Real Life updates 0.8


Featured Image by Kou Takano Artstation | Twitter

Check out his art, its really well-done Fantasy.

Yaaaayy!! I passed well, I got my grades for this semester. I thought I did badly on my final exam for math, that was pretty rough, but I made it through this year.

English Composition I got an A- and for Calculus I got a B, man that was rough, though looking back juggling work, college & hobby time was fun [sometimes].

Now since the semester is over, I no longer need to study very much, just need to get my books ready for the next semester and stuff. I’m going to binge on some things I missed out, like Goblin Slayer [Eps 3-11].

I currently own the light novels and already pre-ordered volume 6.

And when I’m done with some binging and relaxing, then I’ll finish up on translating Volume 3 Chapter 24 for Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World.

Which means after a Goblin Slayer marathon I’ll pick my translations again. Cheers everyone to this Holiday Season!