Vol 3 Chapter 16

Having lost all confidence in others due to the terribly harsh betrayal of her closest aide, Feene’s heart froze numbing her mind and soul, but Kazuya’s gentle embrace was like a luscious poison, pervading her entire being.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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So, you came out?

Decorated in armour the man floats a grin belligerently, sneering as he observed Kazuya, snobbishly throwing a question after waiting for him to appear.

「Well now… … … I came out, just like you wanted, but who are you?」

Directly walking up to a distance of 5 meters away from the man in front of him, Kazuya stays vigilant, preparing to take action should anything happen.

Now now, what’s the rush for? Even if you get all flustered, I would still introduce myself. I am the one called Adel Saxony. I came to this world as the Hero who will defeat the Evil Demon King

With a boastful expression Adel declares his introduction towards Kazuya.

A Hero who arrived in this world……

Ah, so it was this guy who viciously beat Amira. I thought the Imperial Army withdrew from the Monster Kingdom, because they were no longer around…..

Did they hide here all along?

Even so….. for this guys to be such a……

「What!? My mother’s not evil!! Fuck off!!」

Towards Adel’s introduction Feene shouts back trembling with fury as Kazuya ponders Adel’s words.

……Whose bastard child is this? Ugh, such a vulgar appearance――…..hmm? Mother? …..Oh that means… could you be the daughter of that bastard Demon King?

Even though she had been right next to Kazuya this whole time, Adel finally became aware of Feene’s existence, but he was repulsed by her lewd appearance (Because of her height, Feene’s underwear could be seen at a glance, as her China dress was in tatters it revealed her skin in various areas).

In order to confirm Feene’s identity, Adel questions the man standing behind him.

「You are correct, Adel.  That ‘woman’ is the Demon King’s daughter, Feene Rosinger」


Behind Adel, Feene was at a loss for words at the sight of a familiar figure, forgetting the insults about her mother her anger subsided.

「………………Ne-Nelson? Why … … are you … … over there?」

Appearing from behind Adel, was Nelson who had been Feene’s close confidante.


By appearances alone Adel held feminine looking features, but in contrast, his looks were far outstripped by another individual. As if jumping straight out of a painting, a handsome smiling man appeared, but his beauty was due to his races ethnic traits. Recognizing who it was, Feene questions Nelson’s abrupt appearance.

Who is that? An acquaintance?…… 

The situation has become much more complicated.

While observing the situational exchange between Feene and Nelson, Kazuya’s troubles began to increase, as he inwardly sighed deeply to himself.

「… …Why… … Why Nelson? Why are you there … … … … have you betrayed us?」

Denying the unbelievable reality before her, Feene didn’t want to acknowledge it and questions Nelson for a second time.

「Yes, that is right.」

「You!! Why… … … you’re next in line to become the Elves Patriarch!! What are you doing in this situation!? 」

Contrary to Feene’s hopes, Nelson admits to his betrayal and begins to confront Feene with further facts.

「Why you ask? The answer is fairly simple. It isn’t an exaggeration to call me the personification of beauty, if I were to die the world would suffer an enormous loss. For that reason, I decided to leave the Monster kingdom and join the Magical Empire so I wouldn’t have an early death」



Nelson’s reason for betraying them was outside everyone’s expectations ――Everyone froze dumbly from his narcissistic remarks.

「We elves may look like humans just by appearances alone, but our long pointed ears are just too perfect. It wasn’t that difficult for me to change sides.」


Unable to comprehend Nelson’s reason for turning traitor, Feene solidified like a stone statue.

「In order to prove my allegiance to the Empire I needed to gain achievements before changing sides… … And because of you, you helped us out the most Feene」

「…..What does that … …even?」

「Ah~ it’s your bracelet. Didn’t you tell me you would be beside that man, Nagato? It was at that moment, I was suddenly struck with inspiration, so I gave you ‘that’ bracelet. You were so helpful~」

Nelson gleefully confessed the harsh truth to Feene.

「As a matter of fact, that bracelet has magic that let’s us know about the whereabouts of the person whose wearing it. Giving it to you, who was supposed to be by Nagato’s side, we would inevitably know about Nagato’s whereabouts as well.  So our successful ambush could not come about if not for you. Oh and by the way, that bracelet also has a slight special odor which attracts demons」

「This whole time!? It was this thing!!」

As soon as the Nelson revealed the truth, Feene removed the bracelet she had been accustomed to wearing and threw it towards the ground.

「… … I… … I… … was used… … it was all my fault… … because of that manservant!!」

Realizing the truth before her, Feene’s face was filled with regret as she clenched her fists with all her might.

Greatly squeezing her fists, blood began to ooze out from her hands as her fingernails dug into her flesh.

Observing Feene, Nelson adds insult to injury, grumbling in whiny voice.

「O~oh, what terrible strength. I didn’t think I would be able to injure you with criticism alone.  Well then, won’t you become my prisoner so I can “enjoy” myself? 」

Devastated from the realization that Nelson only saw her as an enemy, Feene breaks down and falls to the ground by his recent remark. Trembling grandly, Feene eye’s water, as tears began to fall.

Is that how it is?

Well, it all makes sense now.

The whole reason for the ambush, why the demons were always targeting Feene and all those other incidents.

Realizing Feene’s inability to say something and deny those thoughts, one person decides to kill such line of thinking. Gently embracing the teary-eyed Feene, Kazuya pulls her close, comforting her for the incomprehensible events that occurred thus far.

Choked with tears Feene cries on Kazuya’s chest, appearing as if they were about to commit a lover’s suicide.

Having lost all confidence in others due to the terribly harsh betrayal of her closest aide, Feene’s heart froze numbing her mind and soul, but Kazuya’s gentle embrace was like a luscious poison, pervading her entire being.

Having been treated on the verge of death, the residual effects of Kazuya’s perfect healing ability began to respond towards Feene’s emotions, reacting towards her extreme feelings, eroding the negativity surrounding her mind, body and soul.

As a result of complex interworking elements, Feene’s heart was filled to the brim with feelings for Kazuya, intertwining and interfering with her soul, these deep found emotions were sublimated to a level that could not be labelled as a fanatical madness. It was to a point one would find it difficult to recover their sanity from.

… …A~ah… it’s warm again… I… even if it’s… this warmth…. even if it’s just this, I want to be by Kazuya’s side.

From that moment and thereafter Feene’s mind, heart and soul would become enthralled entirely with Kazuya. But for now, it would take some time for the person in question to realize this herself.

「Be that as it may, this is outrageous. To throw away my gift, from someone so beautiful――」

「Shut up asshole! Nobody wants to listen to a narcissist」

Kazuya cuts Nelson off in the middle of his speech.

「… …. Narcissist?」

Nelson was confused by the word, because it never existed in this world.

「There are a couple of things I want to ask. What is your guys purpose … … and Adel was it, do you know anything about Earth?」

Ignoring Nelson’s question, Kazuya address Adel.

Our purpose? Don’t even bother asking something so obvious. I wonder, “our purpose” is most likely your life, but this Earth? I do not know anything, besides what I’ve heard. Renya and Ota….. I’m quite sure Shoichi definitely said they came from Earth

Nelson’s frowned from being ignored, but to advance the conversation Adel answered Kazuya, secretly repulsed by Feene and his embrace.

So as it turns out, there are three Otherworlders that belong to the Empire.

Then this means… … … our worst predictions have turned out to be true.

This guy could just be delusional, he shouldn’t be a “true” hero at all.

Due to Adel’s loose lips, Kazuya confirmed at least three Otherworlders belonging to the Empire (Renya, Adel and Shoichi). As Adel was an Otherworlder not from Earth but from another parallel universe. A bead of sweat trickled from Kazuya’s forehead unable to confirm whether or not Adel was a true hero.


Alright then, let’s talk about something else that should be good. My ‘true goal’ that I’m here to accomplish

Kazuya became hesitant from Adel’s unexpected, lengthy explanation.

「Your ‘true goal’?」

Oh, well you see. It’s the whole reason, why, I came all the way here

No, isn’t it because you came to kill me, isn’t that the point? That’s what you just said. The whole point for the elves to be welcomed by the Empire was because you were aiming for my life.

Listening to Adel’s words, Kazuya entertained various thoughts. It was at this time.


Chills suddenly ran down Kazuya’s back

What’s that?

Confirming the reason for his chills, Kazuya eyes jumped as he stared at Adel’s neutral features, warping with hatred, his eyes glaring as if to shoot him dead.

Our goal is to kill you, but I want a duel … … with these very hands, I want to avenge Celicia!!

… … … …Huh? Celicia?

Kazuya momentarily became confused after hearing Adel shout a familiar name.

During Kazuya’s moment of confusion ―― Adel held the handle of his longsword, pulling his Holy sword from its sheath. Adel’s drawn sword immediately increased the tensions in the surrounding space.

So fight meeeeeeeeーー!! NAGATO KAZUYAAA!!

Releasing an absurd amount of fighting spirit, Adel howled loudly like a beast.

「… … Hold on! Wait a minute!! Celicia is still――」

Now, answer me quickly!! Are you going to fight me or not!?

Unable to recognize Kazuya’s plea, Adel’s mind was full of revenge, increasingly captivated by bloody thoughts, he drowns out Kazuya’s voice.

「Wait!! Let’s talk about――」

Shut up!! If you don’t want to fight with me, then I will make you fight!!  Nelson, bring out those three people!!


Adel’s desire for revenge was already at a tipping point, already on the verge of boiling over. Forcing Kazuya to lose his composure, Adel decides to use his trump card, in order to make Kazuya fight.

This bastard, just listen to me!!

Kazuya was caught in the middle listening to Adel’s one-sided rant.

「Um, wait Celicia is――」

While trying to maintain his composure, a vein bulges from Kazuya’s forehead as he tries to reason with Adel.

Wha!? This is a lie… it can’t be…. Why?… … Why are you here!?

Having disappeared from Adel’s side and moving towards the Army behind them, Nelson returns, this time dragging three individuals, causing Kazuya to instantly freeze.

「Reina!! Raina!! Elle!!」

Bound with rope the three girls exhausted appearances caused Kazuya’s heart to tremble as he shouted out to them in grief.

It looks like they were your subordinates after all. I thought so, no adventurer would aimlessly wander these woods, much less wearing French maid clothes

Thinking it was a wise decision to seize them. Adel speaks as though it was insignificant.

「YOU!! What did you do to those three!?」

In contrast to Adel’s words Kazuya’s rage grew to several varying degrees.

「What did ‘WE’ do? It was all their fault!! These people suddenly attacked us and half of my men died as a result!!」

Nelson interjected after Kazuya’s furious inquiry.


Hearing that his maids had caused a severe blow to the enemy in a place unbeknownst to him, Kazuya momentarily forgets his rage as his expression becomes blank.

Even if Adel wanted to take my life, he must have had a difficult time trying to capture them alive.

Listening to Nelson’s rant, Kazuya once again looked toward the three girls who were bound with rope, not moving almost as if they were asleep by some kind of magic.

A short distance away from the three girls, Adel composes himself before bluntly speaking to Kazuya.

So, what will you do now? Up until now I’ve been negotiating to have a one-on-one duel with you, but you still refuse to fight with me. So maybe I should turn these three into my soldiers playthings, what do you think?

Thinking of forcing Kazuya into a disadvantage Adel declared his intentions, sparking Kazuya’s rage.

