Happy Thanksgiving!! (RL1.8)

Hope that you all can reach the dreams you desire!


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It’s Turkey day, or rather a time to just relax, spend time with family, friends & even strangers, it kind of depends on your outlook on life.

So let me start of with
“I am THANKFUL” to have an audience on my website.
I am thankful to be alive and that I have a job to pay my bills.
I am thankful to have family & friends that support me.
I am thankful to be here, in this Era of Innovation.

Truthfully, I’m thankful for many things, and I feel I could write about my gratitude towards many things. But mostly I’m just happy that I can live each day looking, searching for something meaningful and even sometimes working, building & creating something meaningful.

In other words, I’m happy that the projects I get to translate, is worth something to other people. Even if it is just to a single person.

Whether you celebrate the Holiday of Thanksgiving or not, I do wholeheartedly wish the best for people, and hope that you all can reach the dreams you desire! Cheers!

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