S&D: 24 – A Spring Date in the Dungeon Part 2

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「……Let’s continue on with the exploration」


 After defeating the Electric Sheep, we continued down the passage. Sensei is now energetic and lively. From all appearances it looks like many things were blown away, from that battle not long ago.

 She doesn’t seem to be bashful or wary towards me either. The tension between us appears to have mostly disappeared.

…..If things continue like this, maybe we can keep on exploring without becoming too tired

 Having some mixed feelings about certain things, I walked next to Sensei. The way the electric sheep was pitifully defeated still lingered in my mind, but seeing how Sensei’s mood wasn’t too bad, I guess things were fine the way they were.

 We were able to relax somewhat, while maintaining some vigilance towards our surroundings. It would be fitting to say that our moral was at its peak as we explored.

「If we come across another Electric Sheep, just leave it to me. I don’t think I’ll lose when paired up against one」

「Haha, alright…… But if we face other types of monsters, we’ll need to work together. Especially if we come across a Laughing Jack-O-Lantern, it would be  better if the both of us attacked at once」

「Yeah, that makes sense. But what about the Spiny bagworms…..」

 The further we delved into the dungeon, the more we made plans on how to deal with enemies we would face. It was better to craft a strategy on how to take on any enemy in advance like this, rather than figuring it out on the spot.

 And thanks to the notes in the guide book, we were able to think of ways to handle our enemies and different strategies for some situations.

This is quite refreshing…..

 Thinking back to when I first started exploring, I never felt like this. It felt a bit surreal, exploring a dungeon while have a conversation like this. I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas with or someone to really speak to. I was exploring all by myself before Sensei found out about this labyrinth.

 Finding time to converse, we only did so in the long passageways with a good line of sight, but when it came to moving at the corners we would stay silent while being cautious. Having finished talking about strategies, I decide to bring up the topic of the dungeons layout.

 We’ve already mapped out a good portion of it, as I could already formulate what the 2nd floor would be like.

「Sensei, take a look at this」


「This is a map of the 2nd floor so far. And this is a map of the 1st floor. Both floors roughly have the same dimensions」

 Showing Sensei my smartphones screen I began to explain. The paths do wind in all sorts of ways, but the exterior layout was quite dazzling to look at. Based on how we mapped out the passages so far, the 2nd floor seems form a 400 meter square just like the 1st floor.

 Realistically, I didn’t think Sensei would go exploring this place all by herself, so it was better to share information. Continuing on, I mentioned how in the center of the floor there was a passage that would connect to the next floor.

「Oh I get it now……」

 Impressed by the data, Sensei crossed her arms. Putting away my smartphone, I continued on with my hypothesis.

「This is just my assumption, but a direct path may not appear until we meet certain conditions. Like find all the treasures or defeat all the monsters. So at the very least, I want to confirm those variables are true or not on this floor」

「Hmmmm……. So those are our goals? I think they are admirable objectives」

 Speaking what was on her mind, Sensei nods her head in agreement.  It looks like she understood the importance of the central passageway without me needing to go into further detail.

 After my small explanation, we went back to exploring.  About 30 minutes in from exploring the 2nd floor, neither of us were fatigued after encountering the Electric Sheep. We still haven’t come across a treasure room, but we’ve mapped out a good majority of the place, so it’s wasn’t bad.

 But roughly 10 minutes from when I brought up the map to Sensei, and having mapped about 2/3’s of the exterior pathways of the 2nd floor, we finally came across one――


「Saino, isn’t that a…….」

 At the end of the corridor was a familiar entrance way. Having found it, Sensei and I both moved with a quickness while being cautious. There’s no doubt about it, it’s one of the treasure rooms. It took a bit longer to find, but we may be able to get a new item out of this.

「Sensei, there’s most likely one of those monsters inside. Ww should check to see what type it is and decide how we’ll attack from there」


 Narrowing her expression, Sensei nods towards my suggestion. Silently nearing the room entrance, we slowly peaked inside.

Isn’t that a…….”Mandrake?”

 Just like the other rooms like it, in the very center of the room was a treasure chest. And right next to that chest was a large plant growing beside it.

 ….No way, there’s a ridiculous face growing out of it.

 It resembles a radish, shaped like a person with its roots off the ground. Sort of like a white doll with leaves sprouting from the top of its head. I thought it was really creepy because its height was as tall as I was.

 It looks like it facing away from us, so there’s a possibility we could attack it by surprise. Taking a closer look I close my eye to see its level, and the number 6 comes to view.  Its level is lower than mine but, is equal to Sensei’s.



 Lowering my voice, I whisper my plan to Harumachi-Sensei. I brought up the strategy we made up on dealing with Mandrakes from the conversation before.  All that was left for us to do was put it into action.

