Vol 3 Chapter 13

Master….if you’re….gone, I’ll….everything…burn it….I’ll turn everything to ashes


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Within a room at Camp Dallas Central Command Chitose and Amira Rosinger converse of future collaborative opportunities between the Monster Kingdom and Parabellum.


What is this strange indescribable feeling in my chest….?

「Is something the matter?」

In the middle of their discussion Amira noticed Chitose suddenly glance towards the window, prompting her to question Chitose.

……..No its nothing, let’s continue our conversation. It is our wish to strengthen the Monster Kingdom, by reinforcing our own forces currently there, would that be a problem?

Chitose experienced severe discomfort in her gut, feeling her chest tighten as if it were a disastrous omen.

Although she was experiencing an inexpressible feeling, Chitose returned back to her usual state.

「Oh, that’s right……..  Ms. Chitose you’re already aware, of the current situation in my Kingdom」


「Our Demon Army has fallen into a crippling state but we were able to reorganize our forces thanks to Ms. Chitose’s assistance, more than half of our forces are recruits so their proficiency is lacking and their morale is as low as the most cowardly soldier…… we’re barely managing while hunting the remnants of the Imperial Army.  With that in mind, if the Imperial Army were to launch an offensive again, at such time we would only be annihilated.   That is why I want you to increase your forces, so as to keep the Imperial Army at bay」

Hmm…  It may be possible to bolster them with troops from Camp Dallas

「Is that true?」

Amira sighs in relief from Chitose’s reply, exhaling with peace of mind.

Oh, once our base expands with 10000 ~ 20000 infantrymen. Accommodating about a 1000 combat vehicles and 500 aircraft, we can.

But then Chitose cuts off her suggestion.

But as far as we’re concerned, there’s no benefit for us here


From Chitose’s words, silence envelops the room as Amira and her retainers become speechless.

Master is a magnanimous person.  After eliminating the Imperial forces within your country, providing grants & support for your reconstructive efforts as well as distributing food to all of your refugees.  He would do so without wanting anything in return.  Nevertheless even if we are allies, our nation would be troubled if we kept providing assistance without receiving any reparations!

This fucking Kingdom is crying for more support and they brazenly want it without providing any remunerations.

Smothering her burning hatred for a certain country within her breast, Chitose reflects on such things.

「Naturally we intend to return what’s owed, but……  there doesn’t seem to be anything that Ms. Chitose wants from our country.  Not too long ago, for payment we proposed a portion of our land as well as a mine, in addition to that proposal was the land with burning water ―― oil field was it?  Then how about we give you more oil fields?」

Amira roughly scratches her head, troubled after throwing out several suggestions.

Oh, well you see.  A plot of land would be far too distant from our home country, furthermore we also purchased a mine from the Canary Kingdom already.  And the transferred portion of oil fields are sufficient as well

「Hmmm considerable compensation, equivalent value……compensation…..long silence……….women?? Oh what luck, that’s right. Kazuya likes women, so why don’t――」

No!! We don’t need any!!

After she skillfully thought of a resolution by gifting her own subordinates, Amira became troubled as Chitose cut her off before she could finish.

「…….Wouldn’t it be good to listen until the end?……」

Hmph!!  It’s trivial to allow a sow of unknown origin to be with Master ――cough!! It’s preposterous to bring more women!!  And you think the price for our military reinforcements are equal to that of your women?!!

「…..That’s not the case. What are we able to offer now?」

Hmm, should I immediately go with that “plan”  it’s become quite problematic now.

Taking a sidelong glance at Chitose’s exasperated figure, Amira secretly ponders about advancing a certain scheme, bringing it to its early stages.

Struggling to provide just compensation in exchange for military reinforcements Amira’s mind became bothered.

「Excuse me, let me through!!」

Colonel Bangs one of the leaders for the elite guard barges into the room where the conference was held.

「Ms. Vice President!! It’s terrible!!」

What happened!? Compose yourself, say your report clearly

Chitose observes Colonel Bangs distressed appearance telling him to calm down before talking.

「I…Yes ma’am!!  About half an hour ago the Presidents helicopter was ambushed by ‘winged’ magical weapons….  and…  was shot down, this is a report we received from Army 2!!」


The helicopter that Master rode……was shot down?…….That can’t……the hell…….what are you saying?

「What’s that!? Is that really true!?」

「I don’t believe this」

「Can’t this be a false report!?」

Chitose became dazed as Colonel Bangs continued his report, Amira reflexively stood up from her seat in surprise as the rest of Parabellum’s Conference participants became uneasy.

「This is a true report! This isn’t a false alarm! Today at 1430 (2:30PM), just as they were about to complete their inspection of the oil fields and return home, the President & his escorts were ambushed by a group of Imperial forces with magical machines that could fly. While defending from the attack the President’s helicopter as well as three escort aircraft were shot down. A total of four aircraft have been shot down around the Cöln hills, with the Presidents helicopter falling towards a deep valley! 」



…..What is this?

