Vol 3 Chapter 18

Like a horde of rats, thousands of ground-type Machina littered the Plain of Jars and in the skies flying-type Machina roamed, moving like a swarm of flies.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Like a horde of rats, thousands of ground-type Machina littered the Plain of Jars and in the skies flying-type Machina roamed, moving like a swarm of flies. Approaching in the distance with a magical barrier spanning a height of 50 meters, resembling a European-styled suit of armor was the Gigantic Magical Machine ―― As the 1st and 2nd Armor Battalions assembled for a fierce battle, the Air Force scrambled their fighters taking off from Camp Dallas Airfield.

「Target the Gigantic Machina!! Fire!!」

Under Captain Wittmann’s motivated command, the Abrams tank fired its specialized shaped charge from its smooth-bore barrel. Roaring loudly, the High Explosive Anti-Tank round exits the .44 caliber 120mm cannon.

And like a firing line, all the other M1A2 tanks of the 1st Armor Battalion fire along in unison, aiming their shells towards the Gigantic Machina.

Shock-waves and flashes of light ensue as dozens of High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds are released, like a hound dog homing in on its prey, they fly directly towards the Gigantic Machina ―― but before they even reached their intended target, they explode collectively, as the Gigantic Mechanical Suit erected a magical barrier which prevents all damage.

Hidden behind heavy smoke caused from the explosions, the Gigantic Machina appears once more unscathed, continuing its advance.

「Negative contact, the target is still active!! No effect!!」

「Shit, is it hopeless!?」

Receiving the report from his Gunner Võru, Captain Wittmann scowls at the Gigantic Machina, wrinkling his brow as their repetitious barrage caused no damage.

Battling the Flying Machina in the skies, F-22 Raptors and F-2 Support Fighters repeatedly clash as ground forces continue to bombard the incoming Gigantic Machina. But as 20 aircraft begin to turn around, Captain Wittmann picks up his radio shouting into the receiver.

「Huh!? HQ this is Hammerhead 1!! Our guys in the sky are returning to base!! What the hell is going on, over!?!」

『Hammerhead 1 this HQ, all aircraft are black on ammo they will be leaving the airspace, over』

「Well then send some more units for support, over!!」

『Negative Hammerhead 1, reinforcements are unavailable at this time, over』

「Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, HQ!? How is that even possible, there are close to 100 aircraft back at base, including our reserve units!!」

『Hammerhead 1! Be advised all aircraft on Camp Dallas, including reserve units have been mobilized and are still in operation. Break

A majority of the Air Force is currently deployed to support operations to Rescue the President, the returning aircraft on Camp Dallas are unable to fly at this time Break

We are currently refitting and resupplying to sortie, until then you’re going to have to dig in, over.』

「 Fuck!! This is just, GREAT!!

Roger that HQ!! But send us what ever you got, ASAP, Hammerhead 1, Out!!」

What does command think we can do without aerial support!? This situation is fucked up……

Captain Wittmann’s forehead sweats knowing they won’t receive air support for some time, making him feel defenseless as if he was stripped naked before the enemy.

It was at this time, Ron the ammo handler who had been watching their surroundings screamed with warning.

「Caaptaaainn!! Enemy aircraft approaching from 3 o’clock!!」

Outnumbered by the Imperial’s flying Machina, Parabellum’s pilots still managed to put up a pretty decent fight, but after having run out of ammunition, they were forced to return to base. Leaving an opportunity for Imperial forces to target the slow moving crawling vehicles on the Jar plains below.

「All units, load high explosive multi-purpose rounds!! Target the group of flying Machina off our 3 o’clock!!」

Crossing paths by mistake, a formation of thirty flying Machina descend towards the surface to strike the 1st Armor Battalion. The sound of fifty M1A2 Tanks main cannons rotate in unison.

But there still was a technical problem, the speed of the flying Machina were quite slow, traveling roughly between 100 to 200 kilometers per hour. The moment when the group of flying Machina came into range Captain Wittman orders all units to fire.


Roaring like a gale 50 high explosive multipurpose rounds streak through the air towards the oncoming flying Machina, their proximity fuses activating, creating an explosive net of anti-aircraft fire.

And from that explosive net, 6 flying Machina descend in a fiery ball of flame, crashing on to the surface below.

「Let, let’s get out of here!!」

「「「「Ye-, yes Commander!!」」」」

Reacting to the unexpected surprise attack by their “prey” that crawled on land, the astonished Imperial Commander for the group of flying Machina orders his men to retreat through the magical device located within their cockpits.

