A College Memory

Staying up late pulling all-nighters, to complete essays and projects, studying for exams to stay current with my classes. I’ve always contemplated was this the life I dreamed of? I can remember my roommates and friends bugging me about having some fun now that I’m in college. Every weekend they would bug me about coming to their house parties and enjoying myself.

I sort of hated not making connections, being single at an age like this I naively went thinking I’d probably meet a beautiful girl. I joined them on a weekend once before and the turnout was mediocre, things started out alright, live music from a local band and drinks were free with the kegs on the front lawn. I was excited by the atmosphere as we entered the front door, immediately my roommates all went their separate ways looking for a girl to spend a room with and my dumb ass stared a several hot girls in front of me.

I caught the glances of several girls smacking their lips, like wolves who found a lost little lamb. And so I wandered, lost in this house I thought about the many women partying, flaunting their assets at all of us guys. It took a while to enjoy the sights and soon my lips were craving something. Planning on grabbing a drink I made my way towards the kitchen, it just so happened a few drunk guys shoved me into another couple closest to me. Having lost my balance, I grabbed onto the girl nearby, falling to the floor with her. Landing on my back, I felt a soft sensation on my chest followed by a delicate moistness on my lips. A lingering aroma of flowers filled my nose and my crotch suddenly got hot. I could feel a girls’ thighs rocking slightly back and forth, putting pressure on my lower half. The sensation felt so satisfying, I wanted to feel it more, but just as my instincts wanted to take over. I felt a swift pain to my side, I gasped from the sudden feeling.

Opening my eyes, I saw the gorgeous girl pulled away from me. The guy she was originally conversing with had picked her up by the waist and pulled her off me. I couldn’t understand what he was shouting at me, my head was still in a mess from the pleasure of a girl and the sudden pain right after.  Trying to roll over and get up, I caught a kick to my side again. This time, it was pain that remained in my mind, coughing and trying to catch my breath, I steadied myself on the wall. I saw the girl struggling to get away from her man, the guy who kicked me happened to be friends of this couple. Actually, I realized I was wrong, they were not a couple, from the girls that came in to get their friend, they actually pepper sprayed the guy.

Laughing at the situation, the guys’ friend lunged at me, trying to catch me off guard. Unfortunately for him, I caught his arm and threw him to the floor. I shouldn’t stay here any longer, so much for a night of fun. I hurriedly turned towards the exit and made a smooth dash, dodging a punch from another of the guy’s friends. Leaving through the back, I caught sight of the gorgeous girl I was making out with, our eyes locked for a fleeting second. I smiled and waved in her direction and to her group of friends. Jumping over a hedge and disappearing from the house party, I sprinted towards my dorm room sighing. I was entranced by her, but I gave up in believing we would meet each other again. The next morning my roommates came back hungover and disgruntled. Wondering why everyone was in a foul mood, my curiosity just caused me to ask.

Apparently, they described a fight breaking out, and because of the ruckus, the girls they were trying to get with up and left the party trying to save their girlfriend.  Feigning ignorance, because I was the cause of said fight, I joked that they could have found other girls at the party. It’s just that after the fight, the party just lost its fun, majority of the girls were less interested in the boys there and left throughout the night. Hardly anyone got to have a room with the girls that night. Sympathizing with my roommates, I told them I was too nervous, to approach a girl, that when the fight happened I left. As my roommates laughed at my idiocy, I took their mocking as a sign of acceptance. I’m glad they didn’t know the real reason for the fight.

I continued my study for the next couple months, not going to every party weekend my roommates invited me to. I’d rather not deal with the guy who was pepper-sprayed and his cronies. I gave up on the girl who I had a moment with, she’s probably enjoying herself with another man by now.  I decided to just finish my scholarship soon and move on to big and better things.  I just didn’t expect to meet up with that gorgeous beauty since that night.

It was nearing the winter break of the semester. I had painstakingly finished my coursework ahead of my deadlines and next was taking my semester exams. I gained myself a handful of free days for the rest of the term, as for my roommates, they were suffering because of their grades and test scores. And it did not matter the amount of assistance I could offer, it wouldn’t change their grades. So they had to suck it up and do their own self-studying.

