Lost history, or is humanity on repeat?

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So Yeah it’s another late night. I don’t feel like sleeping, but I need to go to work tomorrow. Aaaaand here I am with just my thoughts.

After a bit of reading some random material, and doing some internet digging. I’ve been looking into what makes humans, “worth existing.” I know there’s a lot of religious jargon and emotional opinions, there could be/are valid points about why humans should exist. But after trying to understand these reasons of why humans should exist and why humans should not. The reasons cancel each other to point, and senseless bickering of opinions, didn’t lead me to my answers.

You can say in general, “I’m looking for the meaning of life (for humans).” For each line of opinions, justifications, theories and etc. it gives many diverse answers. But at the same time, I’m not satisfied with the results or other open ended theories.

—Thank you for continually reading my thoughts… But I will break off into another tangent.
Science today is touching up on ideas and theories of the past. For hundreds of years Alchemists, Wisemen, Sages, Witches, Wizards, etc. You can basically dig up all the archaic names and titles of “people that research”, but basically they were the scientists of the centuries past.

Titles and names always change with age. But the core meaning or understanding is around, sometimes you just need to look at things differently. Like in this perspective, In the middle ages Alchemists did many experiments into creating gold or turning other elements into different elements. They also delved into creating life, humanoid and artificial life. The Homunculus was one type of artificial life experiment and research that occurred well into mankind’s past.

Fast forward to the the year 2014 AD and we have researchers/scientists looking to create humanoid robots and human cloning. So is it human desire to continually search/ create a sentient being that resembles humans? We are making machines and organisms that “we believe will submit/ abide to human logic.” Yet are we prepared for an opposite outcome.

In a diverse array of cultures, we have beliefs (theories) of a free society. Where we are free and unafraid of obtaining power and resources for our own needs. Now we can theorize different societal hierarchy’s, but i think the question should be what is sustainable? If we look at our understanding of a general life cycle, and apply it to every day things. There is always a lifespan, you can prolong the lifespan of anything, but eventually it ends. Good or bad, there are lifespans to all things.

….well its late.. i need to sleep… and wake up in a couple hours, to work.. thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts.