Vol 3 Chapter 14

For the time being we’ll wait for the rain to clear up. We’ll find somewhere safe and wait for rescue. Fortunately I’ve secured enough food and water, there’s enough weapons gathered. So we should be able to hold out even if the Imperial forces or the demonic beings come


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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In the middle of the pouring rain, supporting each other by the shoulder, Kazuya and Misha slowly walk in tandem with each other.

Left….Right….Left….Right….Easy does it… Phew……

「Ummm…. I’m so sorry Mr. President….  I’m troubling you to help me, even though your arm is still injured」

Oh that, you don’t have to worry about those kinds of things.  Anyway, was there anything useful from the helicopter?

Supporting Misha as she dragged her injured right leg, they make it to the small cavern. Setting Misha down amiably,  Kazuya turns back towards the Presidential Hawk aiming to scavenge anything usable.

「Huh!? There’s um, should I go back and grab ―― !?」

Surprised by Kazuya’s question, Misha tries to stand back up, her face distorting as she felt the pain from her right leg, causing her to immediately sit back down.

Misha….  It’s fine I got it, just wait here patiently, understand?

「Um yes…  I’m really sorry about this…..」

Since Misha was admonished by Kazuya, drooping her shoulders and lowering her voice, she sat down on the hard floor feeling depressed.

Alright then, time to go ――

「WAIT…..  um Kazuya…..  It’s cold…  out, so come back soon」

As Kazuya was about to scavenge items from the Presidential Hawk Feene called out to him.

Yeah, yeah.  Don’t worry, I know.  I will come back soon, so just wait for me okay.

Reaching out and grasping at air, Feene complained of the cold whilst looking forlorn.

Casting aside his thoughts of Feene’s wet appearance, Kazuya traversed through the freezing rain towards the Presidential Hawk. Speeding up as the rain pounded and whipped his body.

……. Don’t, go….  please…  hurry…  come back…  want… Kazuyaa~

Feene was freezing having been wet by the cold rain,  she craved Kazuya’s warmth,  she felt hopeless as Kazuya’s back moved further away.

「Noo~… wait, I…. …. damn」

The intensity of the torrential storm grew, as Kazuya was in the middle of finding a way into the the toppled Presidential Hawk.  Clambering from its side, he grasps the latch of the door wrenching it open.  Making his way inside the cabin just before the door was blown from its hinges allowing the rain to invade the interior.

I’m sure there was an emergency survival kit right underneath the seat somewhere…. Ah, Bingo!!

Despite its sturdy build the interior of the helicopter was a wreck, due to the impact of the crash.  Kazuya searched under every seat one by one, looking for the survival kits which should be there in reserve.

Huh? What’s this thing?……

As he pulled out one of the survival kits which lay underneath the seat, Kazuya discovered a small bottle with green liquid hidden beneath the kit.

.…..Who put this thing here? Rather, what could it be?

Observing the emerald green liquid, rocking the bottle as it swished back and forth. Kazuya doubted its use, turning the bottle around by its neck, before discovering a small piece of paper attached to it.

Hm? Wha-whaat?!…..

A magical potion that will treat any injury (Exclusive for President Nagato).
Please use this in the unlikely event of personal injury. From Kazuya’s most faithful servant Celicia~

……’Precautionary Warning’……
Kazuya’s Personal magic potion,
this potion will not work on anyone but Kazuya himself  

………….How did she even put this here? Nngh… well it’s fine, I’m really grateful for this.

While the thought bothered him, about how this magic potion stealthily made it aboard the aircraft. Kazuya ended up deciding to use the magical potion which was crafted by Celicia mainly due to its convenience.

Big sigh…..What to do now….. ――Swallow breath  gulp   Pwaah~,  fuck it hurts!!

Before verifying the magic potions effects, Kazuya grasps the long scrap of iron jutting from his side, with both hands he pulls it out in one swift motion.

Kazuya extracted the iron scrap from his flank throwing it away with a sound, with his wound exposed he pours the magical potion directly on it.