With the relief of passing my first sophomore semester, I thought of rewarding myself at the newly opened coffee shop near the college library. Dressing appropriately for an afternoon out, took quite a bit of time. I didn’t have any clothes to deal with the cold weather, coming from a tropical climate, I never experienced the cold like most locals that attend the college do. Having last year’s cold weather clothes, I looked like a freshman who just entered school. My habits haven’t changed much from then, I usually pick clothes with efficiency over fashion. I wore my faded black goose jacket with a furry hood over a fitted shirt, some jeans and comfortable boots.  Making my way past the library, I saw a few familiar faces near “Café Levard University” a decent name for a coffee shop. As I neared the glass doors, I hesitated to enter as my view landed on the barista. I roughly remember her face, but her figure left a deep impression on me.

My thoughts reminded me of that short-lived pleasure. A guilty pleasure that was never fulfilled lingered in the back of my mind. Brushing off the moment, I entered the coffee shop. I never believed in love at first sight, and though that fleeting night couldn’t escape my memory, I decided to put it to rest by testing her response to me. I made up my mind to order something simple and enjoy myself in the Café’s calm ambiance. Forcing myself onto her, won’t do me any good and I thought she wouldn’t remember me. But my luck has failed me, as a few people were ahead of me in line, and it was time for her shift to end. Helping her last customer, she undid her work apron and hung it to the side of the wall behind the counter and entered the back of the shop. Sighing and staring at the ceiling, I thought to myself that this isn’t a casual romance I can pursue. So leaving it as is, I continued to the counter, ordered a simple latte, made my way to an open spot near the window  and sat down opening a magazine that was left to the side.

I read the magazine at a slow pace, smiling at the interesting articles that had small innuendos and humor. I gave a brief look around the Café when I sip over my espresso, taking a glance at the clock once in a while. As my thoughts came back around to that night, I realized I never took a good look at the gorgeous girls friends, viewing them from a decent angle, I can see why my roommates got depressed for not having a good night. Each one of them could become a model if they pursued that line of work. With curves that extenuated their hips and a nice roundness it all the right places, a smile stretched across my face and by the time I realized my perverted smile. I saw the gorgeous girl leave from the back of the shop, walking toward her friends.

From the time she put up her apron to changing into her regular clothes, was roughly an hour.  It felt a bit longer, but I finished my 2nd cup of latte by the time of her appearance. It didn’t occur to me that I had been found out and that this girl very much remembered me. I had come to the conclusion it was time for me to leave and made my way to towards the exit, passing directly by the group. I had accidently bumped one of the friends dropping my phone in the process. As my phone slid to the underside of the table, I bent down to pick it up. Raising my head to apologize, I caught a pepper-spray to the face. A full blown load of pepper spray was shot at me, stinging my eyes and flaring my nose, I choked the second I started to breathe.  I couldn’t see a thing for the next couple of seconds and for the rest of the afternoon, I did not see anything at all as I felt a heavy blow to the back of my head.


I woke up groggy in an unfamiliar place, my head was still pounding and my sinuses felt rather clogged. I knew I was laying in someone’s bed naked just because the softness of the cushion and sheets created the feeling of floating on air. I didn’t feel like opening my eyes as it still had a little stinging sensation, but forcing my body to get up was rather difficult, my wrists were bound apart and I could feel my ankles were in the same situation. Slowly opening my eyes, my vision was dark and I became aware that a band of cloth covered my eyesight. I just had a deranged thought flash through my head as I realized there is a ball gag in my mouth at the moment.

Am I dreaming this? If it is a dream, I’m really wishing it to end right now. Safe word, what is my damn safe word. Although I’ve seen porn like this, I really don’t have the guts to enjoy myself, being in this position. As my mind raced with thoughts of being tortured, a voice whispered to the side of my ear causing me to shiver. I wasn’t sure who this girl was but, she was slowly talking about how I was already caught in their plan the moment I entered the Coffee shop. I immediately tried to resist, pulling at my bound ligaments, trying to break free. The girl chuckled at my muffled shouts to be released and my desire to be free.

