Vol 3 Chapter 15

Waiting for Kazuya’s group to reach the center of the open space, the demonic creatures which have been mimicking their surrounding begin to appear. Insect-type demons of various sizes herd themselves around their prey ready to feast. Surrounding Kazuya’s group, large tailless whip scorpions and sun spiders move crawling along the walls and the valleys floor.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Having left the crash site Kazuya tours the valleys floor searching for a way to reach the surface.

…….It’s too quiet.

We’ve been walking for almost fifteen minutes already.

The valleys’ walls were steep, scraggy and slushy like a mire, having no other choice but to traverse the bottom Kazuya keeps searching while paying attention to their surroundings.

『…….Feene, are there really a large amount of demonic monsters around here? 』

「Ermmm Yes? Well that’s what I’ve heard…..」

Although they’ve been walking for a while, not one monster showed up.

Anxiety begins to fill Kazuya, contrary towards what he’d like to feel.

Making their way to the valleys expansive bottom, they arrived at a circular open space, but as soon as Kazuya’s group made it toward the center, the air in their surroundings changed.

『Feene, Stop! 』

「…..You don’t have to shout, I already know」

……Damn, here they come!

Waiting for Kazuya’s group to reach the center of the open space, the demonic creatures which have been mimicking their surrounding begin to appear. Insect-type demons of various sizes herd themselves around their prey ready to feast. Surrounding Kazuya’s group, large tailless whip scorpions and sun spiders move crawling along the walls and the valleys floor.

Additionally large worms began to come through the slushy mud walls, their mouths wide with an innumerable amount of sharp jagged teeth, inching their way towards Kazuya’s group.

With a horde of demonic insects surrounding them Kazuya’s group was driven into a desperate situation.

『…….a lot of disgusting things seem to have come out 』


Eww! K~azuyA!…. This is bad…..

Kazuya, Feene and Misha each had a different response towards the gruesome appearance of Monstrous bugs.

With so much here, this is going to get even more dangerous.

Realizing that their path to retreat was lost as the horde of bugs surrounded them, Kazuya positions himself back to back with Feene, while Feene carried Misha in order to cover their blind spots.

「………..Ah! ……..Ack!!」

『Feene? Hey what’s wrong? 』

Kazuya calls out to Feene turning towards her, while keeping watch for the horde of creatures surrounding them.


『What’s the matter? …..Hey Feene! You ――』

Towards Feene’s inaudible reply, Kazuya instinctively glanced up and down at her, Feene trembled, her complexion was pale, almost as if she was ready to collapse at any moment.

「……I can’t deal with bugs….. 」

Feene’s reply waned as her voice grew softer until it could no longer be heard.

『―― I see……. 』

um… Kazuya….. Actually I don’t…. as well….

While Kazuya tried to reassure Feene who had a visceral disgust towards bugs, Misha also jumped on the bandwagon expressing her aversion.

Even Misha said she can’t….

『you too…. 』

……Is there nothing we can do?

As his two companions were threatened by the demonic monsters in more ways than one, Kazuya came up with a plan.

『It can’t be helped, we’ll return back to the crash site so we’ll have to break through, I’ll cover you, so Feene I need you to run. Misha put away your MP7 don’t fire it yet』

「I…. I understand」


After confirming the responses of his two companions, Kazuya loads the M320 grenade launcher with a high explosive round, aiming towards the monster blocking their travel path and firing.

At the same time as he fired the high explosive round, Kazuya shouted towards his companions as the monster standing in their way explodes before them.

『Alright, GOOOOOooooーー!! 』

At Kazuya’s signal all three people began to dash away. But as soon as the monstrous arachnids watch their prey start to get away, they began to attack Kazuya’s group in unison.

『Feene!! No matter what happens, don’t stop!! 』

「I know!!」

Feene single-mindedly runs following Kazuya’s instructions only looking at the path before her.

「Please don’t come any closer awuuーー!!」

As Feene carried Misha on her back, Misha charges her MP7 firing at any approaching monster earnestly wishing that they die.

There!! Come on, die already!!

What’s going on? The monsters are only aiming for those two.

While covering for the two girls as they make a break for it, Kazuya continually fires all kinds of ammunition, high explosives rounds, aerial dispersion rounds, his multipurpose grenades, buckshot, indiscriminately loading every round and ceaselessly firing at the tenacious monsters coming towards his two companions.

Eliminating the attacking monsters Kazuya keeps running alongside them towards the exit.

Ha~a, Ha~a…… just a little more!! Almost there!!