But the moment, the remaining 24 flying Machina tried to withdraw, following the 1st Armor Battalions salvo, 8 more machines were shot down by a second volley, this time from the 2nd Armor Battalion.

「 You Fuckers!! Those were my friends!! …..Rrraagggghh….. I’m gonna kill you all!!」

Having watched the metallic crawling box take out his comrades, a lone Imperial pilot aims to avenge his fallen friends.

Diving down from the sky, the Imperial pilot swoops down landing on top one of the tanks, preventing the other tanks from firing at it directly.

「Ah shit!! This is fucking bad!!」

And just by chance, the target of the Imperial Pilots rage was Hammerhead 2-5, Sergeant Barkmann immediately popped the hatch to use the gun turret, freezing at the sight of the flying Machina on top of them.

「I knew it!! This is their weakness――」

Gloating to himself the Imperial Pilot smiles, reinforcing his suspicions, approaching from above he would be able to reach his enemy unscathed.

Aiming his magic cannon, centered on the Abrams armored turret, the Imperial Pilot was just about to fire, when his cockpit abruptly exploded.

「Augh, that hurts! What the hell was that!?」

Struck by remnants of the Machina’s explosion, Sergeant Barkmann became all teary-eyed (even though, all it did was strike his helmet) glancing outside the Abrams tank.

『Hey, Tank over there!! Are you guys okay!?』

Restlessly looking outside the tank, Sergeant Barkmann hears a voice transmitted through the radio, it was one of the soldiers whose company participated in the defense of Olga City.

Joining the 1st and 2nd Armor Battalions, a company of anti-aircraft vehicles appeared scattering the remaining flying Imperial fighters. The Mitsubishi type 87, AN/TWQ-1 Avenger and an M998 Humvee entered the fray just as Sergeant Barkmann replied back with a question.

「Does it seem like we’re okay?」

『Not really, but don’t worry about it. Look up in the sky』

「Huh!? What’s in the sk―!?」

Looking up towards the sky, Sergeant Barkmann raised his voice in astonishment.


Camp Dallas was stirred up like a beehive, they were on high alert from the news of invading Imperial forces.

『All hands to battle stations, we are at DEFCON 1!! I repeat all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill!!』

As emergency sirens and announcements blared throughout the base, Soldiers moved busily operating in response to DEFCON 1, the highest level of defense readiness, regarding an impending attack on civilian and military population centers.

「The 3rd Infantry platoon will mobilize to the south, for the bases defense!! Bring all your weapons and equipment!!」

「We’ll be deploying anti-tank defenses here, here and here.」

「All aerial squadrons, finish your resupply!! Get ready for take off!! Move it, on the double!! 」

「HEY!! I’m out of Sidewinder missiles, and load some more machine gun ammo, quickly!!」

The Soldiers stationed on base assembled to confront the invading Imperial forces, while on Camp Dallas’ airfield, aircraft which participated in Kazuya’s Rescue Operation return one after the other, refitting, refueling and resupplying before taking off once more.

「Our conventional weapons are not causing any effect on the Giant Machina!!」

「Our aerial units flying above the Jar Plains are out of ammo!!  They’re withdrawing from the battlespace!!」

「The 1st and 2nd Armor Battalions have lost their air superiority, they’re sitting ducks out there!! 」

「Incoming transmission from Binderg!! The Imperial Army is beginning to cross Alligator Creek, they’re currently in the middle of an engagement!!」

「Speed up the refueling and resupply of Camp Dallas’ Air Force!! Get it done in 15 minutes!! Hurry!!」

Within Camp Dallas’ Tactical Operations Command Center, intelligence reports come in one after another, passing through intelligence analysts to be scrutinized.  On the big screen monitor, video of the battles on the Jar Plains streamed through from camera’s mounted on tracked vehicles.

……Oh Master…… It was only just this time, but Master got injured…

This Empire is just full of trash….. oh, that’s right…. that’s right…. I’ll burn all those bastards in a nuclear inferno…

…But for starters we’ll have to destroy that unsightly puppet

Since Kazuya suffered various injuries due to Adele, Nelson and the Imperial forces ambush, Chitose vowed never to forgive the Empire and contemplated how to enact her vengeance.

「Don’t, don’t do it, Madam Vice-President!!」

Mumbling dangerous thoughts under her breath.

