Ramblings 0.73 (v3Ch16 News)


Well without further ado,

Here is Chapter 15 of Volume 3

So I was able to finish this a lot faster than I thought, just because work was really slow and I took a day off on Tuesday to work on like 73% of the Translation.

Now just as a recap for anyone not familiar with my translations schedule. I release chapters when I finish the whole process of translating & editing & adding references.

I know there are still errors here and there. I fix them when I come across it, most of the time its spelling or grammar I missed.

Now at a minimum I post at least 2 chapters a month. Everything else after the two are extras.  I have a full-time job as an Iron-working laborer, so I translate in my free time. But I will prioritize my health over translations( I need rest too). So any delay in translations I will always update it in my Ramblings.

So here’s the latest look at this upcoming chapters Character Count

Word Count

Now what are you looking at? Well this is a snapshot of the chapters technicals. With 7870 Japanese characters (Kanji, Katakana & Hirigana) it roughly equates to 7554 words in Japanese.

Now please note that the actual translation may be more than 7554 English words or even less.  Okay so moving on since I don’t want to bore you guys.

This is about double the standard chapter, so I think this may take about two weeks.

Anyway Enjoy the month of August, have a fun weekend!

Krewella – Be There

Hotel Garuda ft Violet Days – Fixed On You