―― Buchi Buchi Buchin (Mental snapping sound)

… …What’s that…. you want to turn my girls into your soldiers… …toys?

…I’ll murder every one of you!!

It was on that occasion everyone heard the snap of thick taut chord.

「… … Feene, go towards Misha」


Feene who had been an emotional wreck until that moment, instinctively reacts to Kazuya voice, spontaneously looking up at Kazuya’s face.

「The circumstances have changed…. …. I wanted to buy us some time… … But now I’m going to kill them and rescue those three」

「I, I understand」

Ever since she was with Kazuya this would be a first, Feene nods her head up and down hypnotized by Kazuya’s furiously demonic expression.

… …. He looks so good.

If this had been the former Feene she would have only felt extreme dread towards the current Kazuya, but now she was thoroughly fascinated by Kazuya’s demeanor ――Feene’s thoughts bordered a lover’s delirium as she stared at Kazuya’s face.

Are you ready to kill them?

At this time since Kazuya was unable to use his left arm, Feene held out her sword by the edge of its scabbard, allowing Kazuya to draw it from its sheath.

It looks like you’re motivated now, Nelson stay down


Kazuya steadies his sword keeping his eyes focused as Adel floats a smile, Nelson falls back uttering a small noise as he cowers.

This is payback for taking Celicia’s life!!

「You bastards!! Return those three back to me!!」

Like setting a cannon’s barrel a lite, the two simultaneously engage in mortal combat, roaring towards each other.


AHAHAHA!! What’s wrong!? Your movements are so slow!!


Right after their duel began, the balance of Kazuya and Adel’s fight started to become one-sided.

Damn it, I let my rage consume me… … this guy is strong!!

At any rate, I can’t use my left arm and anymore wounds to my side will become more dangerous!!

This isn’t at a level I would call a handicap!

Trying to avoid injury by a hair’s breadth Kazuya dodges frantically as Adel teases him with slashing attacks.

However as time goes on, Kazuya’s movement loses its brilliance and wounds gradually increase all around his body.

This man, is unexpectedly persistent.

What’s more… … the area where the holy sword touches, if there’s magic strengthening it should have been negated.

… … is he a monster?

Personally Adel was astonished by Kazuya’s unexpected tenacity when avoiding his strikes (Even though he should’ve been serious, Adel kept playing around).

I would have like to have fought him, when he was in peak condition.

Carving wound after wound into Kazuya’s body in an attempt to humiliate him. Adel was aware that Kazuya wasn’t able to use his left arm, but he didn’t know about his opponents severe injury prior to their battle. But slowly Adel began to hold a sense of respect toward Kazuya as he relentlessly fought with his tattered body to rescue the three people in his captivity.


「It’s warm!? Ah Fuck!!」

Managing to parry Adel’s sharp sword strikes Kazuya distances himself before finally taking a knee.

Hey, what’s wrong? Aren’t you trying to rescue your three subordinates?

Deeply exhaling Ha~a… …. Damn!」

If this keeps on going…. this is going to really… turn out bad.

Adel tries to provoke Kazuya, showing off a ferocious smile, while hiding various swirling thoughts, contemplating cleverly like a carnivorous beast.

Having more than enough energy to spare Adel exudes his confidence. Unable to retort back Kazuya stands tall with all his strength, though his body was in tatters, in opposition towards Adel’s fierce gaze.

It was at this time. A gunshot reverberated unexpectedly from Kazuya’s back, and subsequently another shot rang out as well. But instead of shouts to support him, Misha and Feene screamed in panic.

「K, Kazuya!!」

「Kazuya!! This is bad!!」

「Shit, a nuisance has arrived」

After seeing Adel withdraw his sword stance, Kazuya turned his head to look back.

While carrying Misha on her back, Feene runs as countless demonic insects chase them from behind.

…….. this is just the worst.