…….Kill …….Exterminate ……They all must die…… the women and children don’t matter…… annihilate them all

General Murray voiced words of caution, as Chitose emitted a pitch black aura in the midst of her ramblings.

……Did you say something? General Murray?

―― Slowly turns head, Pitch Black Glare

「Hiieee!! Ah No, uh that, that’s! We can’t use nuclear weapons inside our allies kingdom…

… Its also, just that…… Please watch this, look over here!!

If we use nuclear weapons right now, our 1st and 2nd Armor Battalions as well as the surrounding units will suffer serious damage!!」

When Chitose turned towards General Murray, there was only darkness in her eyes, causing him to unintentionally shriek.

Quickly regaining his frame of mind, he begins to manipulate the tabletop monitors 3D projector. Pulling up the Monster Kingdom’s terrain and Alligator Creek, displaying the Gigantic Machina as a large red dot along with the Imperial troops as smaller red specks, and also pulling up friendly forces as blue lights. Trying to dissuade Chitose from using Nuclear weapons, he further tries to show the damage it would cause to their own forces.

……Then I’ll give the order to withdraw

Casting aside General Murray’s analysis and concerns with a few words, Chitose stubbornly continues  her goal to use nuclear weapons.

「But, but……」

General Murray was unable say a word, after catching sight of the sharp glint within Chitose’s eyes.  Aware that he was unable to prevent Chitose from using Parabellum’s nuclear arsenal, General Murray felt it was unavoidable.

Behind the two, the entrance to the room was pushed open and someone came strolling through.

Realizing that the room’s officers had looked back, Chitose and General Murray turned their heads, their eyes wide with surprise.

M,master!? What, why are you here!? Your injuries, are you okay!?

「K, Kazuya!?」

「「「「Mr. President!?」」」」

Entering the Command Center with his maids and elite bodyguards was Kazuya, beside him in a pitch black robe and a large staff stood Celicia and arriving all the way from Parabellum’s Mainland was Ibuki.

「I’m doing fine. Bring me up to speed, what’s our current situation?」

Up until now, Kazuya who had just been in surgery quickly asks Chitose for Parabellum’s status report.

No, this is not fine!! Master!! Your body isn’t――

「It’s been healed, thanks to Celicia and our maids recovery magic」

Towards Chitose’s worries, Kazuya interrupted her by stating just the facts.

… …Celicia? ――What!? Why is that woman in here!?

Listening to Kazuya’s reply, Chitose finally becomes aware of Celicia’s presence, sending a hostile glare towards her direction.

「I was the one who brought her here. Just in case there was another emergency」

What was that? Ibuki are you serious… … That woman, no matter how much loyalty she shows on the surface, she’s still a prisoner of war!! That woman is――

「Yes, I know. But if you take into account Celicia’s healing ability, there’s no reason not to use it. She has already healed Master’s body」

Ugh… … I still wouldn’t trust her!! There is no guarantee that she wouldn’t harm Master!!

「… … Now ‘that’, is just something I can’t ignore. That’s quite insulting, for you to assume that I would cause Kazuya any harm. Also I haven’t sworn my allegiance to any of you, because I am already Kazuya’s personal slave」

Jumping in the conversation, Celicia interrupts Chitose and Ibuki. Ridiculing Chitose, Celicia makes a snorting sound right after she finishes her sentence.

What did you say… you bitch?

「Huh, did I say something?」

Chitose’s veins twitched with fury at Celicia’s provocation, after receiving the status report from General Murray, Kazuya turns to settle the confrontation between the two girls.

「Thank you General Murray――

Alright you two, that’s enough. Now is not the time to be fighting」

Hearing the irritation mixed in Kazuya’s calm words, the two girls immediately jumped, simmering down before obediently lowering their gazes.

I, sigh I’m really sorry about this, Master

「This was my fault, I’m so sorry Kazuya」

「Alright then, let’s go kill that huge piece of junk」

Exclaiming it for all to hear, Kazuya put emphasis in his words.

Yes, understood…. …but Master, the magical barrier it operates is quite powerful, we can’t afford anymore half-hearted attacks

「That seems to be the case」

Kazuya nodded his head as he watched the 1st & 2nd Armor Battalions bombardment of the Gigantic Machina on the large over head screen. Watching as it makes its way towards the Monster Kingdom Capital.

Then… … We should immediately use our nuclear arsenal

「No, I won’t use nuclear weapons for this」

… …why?

Chitose tilts her head from Kazuya’s response.

