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I am happy and satisfied. I finally completed my translation for Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World Volume 3 Chapter 6.

Well i tweaked with the title it a bit, just because it bothers me that “Fantajī sekai” is translated as another world than fantasy world. Just a pet peeve of mine. It shouldn’t really bother anyone else for that matter.

Here’s just a minor post on my translating style on NuF

So as for the next chapter that is missing Volume 3 Chapter 7, I will get on to it after a 2 day rest. Plus I have to get ready for my full-time job, which as I’ve mentioned before is Hard Labor.  I am just a grunt in a big corporation, but eventually i would like to move up along the chain where I will not have to do back breaking work.

Annyways here’s some links:

Enjoy my translation and Here’s a Table of Contents