 Pulling out my combat knife from its sheath, matching the timing together, Sensei and I both leapt into the room at once. Deadening the sound of our footsteps, we neared the Mandrake――



 In a split second.  While it was unaware, I left a large wound across its back. Causing it to bounce a little, before crying out stunned. That was a good hit.

 My level was also higher, so it must’ve taken a considerable amount of damage.  But rather than rejoice, I immediately moved away from the Mandrake and covered my ears.  Sensei followed suit and put her hands over her ears as well.

 And just as we did that――


 Even though we covered our ears, some of its cries could still be heard. We could feel the air tremble as the vibrations from its cry was transmitted through our bodies.

 ……That’s right, this is one of the Mandrakes abilities.

 『Scream Attack』

 The Mandrake itself is not capable of complex physical combat. But by attacking with sound, it was able to incapacitate its opponents. By causing its opponents to lose consciousness, there would be no way for it be attacked.

 And by doing so, even if the Mandrakes physical prowess is quite small, it would still be able to kill you. In that regard, its scream could be considered an instant death sort of attack.

 But the amount of times a Mandrake could use its sound attack is quite limited. It can only use it once in a battle. And the timing for when the mandrake uses it, is immediately after being damaged.

 We already knew this beforehand, so it was simple to deal with.


 Having felt the air and surroundings stop shaking, I uncover my ears. And with Sensei beside me, she does the same thing too. And then――



 Slashing my knife while running past the enemy. Turning back around to face the Mandrake directly from the front. We were able to get into an advantageous position. I would be opposing the Mandrake from it front while Sensei would be taking it from its back. By cornering the Mandrake with this arrangement, both Sensei and I sync our strikes.

「Ha~! Hya~!」


「Take that!」


 Sensei’s double strike caused the monster to lose its balance, using that opportunity to charge in with my knife. It was a perfect combo. Sensei’s attacks weren’t as strong as mine, due to her level and weapon, but I was able to make up for the difference in damage. The Mandrake couldn’t retaliate due to our coordination and had to suffer in its place.


 Gathering all the strength I could muster, I struck the Mandrake one more time. And that’s when――


 Squealing towards the end, the Mandrake burst into particles of light. Only for those light orbs to be absorbed by the labyrinth, disappearing without a trace. It was our complete victory.



 I sighed while Sensei bowed silently. And by the time we were done, we both smiled towards each other. That was very image of a perfect battle. We didn’t take any damage.

 The was still a wave of tension and uncertainty followed by the exhilarating feeling of enacting our strategy perfectly. Not only that, I was able to be in sync with Sensei.

 The best analogy I could come up with, we were like pair of double tennis players who practiced together for a long time.  I felt like exchanging high fives with Sensei as we praised each other.

Well now that that’s over….

 Changing gears from basking in our victory towards our actual goal. We didn’t defeat the Mandrake out of the desire for combat. But rather, from the very beginning our goal had been the thing it was guarding.


 Crouching down towards the front of the treasure chest, I put my hands over the lid. Sensei stayed quiet while watching over me. If she only knew the truth about the imitation guide book I created, she’d realize its contents were truly a joke.  Even if she sees what I’m doing, there shouldn’t be much of an issue.

 Slowly opening the chests lid, what was inside was――

「Huh?…… A wristband?」

 Looking at what sort of item came from the treasure chest, Sensei tilts her head in confusion. Just like what she said not long ago, the magic item inside was a wristband. Pink in color, there was only one of it, it looks like I would only be able to wear it on one side. Looking inside once more, I pull out the instructions from the treasure chest.

Lucky Band

The arm wearing this wristband, can touch any part of a woman’s body without their realization.  But others in the surroundings will notice the act.  No effect will be applied if worn on any other body part, except the arm it is worn on.

Number of uses:


 Placing the paper with instructions back into the chest, I put the ”Lucky Band” on my right arm. And with my right hand proceeded to grope Sensei’s breast, massaging it gently.


 What I’m doing right now looks so strange. Sensei’s body twitches from my touch. Is she feeling aroused? But even after doing so, Sensei doesn’t react to my behavior.

Oh I get it now……

 Enjoying the sensation of Sensei’s womanly bulges, my other hand props my chin as I get lost in thought.  Apparently, lewd acts with this “Lucky Band” doesn’t directly lead to leveling up. But even if that’s not the case, this item is great in it’s own special way. It’s a fantastic tool that will let a man grope a girls body without being noticed.

 And truth be told, I’m currently groping Sensei breast without permission, the feeling transmitted through my hand was filling me with joy.  There was no way I wouldn’t be jubilant, knowing I could do this whenever we were by ourselves.


 Sensei was so adorable trying to hold back her moans and keep from trembling, closing her eyes as her head tilted back.

 Removing my hand from Sensei’s boob, I remind her we’ll continue exploring.

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