S&D: 10 – Getting the Last Item on the 1st Floor

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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 Finally arriving home I sighed deeply.  My body was a little fatigued,my heart felt so tense from the situation. I had to force myself at some point to make it home. 


 The three of us left school in the rain.  I can’t say for certain if it was a success or a failure.  But I can definitely say that after using “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” it does affect the opposite sex, causing a sense of attraction and longing.

 The time I spent with Natsuno-san was just 15 minutes, while my time with Akitsu-san was just 10 minutes. I managed to deeply affect Natsuno-san leading her to have romantic thoughts for me.

 But with Akitsu-san I’m not so sure, or rather it obvious she’s become suspicious of me.  I didn’t see any sort of tangible feelings spring up from her towards me, at any point of the way.

 In the future I’m going to have to be more cautious around Akitsu-san.


Well, now that that’s over…….


 Getting out of my school uniform, I change into my expedition gear.  To get my mind off some things, why not continue exploring the dungeon.  If I can get another magic tool, maybe it would solve the issue I have with Akitsu-san.


「………*deep breath*…. All right」


 Making sure I had everything, I made my way towards my basement.  I didn’t carry over any of the damage I received yesterday, so right now I’m in perfect shape.

 I might be able to be fruitful in my search today.  Stepping in the dungeon I made my way to the 1st floor.


It doesn’t look like anything changed, or did it?


 As usual, I can feel the wind blowing in the passage from the entrance to the center.  The wall was lit with torches as they lined the stone corridor.


Today’s goal is to acquire that last item on this floor. And after I find it, maybe go down into the 2nd floor.


 I’ve already managed to explore a majority of the 1st floor from the days before.  Looking at the things I’ve collected and my current Level, I thought to myself its probably about time to go onto the next floor.

 According to that notebook, the Lv of enemies on the 2nd floor are around Lv 5-10.  Based on these past few experiences so far, I don’t think I could take on those creatures just yet.


 Gathering my thoughts and focusing on one thing, I slowly began to walk down the corridor.  And following yesterday’s route, I make a right turn, followed by a left, heading towards the place where I encountered the Hollow Tree.


Hey….. Is that a raccoon dog¹? That’s the first time I’ve seen one of those things.


 It’s been about 5 minutes since I started exploring the place. In the aisle before me, I found a creature about the size of a bear.

 It’s body was in good shape, while its color was quite dull & gray.  Why is it clawing the wall?….. Is it lamenting or something, could it be sad?

 Observing it closely with one eye, I saw the number 4 appear in my mind.




 Taking a deep breath I pull my knife from its sheath.  I silence my footsteps, so I can carefully sneak up behind it.




 Just when I came within range of the Raccoon Dog¹, I aimed directly for the back of its neck.  I could feel my weapon cutting through the creatures flesh.




 The raccoon dog¹ falls in slow motion, as no blood left its body. The damage I dealt to it was a critical hit.


「………*deep breath*…. All right」


 Confirming there was no response from its body, it suddenly burst into particles of light.  At least for now, I could see that I can take on this lamenting Lv 4 Raccoon Dog¹.  I’ve been able to take on all kinds of enemies on this floor, and I’ve defeated them all.


If I can find the last remaining item, I should be able to move onto the next floor…..


 Placing my knife back into its sheath and returning it to my side, I resume the dungeon exploration.  Just need to find the last room, open the last treasure chest and pick up that last item.

 The completion of the 1st floor of this dungeon is going pretty good.  But, I shouldn’t let it get to my head, shouldn’t drop my guard while exploring this labyrinth.  After about 20 minutes of exploring, I found one of the objectives of my search.


These are stairs…..


 This would have been my final destination after following a lot of twists and turns. Staring at the entrance which lead to an area down below.  I looked back towards the map I created on my smartphone, I seem to right in the middle of the 1st floor.

 If I plotted a straight line exactly from the entrance the distance would be roughly 200 meters.


This is definitely the staircase leading into the 2nd floor. It literally is in the middle of the 1st floor……or maybe mot exactly in the middle.


 Looking at the end of the staircase, various thoughts run through my head.  Although this place seems to be created a certain way, It’s no lie that this passage is in the center.

 Would everything beyond the 2nd floor be like this, with the staircase being in its center?  If that’s true, then exploring the next floor would be so much easier.


.…..For the time being, let’s not explore what’s below.


