After leaving the barrel with its calibrated data the 25mm round spins with countless revolutions and after reaching its predetermined distance the round explodes.

And due to that the magicians hiding behind their rock walls, turned into a pile of meat as they were torn to shreds by the grenades explosive shockwave. Their blood seeping through a hole in their wall.

「Get ready, it should be any time now… … Notify all units, we are going to push the enemies back across the river」

By drawing in the Empire’s troops towards the urban areas and crushing more than half their forces, reveling in the moment, Colonel Barr orders his men to prepare for a counteroffensive.

「Understood. All units pre――……What’s that!?  Ah, right, I understand, roger!  Commander, Headquarters just sent an emergency broadcast. There will be a nuclear detonation in approximately 10 minutes followed by an EMP, be prepared for it」

Right as the radio operator was about to relay the Commanders orders, an emergency transmission interrupted, in order to pass on emergency message the Ratelo had to raise their voice.

「Are, are we really using nukes!? Confirm the validity of that broadcast!!」

「Commander there’s not mistaking it!!  The broadcast is being repeated on all open frequencies and radio channels, this is besides our direct frequency!!」

Receiving the alarming emergency broadcast, Lieutenant Colonel Barr’s eyes open wide in awe.

「――… … Roger, copy that. All Panzer units, go defeat the enemies at our front!!」

Receiving orders from the Command Post as well as Headquarters Emergency broadcast, tank operators of the 1st Foreign Legion roar as they begin their assault.

『There, they’re COMING, THE ENEMY!! Uaaaaaaaaaagh!!』

『I don’t like this!! I don’t want to die!!』

『They’re closing in!! Everyone get back!! Too close, everyone get out of heー!!』

「Huh, what, what’s happening!? ――… …Hey, what is that!?」

Panzer units of the 1st Foreign Legion engaged the unaware Imperial Pilots, causing tension amongst Machina operators, as their communication devices streamed the voices and death throes of their allies. Amongst the confusion, three Machina operators became stranded as the largest heavy tank appeared. It came out of hiding and entered the battle almost as if it had background music from a famous Galactic Empire.

『I don’t know what that enemy is, just fire!! After we defeat that guy, we’ll just retreat』

「Got it!」

The three Machina discharge their magical cannons continuously towards the Panzer VIII Maus, creating a wall of magical bullets.

「Did we kill it?」

Having been engulfed by a barrage of magic rounds, the Panzer VIII Maus was hidden by the residual smoke from those blasts.

『Of course it’s dead, we fired so many magical rounds, this Metal Monster shouldn’t be able to move 』

Feeling a little uneasy having defeated their target so easily, the three Machina Pilots decide to confirm the Metal Monsters destruction before quickly turning heel to withdraw.

But just as soon as they turn their backs, the sound of a cannon roared as one of the Machina had been struck by an explosion.

「Wha, what’s this!?」

『This has to be a lie, why are you still alive!?』

The Machina Pilots shouted in surprise as the Maus’s main cannon a  55 Caliber 128mm KwK44 gun rose out of the smoke.

「Everyone Fire!!」

Having already taken dozens upon dozens of blows from magical rounds, the Maus still was going strong. Built with a heavy plate thickness of roughly 220mm ~ 240mm covering its main turret and a 200mm body, it was utterly impossible for the magic rounds to destroy it.

「AH this is impossible, we can’t beat this guy!! Run away!! ―― Wuagh!!」

Utilizing its secondary cannon a 36.5 Caliber 75mm KwK 44 gun, it blows off the leg of the Machina which had stopped firing at it.

『Shit! We can’t do anything to his damn Iron Monster!』

「Augh, hey, Wait! Wait Please!! Don’t, don’t leave meee!!」

The surrounding Machina abandoned their ally, watching it fall to the ground after having its leg blown away.  Immediately the Machina’s Pilot found it close to impossible to get away.

「Huh? The heck, its chasing me, even while I’m trying to escape!! 」

Reaching its maximum speed of 20km/h the Panzer VIII Maus hunts the escaping Machina.

「Hm!? Hey, don’t come over here!! Get away from me!!」

Using it’s arms to get away because its legs had already become useless, even that was not enough to surpass the Maus’s speed.

「No, stop, don’t come any closer, stop pleeeaaasssee! Ah, nooooooo~ aaaauuuggghh!」

Filled with fear, the Machina Pilot screamed as the Panzer VIII creeped onto its frame. Failing to eject from his cockpit, because the escape hatch malfunctioned, the pilot became trapped. Wrapped in terror, the pilot goes mad as 188 tonnes bear down on his machine, screaming until silence.

「We received orders from Headquarters, to go after the enemy」

「… … I’d rather not, but it would be bad to let the enemy escape now. So shall we go?」

With the nuclear detonation in the atmosphere and the following electromagnetic pulse over the entire Plain of Jars, Machina from the skies and on the ground had ceased to function. The Imperial Army withdrew their forces having lost their superiority on the battlefield.

The 1st Foreign Legion celebrated their victory in defending the City of Binderg. While drunk on their revelry, communication between HQ had been re-established. Receiving orders to pursue the enemy, they immediately dispatched forces, crossing Alligator Creek and entering the Principality of Albaum.

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