Tag: Kazuya Nagato

Vol 3 Chapter 15

Waiting for Kazuya’s group to reach the center of the open space, the demonic creatures which have been mimicking their surrounding begin to appear. Insect-type demons of various sizes herd themselves around their prey ready to feast. Surrounding Kazuya’s group, large tailless whip scorpions and sun spiders move crawling along the walls and the valleys floor.

Vol 3 Chapter 14

For the time being we’ll wait for the rain to clear up. We’ll find somewhere safe and wait for rescue. Fortunately I’ve secured enough food and water, there’s enough weapons gathered. So we should be able to hold out even if the Imperial forces or the demonic beings come

Vol 3 Chapter 12

Kazuya’s cheeks loosened as his heart was healed by his cute maids, embodying a lady during the day and a harlot during the night.