The pain of the pepper-spray and headaches had become non-existent as my adrenaline and fear began to take over.  But a cool caress over my lower member had caused me to stiffen up. I cringed from that touch, but it did not end there. Another caress over my body lead me to realize, that this girl who whispered in my ear was not alone. My breathing began to quicken as the saliva in my mouth could not be swallowed. The girl who knew all kept whispering in my ear as I felt hands massaging me continuously.  I consciously felt two pairs of hands grasping my thighs and the mouth of someone licking my inner thigh, but I couldn’t be sure of how many people were together with me. My lower body grew hot as I was trying to rationalize my situation. Pleasure was beginning to take hold of my senses the more I was caressed and the further this girl whispered into my ear.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded, increased my other senses to a height I never experienced before. To resist, I tried to escape but my limbs could not contract and expel enough force to undo my shackles. My rough shaking caused the two at my thighs to hug me tightly, pushing their breasts against my legs, I could hear them laughing at my futile resistance. I am now sure that there are three girls here with me from the sound of their disheveled laughter. The girl whispered that I will be their plaything from now on and will never be able to escape. And just as I was about to thrash once more, I felt the crotch of one of the girls press against my face. She grasped my head, using the ball gag in my mouth to massage her clitoris. Pressing her thighs around my head, she rocked back and forth, back and forth slowing and speeding her pace at her desire.

As this was going on, the two girls below me began to wrestle my shaft, teasing my instincts and playing with my body. I was at their mercy, tormented by the pleasure and desire. One of the girls mouthed my tip, licking around the head in a rhythmic fashion. Clockwise at first and then reversing her strokes counter-clockwise. At the sign of orgasm, she would grip my shaft tight with her delicate hands and squeeze, slowing the delivery of fluids. As my semen dribbled from my shaft, she would slowly suck on me like a straw, releasing her grip and tightening every so often. I could feel her swallow each pump after she tightened her grip on my shaft.

The other girl rode my thigh, pressing her wet crotch against me. Cycling back and forth, her legs wrapped around my thigh as she teased my chest, licking at the tips of my nipples. My head could not think, I was lost in the sensation of each action. My mind was blank as I accepted each of the girls’ movements that played with me. Instinctively I grabbed at the cloth that bound my wrists, pulling thinking I could release myself somehow, someway. After my first orgasm, I was not given a second to rest, as my legs were suddenly pulled upwards, exposing my anus. My back still on the soft bed, and my head cradled by the girl pleasuring herself. I thought I would receive a moment of reprieve, but the girl who had been teasing my nipples, sat square on my stomach halting my urge to thrash about once more. To my lower half which had pumped out a good amount of liquid, this girl had decided to fondle my testes, stretching the bag of my scrotum and pulling at my half withered shaft. The other girl who had finished drinking me had started to play with my anus, licking the rim and blowing causing me to twitch.

I tried to shout, but my muffled voice turned into a moan. I could no longer reason my situation, my mind blank and filled with all these sensations I could only follow my instincts.


What happened at the Café caused quite the spectacle, witnesses described that a man had accidently bumped someone and dropped his phone, but as he was trying to retrieve it and apologize. One of the girls had pepper-sprayed him in the face, and before he could even say a thing, he had been knocked unconscious by the bag of another girl.

Onlookers were surprised by the sudden turn of events but slowly passed it off as the three girls realized their mistake. One of the barista girls used her shirt to wipe away the pepper spray as her friend went to go pick up his phone. The three girls then lifted the unconscious fellow claiming to bring him to a medical facility.

Instead, they brought him to their sorority, to a special place where secrets could only be shared in whispers.


Like a dream, the three girls tried to satisfy themselves, I was just a part of that dream. I couldn’t think of escape as I was drowned in tormented pleasure. Time seemed non-existent as our bodies continuously moved. I didn’t know when my ball gag came off or when my restraints became loose, but my internal desire craved the bodies of these girls. Still blindfolded I held onto one of the girls whose hips I firmly grasped, stroking her insides and rubbing the deep recesses of her body. My mouth was locked with the other girl whose arms wrapped around me, from my back I could feel her breasts press tight, brushing me as I rocked the girl to my front. Right next to us, I could hear the other girl playing with herself as if waiting her turn for more excitement.  As I continued to increase my pace, I could feel this girls’ insides tighten, her words filled with pleasure slowly turned inaudible as her crotch tightened and released. Having felt her go limp, I let her drop in her own fluids.