「It’s about time」

Ibuki immediately steps in, covering for Chitose’s mumbled question, as a report suddenly echoes within the Command Center.

「Unidentified aircraft approaching from the Southeast!!

Sending IFF signatures… …um, we got a response!!

Friendlies, friendly aircraft en-route!! There’s… over 200 of them!! 」


「This is… …this is Awesome… …it’s a grand demonstration of our Air Superiority」

Sergeant Barkmann leaked out words of praise as squadrons of aircraft, flying in large formations appeared during their time of crisis.

Mobilizing from Parabellum’s mainland (via their airfield outpost) these were the aircraft originally sortied to support Kazuya’s rescue operation on short notice.

Parabellum’s Air Force and Army aircraft consisted of F-15 Eagles,  F-15E Strike Eagles,  F-16 Fighting Falcons,  F-22 Raptors,  Sukhoi Su-33,  Sukhoi Su-35,  Dassault Rafale,  Eurofighter Typhoon,  Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Griffon) and F-2 Support Fighter.

Parabellum’s Navy and Marine Corps aerial assets were made up of the F-14 Tomcats, F/A-18 Hornets and the AV-8B Harrier II.

Along with aircraft from Parabellum’s Research & Development department, the F-35 Lightning II, Sukhoi Su-47 and PAK FA’s T-50 prototype (Sukhoi Su-57) also deployed. These were the summoned aircraft used for their engineering research.

「This feels overwhelming. Our Country’s aerial fleet.」

Parabellum’s National Flag, a crimson red sun-disc in the middle of a white background ―― was displayed on the wings of over 200 warplanes.

Battling elegantly in the sky, the pilots fired their machine guns and air-to-air missiles against the Empire’s Flying Machina. Taking them down as Captain Wittman expressed his admiration.

「Our aerial advantage is now secured, there’s no worries about that…… but will it be enough to take ‘him’ down? Our bombardments and heavy rounds aren’t causing any effect…… do we need to wait for the heavy bombers? ―― Huh!? Seriously!! This is just absurd」

The warplanes deployed from Camp Dallas airfield, engaged the Gigantic Machina with machine gun fire and air-to-surface missiles firing off AGM-65 Mavericks and the Russian KH-29 Kedge.

The Fighting Falcon, Flankers D & E, Dassault Rafale, Typhoon Eurofighter,  Saab’s Griffon, the Hornet and the Harrier II fired hundreds of missiles, but not a scratch was made because of the magical barrier, leaving Captain Wittman wondering about how to defeat such an enemy.

It was at this time dozens of military transport aircraft appeared, the C-5 Galaxy. Heading their way, coming in close flying parallel with the grounds surface.


As the C-5 Galaxy flew in formation a low altitudes, their rear hatches began to open. At approximately 5 kilometers to the rear of Captain Wittman’s forces, several objects began to airdrop from the Galaxies cargo hold.

「… … Are we going to turn this into a Land Operation now?」

Captain Wittmann grumbles as he watches various tanks being airdropped from their military transports.

Watching the deployment of the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES), Captain Wittman glances at the dropped units from the transport planes.

Like pulling a out a drawer with ease, the parachutes deploy quickly, dragging the tanks out of the cargo hold smoothly. Using the tanks mass as a counterweight, this allows aircraft to fly at low altitudes to rapidly deploy units to the front, tactically and efficiently.

To prevent damage during transport, specialized pallets are used to protect the cargo from friction and shock during landing.

Air dropping into the battlefield, arriving with Parabellum’s elite soldiers were the main battle tanks from the 3rd generation and later series. The Challenger 2, Merkava Mark IV, Leopard 2A6, AMX Leclerc and Russia’s T-90A.

Captain Wittmann, you appear to be having a hard time, would you care for some assistance?

After completely landing, the specialized pallets sensors automatically disengage the protective bolts holding their cargo in place, finalizing the drop process.

With the completion of pallets restraints disengaged, the tanks’ engine roars proudly as Captain Wittman’s voice is transmitted through the Leopard 2A6’s radio.

「This voice… …it can’t be, Major Knispel?」

Captain Wittman was shocked, as Major Kurt Knispel’s voice was transmitted over the radio.  A Hero of the German army during the 2nd World War, serving as a Tank Commander he had the largest record of destroyed enemy tanks, credited with the total destruction of 168 tanks.

Ah, you are correct

「Major Knispel, your reinforcements are welcomed!! Alright then, let’s begin the counteroffensive――」

Shit!! All units spread out!!