Rrrrggggghhhh~   clenches teeth…..  exhales….   Ha~ ha~ aaa….

Chugging down the rest of the magical potion with all his might, Kazuya’s expression turns wry at the magic potions bitter taste.

Aw man, that was awful…..

Breathing a sigh of relief after the rough medical treatment Kazuya looks at his former injuries.

It was really effective….. 

Everything seems to be okay so long as I don’t move around relentlessly.

The magic potion took effect without delay, although it wasn’t nearly as perfect, his injury on his side had begun to close itself up already.

Well I should start heading back pretty soon.

After treating his wounds with a little first aid, Kazuya scrapes together the survival kit, supplies, weapons, anything else that seemed useful, and hastily returns towards the cave where Feene & Misha were resting.


The storm is getting worse…….

Nestling closely around the small bonfire Kazuya’s party of three tried to stay warm, amidst the raging gale outside. Thunder resounded as the heavy rain struck fiercely on the cliffs surface

As they were all soaked wet, everyone had taken off all their clothes and had them dry near the bonfire. Covered by the heat insulation blankets which Kazuya managed to pick up from the Presidential Hawk they waited patiently for the storm to end.

It’s this storm.   I don’t think the enemy will arrive so soon……  But we’ll need to move quickly against the demonic monsters though.

While thinking about the future, Kazuya gazes towards the floor.


Curled up,  Feene uttered randomly,  sleep-talking as her face rested on Kazuya’s lap.  Her breathing rose and fell in a calm manner as she slept.

Just like…. she’s like a cute little kitten.

Sleeping defenselessly and laying down on Kazuya, the former Feene would find this action absolutely unthinkable and humiliating.

Looking at her sleeping face, Kazuya gently strokes Feene’s velvety red hair before smiling wryly.

…… Her change in behavior was unexpected…  I wonder, could she still be under the side effects from my perfect healing?

She even told me to stop calling her Ms. Rosinger and to start calling her by Feene instead.

The former cold kitten suddenly nestled closer next to Kazuya, at her docile appearance Kazuya wondered if he should restrict himself from using his full healing ability.

I shouldn’t be worrying about this.

「…..Kazuya, so what are we going to do now?」

Keeping the heat insulation blanket wrapped tight around her body, Misha snuggles up right next to Kazuya like a lover, her face making a dark expression as she leans her head on his shoulder.

For the time being we’ll wait for the rain to clear up. We’ll find somewhere safe and wait for rescue. Fortunately I’ve secured enough food and water, there’s enough weapons gathered. So we should be able to hold out even if the Imperial forces or the demonic beings come

Saying so, Kazuya glances towards the weapons he recovered from the Presidential Hawk.

All in all,  I managed to get my military saber,  Feene’s single-edged longsword,  five survival knives and two combat knives.

A single M320 grenade launcher.  With high performance explosive ammunition,  multi-purpose grenades,  aerial explosives,  buckshot,  tear gas canisters,  and smoke grenades (for smokescreens).  This comes out to three sets of twenty-one rounds of ammo.

Two MP7’s with four spare magazines.  Two Five-Seven’s with another four spare magazines.  A Browning Hi-power with three spare magazines.

I guess this should be satisfactory, from all that was recoverable.

Gazing at amount of weapons he recovered, it was less than half of what would be on the Presidential Hawk. Kazuya breaths a sigh of relief, having been able to even recover that much equipment.

「Do you think reinforcements will arrive before the enemy?」

We have no other choice but to hope our allies arrive, before the enemy reaches us. …… Misha you should get some rest soon

「No, I’m still awake, Kazuya I can――」

It’s fine, just lie down get some rest

「… …. ugh, I understand.」

Reluctant to follow Kazuya’s orders, Misha eventually gives in as she leaned her head on his shoulder exhausted, closing her tired eyes, what immediately followed was the deep breathing of a person fast asleep.

……Nnnn…can’t move…..ah crap

Sandwiched between Feene and Misha, Kazuya was at a loss for what to do. By the time he realized it, Misha had already fallen asleep glued right next to him.