While under Kazuya’s protection Feene & Misha break through the bugs encirclement, but just as they were close to their exit a giant demonic whip scorpion jumps out in front.


Go away!! Cries in dismay

Feene unintentionally stops running as the demonic bug eerily bares its mandibles snapping them and menacingly waving its claws right before her eyes.

Being carried by Feene, Misha’s response was delayed, having run out of bullets for her MP7 she began pulling out her Five-Seven and a spare magazine from her bosom.


「Ah….. ah…….」

The monstrous demonic bug stretches out it’s sickle like arms, ready to devour the stiffened two as its mouth opens wide.

『I told you don’t stop!! 』

――Zashu! Slashing sound

And towards the bugs looming from their rear, Kazuya fired off flares, tear gas, smoke grenades from his grenade launcher, as the harassing monsters had sensed the two girls fear.

With his grenade launcher in one hand Kazuya unsheathes his saber with his other, running from behind his stiffened companions he uses a nearby rock as a springboard, launching himself at the monster aiming between the gaps of its hard shell, he thrusts his military saber.


『Now!! Go!! 』

Kazuya desperately holds on to his military saber, as the pierced monster rampages wildly like a runaway horse crying out in pain.

「Eii!! Soorry~!! 」

At Kazuya’s urgence Feene dashes towards the exit bypassing the rampaging monster

「Kazuya!! I’m out!!」

『Alright, got it!!』

Hearing Feene’s shout, Kazuya jumps off the raging demonic bug, running towards where the two exited, he loads his grenade launcher with a high explosive round, firing it at the rock wall of that open spaces entrance.

Collapsing from the grenades explosive impact, the rock wall crushes the oncoming demons sealing the entrance to the demons nest at the same time.

『Is it over!? …. …. ….. This can only buy us some time. Come on, hurry up』

「Yeah, let’s go」

Successfully preventing the demonic bugs from escaping and surviving from their current crisis, resuming their movement Kazuya doesn’t take time to rest as he whips his fatigued body onward.


『Phew…… Let’s rest for little bit』


After escaping from the encirclement of insect monsters at the valleys open space, Kazuya’s group had been repeatedly attacked over and over again.

Suggesting to Feene that they rest, Kazuya realized that they were physically fatigued, their weapons were worn down and their equipment had been damaged.

……Erm I’m so sorry. You’ve been carrying me all this time.

Feene lowered Misha off her back with her shoulders, as Misha kept apologizing to her.

「You don’t have to worry about that. You’re actually pretty light」

Towards Misha’s plea, Feene returned a smile, her energetic appearance was due to her racial traits.

As one would expect from an ogre. The ogre race excels in physical strength and stamina it’s no wonder why she’s still looks energetic.

Taking a sidelong glance at the inexhaustible Feene, Kazuya secretly puts his hand towards his side.

……Shit, did it open up after all?

Touching his side Kazuya felt a memorable sensation.

His wound which was healed by Celicia’s magical potion had opened up again while he was saving Feene & Misha against the demonic insect monsters.

This really sucks.

Kazuya thought to himself, after watching his blood gradually seep into his clothes little by little.

We’re running low on ammo…..

And all we have left is Feene’s longsword, a survival knife and two combat knives.

As for our guns, Misha’s Five-Seven only has 3 rounds left while my Browning only has 10 rounds, I hope this will be enough, until Chitose can find us soon.

With their weapons in short supply and Kazuya’s wound gradually becoming sore provoking his concentration, one other person was worried.

「Huh!? Something’s coming!!」

Fearing more trouble will be arriving, Kazyua props himself up next to Misha while Feene immediately stands up to get a better look.

『What’s that!? 』

Alarmed by Feene’s information, Kazuya hurriedly looks where Feene first spotted something.

「That’s!? Kazuya, we’re saved!! Help has arrived!!」

Feene shouts with jubilation catching sight of several Elves with bows coming towards them from a corner of the valley.

Really!? That’s great….

Towards Feene’s announcement Misha exclaims her feelings with relief.


Feene was excited over the approaching elves, but Kazuya’s expression suddenly turned cloudy.


It’s been over half a day since we’ve crashed in this region, Chitose hasn’t found us yet, how were they able to find us before her?

「What’s wrong? Kazuya, why do you look so serious? Helps arrived!」

As Feene stood up waving her arms towards the elves, Kazuya was deep in thought.

It’s as if they came here “already knowing about our location”…..

――that’s!? Ah Fuck!!

