Real Life Updates 0.9 (Thank You)


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Thank you for your support!


Seriously, I never saw myself continuing to translate this series. I just wanted to do two missing chapters (just v3ch6 & v3ch7) and find another title to translate.  But here we are.

Here’s a snapshot of my site from a few days ago.

I started translating MWFW back in May and I managed to juggle this hobby with real life, with all of your guys support and feedback. Both Positive and negative feedback.  I’d be lying if I didn’t add that negative feedback didn’t help me in some way.



If anyone is willing to create Fan-art for this series and is willing to have me host their art, feel free to contact me on any of these platforms.

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I recommend if you do make fan art to add your signature or alias. So I can credit you when I host it.



Moving forward with this Site, there may be changes with the creative look in the coming year. Still planning on providing you guys with content, I’m just brainstorming stuff.



Alright now that I’ve gotten most of the deep stuff out of the way. I’ll say it once more

 Thank You Everyone For Your Support!!