The skies were calm and a little bit cloudy, but that was still a lot better than yesterdays storm.

「Nnnn……Morning? Ha? It’s Morning!?」

Drip…. Drip…..

Misha was woken up by the sound of dripping water.

「Ugh, I have no excuse!! ……..Kazuya? Where?  ――He’s gone!? Kazuyaa~!?」

She forgot her duty to replace Kazuya for the night watch, and had soundlessly slept until morning. Misha who had been fast asleep leaning next to Kazuya, became pale as his figure was no where in sight.

「I don’t believe this!」

Misha suddenly thought Kazuya had left to go somewhere, flustered she stands up in a hurry discarding the heat insulation blanket Rustle.

「Rrrgh…. I forgot about this! ――But still!」

Forgetting all about her injured right leg Misha immediately tries to stand up, but in the middle of that she crumples to the ground in severe pain.


But in order to find Kazuya, Misha got up once more using all her strength to grip the rock wall, she dragged her right leg while moving forward.

You called?


Responding to Misha’s desperate plea, Kazuya appeared right in front her, although covered with dirt.

Sigh  I’m glad….. I didn’t want to believe it,  but I thought Kazuya had left us to go somewhere. ……Did you go someplace?」

Only for a little bit…….

Speaking ambiguously, Kazuya tried to cover the fact that he made a burial for the three that died from the crash.

More than that….. Misha you should put something on…. erm… its hard… it’s difficult to look

Misha had stroked her chest in relief after seeing Kazuya’s safe appearance, but Kazuya anxiously turns away while scratching his cheek.

「Nee? Kyaaa――――!! Uh, Ah, I, I’m so sorry!!!」

Having carelessly thrown aside the heat insulation blanket, exposing her naked figure, Misha reactively covers her chest and special place, embarrassed.

But in her panic, her voluptuous chest jiggles as she tries to conceal as much of her breasts with her hand, unable to prevent it from lewdly swaying.

In that moment filled to the brim with shame, Misha’s face turned to a deep scarlet.

「Nnnnnnn……. Why’s it so noisy?….」

Feene wakes up from Misha’s scream while rubbing her eyes.

「Aaaah~erm, Feene please wear something as well」

「??? ―――!!」

Forgetting all about not wearing a single piece of clothing and still half asleep, she had carelessly threw aside the heat insulation blanket. Standing before Kazuya stretching in the nude, her voluptuous breasts stuck out as her precious secret place was exposed. Her eyes then became wide as her mouth moved inaudibly.

「―……………….. ah? I forgot! Noooooooooooーー!!」

After realizing she was naked from Kazuya’s response, like a boiling kettle Feene’s face turned scarlet as her whole body quivered, her fists shook as she rushed to hit Kazuya.

Woah woah woah…… What are you going to do if our injuries got worse?

Still carrying weapons and equipment Kazuya protested as his cheek had a bright red tint to it, Feene on the other hand was still red up to her ears.

「Hmph! What’s done is done, you should be grateful for seeing me naked!! 」

Turning away from Kazuya, Feene spoke in a domineering tone to hide her embarrassment.

Why is it my fault for looking?


Without listening to Kazuya’s apology, Feene turned her face away.

Haa~…. for the time being, it would be extremely unlikely to fix her mood.

Actually it seems like she’s back to her old self, it almost makes yesterday’s behavior seem like a total lie.

Did the side effects of my perfect healing disappear? Ah’ let’s not think about that it anymore.

「Kazuya, any time now」

Sigh…. Alright then, time to go

Giving up on trying to fix Feene’s mood & responding towards Misha, they began to walk.

……I will definitely make it back.

Swearing to the three who’re buried next to the Presidential Hawk, Kazuya carries Misha who was unable to walk on his back, and together with Feene they left the crash site.

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Weapons Reference List: M30 Grenade Launcher, MP-7, FN Five-Seven, Browning Hi-Power, Chokuto (Feene’s sword), Military Saber (Kazuya’s)