Bah, playtime’s over.  … … Ah I guess its fine. I’ve lost interest in ridiculing you any further, I’ll just watch the demons devour you along with your subordinates, so you can all die together. Nelson!! Return those three people!!

「Yes, understood」

Having lost the desire to continue battling Kazuya, Adel decides to let the incoming demons clean things up, picturing Kazuya desperately pushing himself to save and protect everyone else around him.

Amazed by the incoming rush of demons, Adel pauses before ordering Nelson to release the three captured girls back to Kazuya. Retiring his Holy sword back to its sheath Adel gallantly turns heel and moves back towards his allies.

Let’s watch…. …. the latest attraction

Having returned to his allies protection Adel observes Kazuya disinterestedly,  watching their fates with a mix of fascination and doubt.

「Reina, Raina, Elle!! Come on, wake up!  」

Magically floating in the air moving towards him, Kazuya embraces the three girls calling out to them, before breaking away to cut the ropes tied around them.

「……Nnnn, Mast…er?」

「….ugh… Master?」

「Mas… …ter?」

「What a relief… ….sighs

Not having received any grievous wounds or trauma the girls’ eyelids stirred, disregarding the intense pain that assaulted his battered body Kazuya tightly hugged the three, reminiscing as a flood of emotions overcame him.

「Mr. President!! Just now ther――!!」

「Kazuya~!! The demons are only a short distance away!!」

With the Imperial Army at their front and the Demonic beings at their back, regardless of their circumstances Kazuya tightly embraces the three maids as Feene and Misha try to rush him to do something.

「I’m here… … … … don’t worry it’s alright now」

「… …. Kazuya?」

「Kazuya what do you… …?」

Confused by Kazuya’s words, from behind the two girls a strange phenomenon began to occur with the approaching monsters.


That’s!? The demons……why did they stop!?

「Huh, why are they―!? Why aren’t they moving!?」

Feene and Misha could not hide their astonishment as the demonic beings displayed inexplicable behavior, much less Adel and his men the Imperial Army soldiers, even the elves following Nelson couldn’t hide their shock.

Inexplicably the demons that had been at the forefront preparing to devour their prey, abruptly stopped and in unison looked up towards the sky, concentrating and focusing their gazes at a single point.

Naturally residing in the valley of the Cöln hills, these creatures followed the law of the jungle also called the survival of the fittest. As the demonic insects stood still with their prey right before their very eyes, their extreme behavior was actually a reactive response towards a grand existence gradually drawing closer.

Confused by the chaos Feene, Misha & Adel couldn’t grasp the reason why the demons suddenly came to a halt, but it was a few seconds after Kazuya reassured his group, there came a sound. From a distance a very low deep whine could barely be heard.

As the low resonating sound grew louder the demonic creatures became frightened and gradually started to recede, and eventually like an avalanche they fled in a hurry.


The demons are……

「They’re running……away?」

With an expressionless face they watched as the demons who were once the predators, escaped at a high speed.

Hahahaha, the demons are running away!! Ahahahaha!! I must be a very lucky guy, there’s no mistaking it, God wants me to settle things with you!

Unable to comprehend why the demons ran away, Adel took it as a sign from God, wishing for him to end Kazuya’s life.

「Wrong, it’s already impossible to kill me here」

Kazuya declared as he stared back at Adel once more.


「You better start worrying more about yourself than about me」

Really now, who are you trying to threaten? There’s nothing that I’m afraid o――

In the middle of Adel’s retort, the humongous shadow of a C-17 Globemaster III passed over the rift of the valley appearing and disappearing quickly. In its passing ‘they’ descended in between the two, obscuring Kazuya from Adel’s vision.


The muddy water which collected at the ravines floor shot up vertically as the the sound of impact reverberated through the air.

「The tables have turned. We have already won」

Kazuya’s whole face smiled in elation as he expressed his thoughts. Drawn by gravity, the surrounding muddy water fell back to the surface ―― the figures of two women were revealed.

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