With the arriving reinforcements of another Tank Corps lead by the great Major Knispel, Captain Wittmann raised his voice in elation before turning his gaze back to the frontlines.

The moment Sergeant Barkmann’s warning resounded, the Gigantic Machina had already positioned itself, carrying a large magical cannon in its right hand while it held its shield in its left.  By the time Captain Wittmann saw this, he reflexively stiffened as his consciousness was wrapped in a bright light.


As more reinforcements arrived on the battlefield, Parabellum’s forces were preparing to counterattack, it was at this moment the Gigantic Machina’s weapon fired. Within the Tactical Operations Command Center, everyone fell completely silent, shocked as the Gigantic Machina’s attack was much more powerful than they had imagined.


Arriving to the Plain of Jars the MQ-9 Reaper surveilled the battlefield, sending back video telemetry to HQ. The Gigantic Machina’s magic cannon fired, wrapping the 1st Armor Battalion in a grand light, annihilating half of Parabellum’s forces. Similar to a nuclear bombs detonation, a mushroom cloud rose high in the skies above the Plain of Jars, reflecting a scene of carnage, those who were watching the video feed swallowed deeply.

「The…. 1st Armor Battalion… …. suffered extreme damage, theirs a massive number of  casualties」

Everyone became speechless after witnessing the tremendous power emitted from the Gigantic Machina’s magic cannon.

「… …Disregard what I said earlier, we’ll be using nuclear weapons」

After re-examining the threat level of the Gigantic Machina, Kazuya muttered his thoughts with a grim expression.

「Please wait, Mr. President!! As I’ve already explained to Ms. Vice-President, if we use nuclear weapons now, we’ll suffer severe losses!!」

「I already know about the consequences!」

「Then please reconsider!! At least allows us time to withdraw our forces!!」

「Withdraw the troops….? Murray what are you talking about?」

「Huh… …?」

General Murray and Kazuya were out of sync during their conversation, as one person tilted their head in confusion.  .

……Master. General Murray wasn’t around during the conference we had earlier about the use of our nuclear weapons

「Oh, so that’s the reason」


Embarrassed as he was unable to keep up and follow the conversation, looking back and forth between Kazuya and Chitose, General Murray chose to keep silent.

「General Murray, we’ll be using nuclear weapons, but not directly」

「… … How is, there’s no way that can be possible――!?」

「I’ll explain later」

Realizing something General Murray immediately covered his mouth with his hand, his expression stiffened with shock.

「―― This is President Nagato. Entering launch code 0995215――」

Ah! Er, Master… …

Inside the tactical operations command room Kazuya is on the phone with Parabellum’s Nuclear Division, Unit 666 “The Dust Busters”―― Chitose anxiously opens her mouth, interrupting Kazuya’s call to the Nuclear division, she became embarrassed after Kazuya had just given them the launch codes..

「――Yes, what is it Chitose?」

While still on the phone, Kazuya turns to question Chitose.

Well that… … the… that launch code… it can’t be used anymore

「… … And why is that?」

… … Because I used it

「O~kay, sooo… … When you used that launch code… … what was target of that nuclear missile strike?」

Kazuya’s temple twitches, spasming as he questions Chitose in a cold voice.

It was all over the Empire… … Especially the densely populated areas…

「Chitose… … We’ll have a talk later」

……Yes, I… … I understand

Chitose nodded her head and replied dejectedly, her form looked so frail you wouldn’t even think she defeated Adele and the Imperial forces accompanying the hero just a few hours ago.

Giggling Aww, I’m in love~」

This bitch!! Mumbling & cursing silently

Raising her voice so Kazuya would hear, Celicia blurts her thoughts, while Chitose curses under her breath, clenching her fist, barely managing to hold herself back.

「So is the launch code really just all 0’s?」

… …Y-yes, after I used the previous launch code, it was reset back to 00000000

「Okay, just a moment. Entering launch code 00000000. Target the Gigantic Machina――」

After telling Kazuya the new launch code, Chitose fires a sharp look towards Celicia, just as Kazuya was conveying the code to the Dust Busters.

『――Command Accepted. Missile is ready for launch. Standing-by for firing orders.』

「… …Launch」

Shortly after Kazuya’s orders, from an underground silo off of Parabellum’s Mainland the intercontinental ballistic missile launched.  The LGM-30 Minuteman III rocket rose into the air carrying the W87 warhead, its nuclear payload.

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