S&D: 14 – An Unexpected Visitor

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Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「Alright, I’m now Lv7」


 Standing within the entrance of the labyrinth which was in my houses basement.  Verifying the number displayed on my palm, I couldn’t help but strike a gutsy pose.

 Not long ago the number on my palm was 5, and now its gone up two levels.  It looks like my (Love) Level increases with a handjob and a fellatio.  All those lewd acts I did in class with Fuyushima-san afterschool, made a difference.

 Using “The Thirsty Essence” I was able to experience two things in one sitting.  The first time I came from her hands and the second time I came from both her hands and mouth.

 I wanted to confirm some things which were stuck on my mind, so I hurried home, and to my delight these lewd acts were recognized by the labyrinth.

 Could it be because I ejaculated with the help of the opposite sex?  Or was it because I gave semen to a girl?


 I don’t know the actual reason why its like this, but in the future it will become important to learn all the facts.


Its a little good to know that I can level up this way. And it increases the amount of ways I can take action in the future.


 If actual intercourse isn’t necessary, then the difficulty of leveling up has taken a burden off my shoulders.  Its not like I can have sex everyday, but a fellatio here or a handjob there would make it more convenient in many ways.  And trying to convince the girls to get intimate with me would be a little bit more easier in that sense.

 Having put my thoughts together of what I had planned for the future, I turn back towards my house.  For the meantime I wanted to check my level so I wasn’t actually prepared to dive right in.  I’ll begin exploring after I put together some equipment. 

 Heading to my room I wear my usual safari jacket.  Equipping all my usual tools and knife.


 ……Seems like I’m getting used to this kind of set up.

 Even carrying around my knife this way is normal for me now.


 Having completed exploring the 1st Floor, I have taken the steps towards becoming a first rate adventurer.


…….So what should do I do now?


 Moving over to my kitchen I get a glass of water, while planning my next set of actions.  Today I’m going to explore the 2nd Floor, its a new zone I’ve never seen before.

 Even though I have a little knowledge of what to expect, like the enemies and dangers due to that little book.  But still, I’m a little anxious and excited for what’s to come.

 After all, the blood of adventurers runs through my veins.  Making a fist I bring it towards my heart with confidence.






 My house’s doorbell chimes signaling someone was at the entrance.  Turning my head in surprise, I’m brought back to reality. I wonder whose at the entrance.

 I don’t recall ordering for anything, I don’t have any special deliveries and I never promised to meet anyone.  As nothing came to mind of who could be visiting, I make my way to the entrance.


I wonder if my parents sent me something weird again…...


 That being the most likely case.  My parents would often send random items they excavated from overseas ruins.  It isn’t my intention to covet them, but to me they’re just random souvenirs that they send over.

 Most of the time its all junk, but every so often something of great value comes in, so you never know what to expect. And even now, I feel like these are one of those times they sent me something.


「……..On my way!」


 I yell loudly from my kitchen, before making my way over.  I’m already dressed in my usual adventurer gear to explore, but it’s not like it will be an issue when greeting the deliveryman.  Gripping the handle to my front door I opened it expecting the usual interaction.

 But instead――




 Before me was a very familiar person, I couldn’t stop myself from raising my voice in surprise.

 A very flamboyant red jersey.

 Disheveled shabby hair.

 And a face that could only be referred to as a flawless.

 The person standing in front of my houses’ entrance was none other than Harumachi-Sensei.


「Um, uh, Hi Saino…..」

「Se,sensei!?…… Ah what’re you……?」

「…..I’m so sorry about this, but can I come in please, I’ll explain as soon as I’m inside. It…….It would be bad if someone were to see me like this」


 The moment I was about to ask why she would be here, Harumachi-Sensei barges into my houses’ opened door.  Confused by why my homeroom teacher decided to stop by.  I silently agreed in my heart, that it be bad if anyone around saw her standing outside my house.  A strange rumor may start floating around, making life at school a bit more difficult.


 But really, what could all of this be about?

 Why does Sensei, who didn’t want to get anywhere near me, suddenly visit me directly at my house?


 So many questions went through my mind, but I immediately closed the door, shielding Sensei’s presence from the outside world.