 Turning away from the 2nd floor’s entrance, I face back towards the 1st floor.  Before going down, as a priority, I wanted to get the last item on the 1st floor.  Since I’m right by the 2nd Floor’s entrance, I could always just find the 1st Floor’s last item and if need be dive straight into the 2nd Floor to escape.

 I’ll just search for the last item and explore the rest of what’s on the 1st Floor.  And I’ve already mapped out most of the 1st Floor anyway.

 It seems the only spot I haven’t explored was the center left side, according to my map.  So there s a high chance the treasure chest would be there.




 Moving silently through the dungeon, I move with caution.

 And after a few minutes of walking――



Hey it’s the last small room…..


 Just like before I come across an unreasonably large entrance, from the passage I was exploring.  It matches the two other small rooms that, I’ve entered before.

 I couldn’t hold back the excitement that ran through me.  By all accounts and what I’ve experienced so far, there is definitely a treasure chest in there.


.………..!! And just as I had assumed….! There’s a lamenting Raccoon Dog¹ right there!!……..


 The center of the room held a treasure chest.  And right next to it was another creature that I’ve come across before.  From this I can hazard, that with every treasure chest there will always be a monster within the small room. And if you want to grab what’s inside, just be ready to face something else.

 Pulling out my knife from its sheath, I close one eye.  Observing the Raccoon Dog¹ in the small room…….It’s Lv was 3.  I just fought a Level 4 Raccoon Dog¹ not long ago, in a single blow at that, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

 Making my way into the small room, and appearing directly in front of this mourning Raccoon Dog¹.  It was impossible to sneak behind it, as it was always focused in my direction from the start.




 Noticing me the moment I entered, It raises a battle-cry to intimidate me.  It didn’t seem to watch the entrance but, turned my way the moment I stepped foot in the room.


I should move quickly and strike for its head. With no room for hesitation, I move forward, but if there’s a chance that I may get hurt, I will retreat right away….


 Focusing on how I’ll make my attack, I try to put it into action.  My whole being was considerably calm, probably due to the combat experience I’ve gained thus far. It may have also been a reaction to my enemy’s weak response.




 Dashing toward it in no time.  The Sorrowful Raccoon Dog¹, raises one of its arms in response to my attack.

 But, what happened next exceeded my expectations. While it tried to intercept my knife, it was unable to prevent it from sinking deep into it’s skull.





 There was a definite moment of contact. As my knife ran through the bottom of its snout through its chin and towards the center of its head. I could feel some resistance, as I struck bone as well.

 The Lamenting Raccoon Dog¹, grabs at the base of the wound with both hands.  Twisting my knife I pull downward, as my enemy moves back in agony.




 The Raccoon Dog¹ mires in its misery, groaning before it bursts into particles of light.  Verifying that it was gone, I placed my knife back into its sheath.  It was a complete victory.


If that’s what it takes, then the first strike in combat is the most effective…...


 Reflecting on the battle not long ago, I came to the conclusion that critical attacks make a difference.  I’m not sure how effective it will be on enemies o the 2nd Floor, but at least for now, a quick attack on the enemy is really effective.

 Attacking a monster first is almost a surefire win, and even if they respond back, you can also counter them.  It was only when i fought the Blue Rose bush, where I had trouble.


I wonder what might happen on the 2nd Floor. Hopefully I won’t have to come across a troublesome opponent.


 I move towards the treasure chest with a little apprehension.  Now that the battles over, let’s check what’s inside.  Slowly opening the lid of the chest, my heart races with high hopes at what could be inside.

 And what was inside was――


A bottle with some kind of liquid?….. What is this….instructions?…


 Inside the chest lay a transparent bottle along with a piece of paper similar to the other treasure chests. The bottle itself was about the size of nutritional energy shot, with a colorless liquid swishing about.

 I wonder if this is like a medicine potion or something. Picking up the note that was inside, I read the description to myself.

A Thirsty Essence

When a woman drinks up to 10mL of this essence, they will have an irresistible urge to drink a man’s semen. For the desire to subside, it requires a man’s full ejaculatory load.

Bottle Contains: 30mL

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi

  1. “Tanuki” – Japanese Raccoon Dog
    (Narko: I would have loved to use trash panda, but that wouldn’t technically have fit this type of story, but that’s my humor)
  2. “Thirsty” – If ya’ll don’t know a thirsty girl. Imma just say, to put it lightly that she’ll do risque acts for her own desires. *Cough* Nishikinomiya Anna.