Ramblings 0.59


Feel free to read my version of Vol 3 Chapter 9 of Bringing Modern Weapons in a Fantasy world.

Urgh… finally done with editing. Seriously the editing of this chapter took 2 days (6 hours) just because a lot of terms and weapons info dumps.

Trying to make the story flow and make the info dump fit, was exhausting.

8079 Characters (approx 7665 words) this is usually double the characters of a regular sized chapter.

All my past ramblings have my other opinions about the chapter. For now i just feel accomplished and prepare for overtime at work this weekend.

As for Vol 3 Chapter 10, I will get to it when my spare time is open and I’m not fatigued from work. Again no guarantees on a scheduled release, but I’m fairly sure it should be out before the end of this month at the worst.

In the best case scenario, maybe a little over a week. i haven’t checked the character count, but if its a normal sized one, i think it should be okay.

Alright everyone, Enjoy your weekend! I’ll do my best in making time for the next chapter.