「About that….. Saino, I’m really sorry. For visiting you all of a sudden」

「Ah no, it’s not a big deal. But, um, did you need anything from me?…..」

「…..I, *Sigh*, I felt like we needed to have a proper talk. About…. what happened last time」


 Bringing up a tough subject Harumachi-Sensei makes a complicated expression.  At that point, I fully understood why she was here.

 My teacher who had worried about my well-being ever since we got into an abrupt relationship, amassed all the courage she could find to come back and talk to me about what happened.

 Maybe she thought that if she didn’t get this off her chest, it would eat away at her for eternity.  Or maybe she just wanted to apologize for what she did to me.

 But I didn’t need that kind of apology at all.


 Harumachi-Sensei’s eyes gleamed up towards me as she furrowed her brows.


「You see I……. Saino, why are you dressed like that?」

「Huh!? Ah, um, about this, ah, I…….」


 I stumble upon my words involuntarily.  I was not expecting Sensei to visit me, so I was still dressed up in my adventurer gear, ready to explore the dungeon in my basement.

 And no matter how anyone would look at it, its not something one would normally wear at home.




 Sensei’s eyes narrow, staring at me suspiciously.  She’s clearly skeptical towards me right now.  Racking my brains I finally make an excuse that seemed plausible, and began to say it out loud.


「Ahaha, well my parents are adventurers and they were going to take me with them someday, so I wanted to practice by wearing this, ahaha!」

「…..I see. Well, it is important to always be prepared」


 From a teacher point of view, my excuse wasn’t entirely convincing but she left things at that. Her expression then changed to one of concern. Was she worried about me when I mentioned about going on an adventure?

 If that was true, it made me feel a little happy.  In the past few days my relationship with Sensei had been a bit strained. And as far as I could tell, she seemed to be holding herself together quite decently.


「I guess we can talk about it. We can go over to the living room……」

「WHAT, No…… um, how about we go somewhere else? Yeah….. a different room is fine……」


 But Sensei cuts me off before I could speak any further, and makes an unwilling expression. Come to think of it, the living room was where Sensei and I both lost our virginity’s.

 I guess its to be expected, that Sensei would not want to talk about something important in the same place where “that something” happened.


「……. I understand. Would it be okay if we go to my room?」

「 Um, if it’s Saino’s room….. …….urgh, I guess, I guess it can’t be helped」


 Giving in to my proposal, Sensei must have deemed it better to go to my room, rather than be alone with me in the living room.  Hearing her response I guide her up the stairs of my house, as my room was on the second floor.  It wasn’t that big of a room but it was large enough for the two of us to talk things out.


I wonder what’s going to happen?….. Since its just the two of us, this may be a little mischievous but maybe I can use what’s left of “The Thirsty Essence” in this situation.


 Thinking of such ideas, making my way up the stairs I finally stand in front of my room. I only have one more chance to use “The Thirsty Essence”, but even if I could, should I really use it right here?

 I’ve already used these kinds of special items with Fuyushima-san and Harumachi-Sensei.  Not to mention, I already used “The Night Invitation Candle” that one time.

 But if I were to use these things haphazardly and infrequently, it would just make them suspicious of me.  More so, since Sensei came to my place to seriously talk to me about what happened,  it would be foolish of me to make her drink that.


「After you」



 Aside from thinking about all sorts of things, I opened my room’s door for Sensei, inviting her inside.  As Sensei sits down on a cushion on the floor, she looks around a little nervous.




 Looking all around my room restlessly, Sensei looks at the state of my personal space.  Watching her eyes wander, I felt a little embarrassed.

 I didn’t think my room was that dirty, but what about from a woman’s perspective?  If I were to bring a girl back to my room in the future, it would be a good thing to tidy things up and make it more pleasing to the eye.


「Let me bring you over some tea」

「……No, there’s no need for that. Besides, Saino why don’t you sit down too」



 Following Sensei’s instructions, I sit down across from her.  After correcting her posture, Sensei coughed to get my attention before speaking.


「Saino, regarding what happened the last time I was here…… First of all let me give you a true apology.  I’m so sorry for what I did」



 Harumachi-Sensei bowed deeply, her head almost reaching the floor.  She truly regretted her actions and apologized from the bottom of her heart.

 But the time we had sex, was due to an effect from a special item, and her heartfelt apology really made me feel uncomfortable about this situation.