― ―KIRI KIRI KIRI Sound of bowstring being pulled

Noticing several elves pointing their bows towards Feene who turned her back to look at Kazuya, he rushes towards her without thinking.

The moment Feene turned her back at the elves, several arrows had been released arcing towards her.

Come on, make it in time!!

「Kyaaa!? Ugh!! Why did you do that KAZU…….ya?」

Feene fell flat on her butt striking a hard rock, right when Kazuya had rushed and pushed her away.

Outraged by Kazuya’s sudden reckless action, Feene rubbed her bottom while raising her voice in protest, only to catch her breath

『Ughh~…..I knew it…. shit!!』

Blood dripped off the metal tips, travelling along the shafts of the two arrows that pierced Kazuya’s left arm from the time he pushed Feene away.

KAZUYA!? For that ―― ……I…..I’m going to kill those fucking bastards!!

Watching Kazuya become injured by the elves arrows, Misha rages as her face boiled red, standing up from behind the rock, pulling the trigger of her Five-Seven she fires three rounds at the elves.

『Haah~ Fuck this hurts…..!! 』

As Misha attacked the elves, Kazuya retreated behind shadow of a large boulder desperately enduring the intense pain running along his left arm.

「Why……why us……?」

Kazuya!! Ah, those….

Gathering behind the boulder, Feene was confused by the action of the elves who were supposed to be their allies, while Misha had fired all of the remaining bullets from her Five-Seven, Kazuya endured the pain in his left arm as he snapped the arrows shafts.

「……….Why? …….Why are they attacking us?」

Sigh.…..Looks like we’ve been betrayed, ugghh…… Mischa can you be a bit more gentle when you pull』

I, I’m so sorry Mr. President

Like a broken record Feene repeats ‘why’ over and over again, lost in shock, while Kazuya cautions Misha not to be reckless as she provides him emergency treatment.

『Rrrgh, A~ah….. this has turned out pretty bad. Oh and Feene, take a look over there』

Misha finishes providing emergency treatment after pulling out the arrows which pierced through Kazuya’s arm, meanwhile Kazuya peeks out from behind the rocks shadow as Feene raises her voice.

「…………..That’s!? Why…..Why is it like this!? Why are the Elves and Imperial Army together!?」

Staggering to stand Feene peeks out from a gap after hearing Kazuya’s words, an incredible amount of Imperial troops appear from the valleys corners, together they were guided by the Elves, approaching their location.

There’s about two hundred of them.

They’re formations split about half are mages and the other are musketeers.

Included in their formation are ten Magical machines without wings and hundreds of automata.

Blanketing the entire length of the narrow valley floor the enemy advanced.

「Have the Elves and the Empire joined hands……?」

『Well, we won’t know until we ask the enemy……Huh? Why did they stop? 』

Observing the enemy’s movement Kazuya replies back to the staggering Feene, while she laments aloud.

「Nagato Kazuya!! We know you’re there, come out right now!!」

Adorned with silver battle armor, carrying a simple longsword in hand, a young man with neutral looking features and a pompous face walked ahead of the halted army, shouting out Kazuya’s name.

To be directly called upon by the enemy…….

『……..Being called out like this by the enemy. I guess I have to go for little bit』

Kazuya shook, disturbed as the enemy had called him out by name.

Don’t do it!! Mr. President, please!!

Grasping Kazuya’s arm, Misha holds on, not willing to let go.

『Even if its a bad idea, if we stay hidden they’ll only attack us en masse. See. 』

Just as Kazuya predicted, a man began screaming ‘If Kazuya does not come out in 5 minutes we will attack in unison!!’


『Don’t waste your energy. It’s not like they’ll attack the moment I come out, I think』

……Still……ah―!! Mr. President!! Please wait, don’t go!!

Kazuya suddenly lunges away, shaking off Misha’s grasp right before leaving the rock they were hiding behind.

「Wait, I’m coming with you」

Hailing for Kazuya to stop, Feene voices her thoughts to accompany him.

『Why are you ―? They’re only calling for me』

「I have some question I want to ask them」

『…….. well then, shall we go together? 』

「A~ah okay」

『Misha just hide and wait for an opportunity. Oh and if something happens use this to cover me』

After saying so, Kazuya tosses Misha his Browning Hi-Power.

Eh, ah, Kazuya!? Wait a minute, don’t leave!!

Ignoring the frantic Misha who received Kazuya’s weapon, both Feene and Kazuya make their way towards the enemy.

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TL Notes: While the author’s descriptions in certain areas is quite vague. I would infer that there was a cave system along the valleys floor. (Even though its not directly mentioned.)

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