Still not having enough, my body turned to the sound of the girl who had been playing with herself. Grasping one of her legs I pulled her body towards me like a rag doll, bringing the base of her spine right near my knees. Putting her legs together I placed my rod between her thighs, slowly lifting her by her legs and thrusting over her clit, I teased this girl who had played me like a toy. Grazing her clit over and over, I could hear her begging me to just stick it in, but before I could revel in the moment. A sharp pain brought back a few of my senses, teeth could be felt on my shoulder where the other girl hung, and she whispered that I’ve been very naughty. But in that next moment, I roughly thrust myself into the girl whose legs I held, causing her to jerk from the sudden movement. Her insides, held onto me as I tried to pull back. Her folds rubbed me like a coiling tongue, constricting my shaft as only just the tip stayed inside. With every long stroke, I could hear the girls breathing become ragged and with every short stroke she would arch her back twitching. Having my fun with her, I slowed my pace to feel her insides and tease her a bit more. But unfortunately for me she did not last, as the pacing made her feel more than she could handle, with a final moderate stroke she became limp and her breathing turned strained.

Indulging in the moment, my blindfold fell as the girl who stayed glued to me undid the last knot. When my eyes finally could see, I gazed at the results of my deeds, slowly turning to the last girl behind me. With a smile that could stop a man’s heart, her eyes entranced me, causing my movements to slow. Without further restraint, I pushed her down onto the bed. Her lovely outline is just as I remembered, a perfect figure as she wrapped her arms around my neck once more. I lifted one of her legs as I spread her insides apart, inserting the tip and slowly sliding all the way to the base. Her eyes immediately shone with pain signaling her discomfort. My eyes reflexively looked at her crotch, as fresh red tainted the sheets. My mind stopped and my body reacted, slowly pulling and then pushing, I began to piston in a gentle rhythmic motion. Not giving her the time to catch her breath I had already gripped her waist pulling her, having her chest close to mine, I lifted her to where I sat up and carried her up and down, up and down, having her feel me even further. Gasping from pleasure her insides tightened, the feeling transmitted to me almost caused me to release. But I slowed the pacing and laid on my back, bringing her to ride up on me. Slowly, her hips rocked back and forth, teasing my shaft. Taking in my lower member, I held her breasts as my hands sank in massaging her tips. Slightly increasing her pacing she rocked back and forth, faster and faster and faster. To the point her face became filled with a satisfied smile, her body twitched as my hands held her by her breasts. Having become limp, I let her lay on my chest, but since she finished before me, I wasn’t going to let her rest just yet. Holding her close I slid my tongue into her mouth, drinking her saliva and blowing air into her body. I raised my hips thrusting into her twitching lower half.

I could hear and feel her moans, I knew she wanted to rest, but she was just too sexy for me to just stop. As my member began to bulge even more I sped up my pace and held her down tightly onto my base, as I releasing a good amount into her. She yelped as her body arced from my load, her face distorted into a glazed smile right before she fainted on me once more. Inhaling deeply and breathing out my body became drained, I lost feeling in my lower body. The Cute Barista girl lay fainted on my chest, with my shaft still in her. Her two friends are right to my sides resting with a fulfilled expression on their faces. Having lost all energy, I closed my eyes to rest.


After that time, my motivation to stay in college went into a decline. My head couldn’t focus and it was hard not think about that moment when those girls captured me. My roommates, all went on to graduate to become Juniors in college and eventually we fell out of touch, my phone has been disconnected since. Was this the life that I’ve been dreaming of?

If you asked me what I wanted to do after I finished college, I would have told you I’d move on to do big and better things. But now it’s the start of the new term, the freshman will look for places to make new and lasting experiences. My Master is the head of a Sorority, who owns several Coffee shops near the university, she always brews me a special cup of latte.

I’ve been tasked to handle the new sorority initiates. Tomorrow night, I am to take them to a special place where secrets could only be shared in whispers.