 I didn’t want this, I’m the one who has to apologize.


「No Sensei, I’m the one who is sorry」

「……Why is Saino apologizing? I was the one who…..」

「No, at that time….. I also, embraced Sensei as well…..」

「Ah, that’s……well…. we both weren’t thinking straight」


 Recalling the time we had sex, Sensei’s face becomes flushed red as she scratched her cheek.  And at that time, we were certainly infatuated with each other.

 Not only was Sensei lusting after me, but I was lusting after her as well.  But if one didn’t know of “The Night Invitation Candles” existence, one would never realize that the carnal desires one held, were just a fabrication due to its effects.


「*Cough* *Cough*….. Well anyway…. about what will happen in the future……」


 Returning back to the main topic, Sensei coughs purposefully to get my attention.  Nodding that I was listening, Sensei began to explain the real reason why she came to my house.


「Because….. I’m a teacher and Saino is my student. I wanted to make sure, something like that never happens again, moving forward」

「That’s……. I guess you can put it like that」

「I want to emphasize the boundary between us, is crystal clear. And to ensure that we’ll never encounter an accident like that. I don’t want another time where I might lose myself and attack Saino again, so I think this is for the best…….」


 Sensei’s voice trembles near the end, fearing she may do something again in the future. Those loose emotions she held, that could rise up and burst at anytime, was something she took into account when coming here.

 It must have taken a lot of courage for her to come back here today to face me.  Rather than explain everything to me over the phone, she wanted to face me and apologize to me directly.

 Even though she acts like a Yankee, Harumachi-Sensei is a teacher through and through.


「I understand. Let’s do that」


 I readily agreed towards Sensei’s suggestion, but to be honest, recalling her pained appearance from that time she left my house from before, left a deep impression on me.

 Thinking about it now, it must have tormented her after committing such acts with me.  Even I’ve become conflicted with all of this 『I don’t mind using items to do lewd acts with women, but on the other hand I wouldn’t want them to be unhappy or experience any suffering because of it』

 I don’t even know if I’m trying to be cruel like the devil or kind like a saint.


「This should be enough……. I’ll be taking my leave from here. Thank you for this, Saino. I’ll see you again at school」

「Right, Sensei, thank you for taking the time to speak with me」


 I bow my head towards her, feeling forlorn.  After this, there won’t be another time where I’ll be in close contact with Harumachi-Sensei.  Because Sensei is aware of her role as a mentor, so she won’t do anything to damage my future, and she thought it best for us to keep our distance from each other.

 Even if I were to use “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” with her, it would lead her to feel more pain.  Without getting a hold of a more useful special item. It would be impossible to do lewd things with Sensei, without hurting her in the process.




 I sigh deeply to myself watching Sensei get up and watch as she leaves my room.  Sex with Harumachi-Sensei was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and the compatibility of our bodies were almost perfect.

 But I should put all that in the past now.  And chuck it all to one great memory to keep.

 I didn’t watch Sensei leave all the way, but I could hear her footsteps going down the stairs.  Once she’ll reach the last step, she would already be by the door and the sound of the door closing should happen soon.


「…….. I guess I should go ahead and dive directly into the dungeon」


 Standing up, I feel a sense of renewed strength.

 I did feel bad that I wouldn’t be able to do erotic things with Harumachi-Sensei, but I swept it over and thought I should get a new item to use on someone else.  In order to raise my (Love) Level, picking anyone should do.

 Stretching my body and taking a deep breath, to get my mind in the game and the mood right, I do some light warm-up exercises.  After finishing up my warm-up routine, I leave my room and head down the stairs with an improved cardiovascular response.

 …….. But the moment I reach the end of the stairs I notice something strange on the ground.


.……………Those are?


 Things didn’t feel right, as I began to think back.  Come to think of it, I didn’t hear the sound of Sensei opening and closing the front door.

 It wasn’t long before we parted ways, but shouldn’t she have left my house already?  I had a bad feeling and began to make my way towards the basement.

 And that was when――


「Hey Saino….. What the hell is this?……」

「………Aw crap」


 For some reason, Harumachi-Sensei who should have left my house, was now standing in front of the labyrinth’s stone corridor, facing me with questioning face. 

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi