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Vol 3 Chapter 8

Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World << Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter >> As the Parabellum military assisted the Monster Kingdom in clean-up operations against the Imperial Army of Alsace. A certain person was working from behind the scenes. Knock knock 「Come in.」 Sound of the door opening  ―Ga~cha~ri― 「Pardon me. I’ve brought

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MWFW Glossary

This Glossary will be updated periodically Last edited: 05/19/2019 ~Basically this Glossary contains spoilers so read at your own risk~ *TL Notes: I’m going through various chapters to find various terms, locations and stuff. I’m adding things as I find them so it will take awhile. Parabellum (Military Nation) An Autocratic nation helmed by Kazuya

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Vol 3 Chapter 7

Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World << Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter >> The army of Parabellum managed to defend the City of Olga in time, and in turn they had also repelled the Imperial Army in various other places. They began to push a large scale offensive against the

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