Listening to the Colonel’s report  『Four aircraft crashed within the Cöln hills, the three escort helicopters and the Presidents helicopter 』  Chitose was flaberghasted to hear the details.

Did you say the Cöln hills!? Isn’t that the lair of demonic beings!? What about Kazuya’s Safety!?

「The whereabouts for the President is currently unknown, the escorting units were unable to contact HQ and were also overwhelmed by large amount of enemy forces, and so withdrew from the vicinity.   Aboard the Presidents aircraft there were two pilots, Feene Rosinger and the maids Cher & Colette, their deaths have not been confirmed.   Also amongst the escorting aircraft which have been shot down, we have not confirmed whether or not our men have died in battle. 」

「Fe~Feene was also……? For something like that!」

ugh…..how could this happen?……. I thought she would be safe by Kazuya’s side, but the moment they left…..

Feene, Kazuya!! Please be alive!!

After hearing that the aircraft her daughter rode had crashed, Amira plumped down in her chair limply.  She prayed from the bottom of her heart for those two irreplaceable people to survive.

「Furthermore, the maids who were aboard Army 2 jumped out of the aircraft, just as Army 2 left the hostile battlespace. The whereabouts of Reina, Raina & Elle are currently unknown, they were last seen heading towards the President’s downed helicopter. 」


After Colonel Bangs completes his report the entire room becomes wrapped with a helpless feeling, silence permeated throughout the room almost as if there was no sound left in the entire universe.

Army 2?……  The other Presidential Hawk which master didn’t ride in, is still intact?

Chitose was the first to break the silence.

「Huh? Oh, right! Army 2 is still intact!」

Colonel Bangs tilts his head while replying. Chitose immediately stands from her seat, rocking eerily from side to side as she slowly walks to the Colonel.


「Huh? Even if you ask why――hyack!?」

How did the enemy know which aircraft Master was riding?

Enquiring Colonel Bangs, Chitose grabs him by his collar repeating her question, tightening her grip she raises him into the air.

「Guah!? Being choked I, don’t…!」

「Ms. Vice President!! Please stop!!」

With Chitose’s abrupt action, Colonel Bangs had been hoisted into the air, all the surrounding soldiers stood flustered before they managed to pull Chitose’s arms off the Colonel.

Coughing.. wheeze… I thought I was going to die…」

Escaping from Chitose’s death grip, Colonel Bangs had fallen on his backside coughing exasperatingly, sinking to the floor tears had welled up at the corners of his eyes.

Think about it!!  They are both the same style of aircraft!!  Army 1 and Army 2 are identical models where their internal and external parts are exactly the same!!  The enemy knew that Master was riding in Army 1!!  How else could Army 2 be safe and sound?!  So how was the information leaked to the enemy!?

「Wait!  It isn’t certain that…….no, I absolutely understand!!  I got it Ms. Vice President!! So please calm down!!  From this moment, I will make it my priority to rescue the President, our Commander-in-Chief!!」

Chitose was enraged to hear that Army 2 was completely fine, and yet Kazuya’s planned flight and his Top Secret agenda had been leaked to their enemies.

Hmph! THAT’S ENOUGH!! All troops in Camp Dallas will mobilize and immediately go to where Master is and rescue him!!

「Yes ma’am――」

「We can’t, it’s impossible…Ms. Vice President!!」

―― Furious Glare

What was that!?

Chitose wanted to rescue Kazuya but Colonel Bangs opposed her.

「Urk…  Ms. Vice President, we’re unable to approach the airspace at which the Presidents Helicopter crashed, there’s currently a big storm causing poor visibility and our aircraft can’t even approach the area!」

While receiving a razor sharp look, Colonel Bangs managed to explain until the end.

I already know that!!

「We have limited visibility, If we sortie towards the President’s Crash site right now we won’t make it!! If we move poorly, it would pointlessly exhaust our forces!!」

WHO THE FUCK CARES!! No matter how many forces we lose, whether its raining, pouring down weapons, limited visibility or we’re traveling blind, were going to save Master!!  Expedite the preparations to sortie!!

「「「Yes, Ma’am!!」」」

Ignoring the possibility that it’s too late and Kazuya had died as well as Colonel Bangs remarks, Chitose stubbornly orders to sortie.

And you, will be coming along as well

After listening to Chitose decision, Amira who had been silent, suddenly voiced her thoughts.

Sigh….such lovely innocence」

And thus all of Parabellum’s forces stationed at Camp Dallas was participating, Operation Rescue Kazuya was set to begin.




Collapsed on bottom of the tough rugged cliffs, Kazuya was lying flat on his back when he awoke from the pouring rain, as it struck his face.

……What’s this?…..

Just as Kazuya regained his consciousness, his foggy eyes gradually cleared, enabling him to see his surroundings very distinctly.

Ugh.. ahaha…. where the hell am I…….The FUCK is this!!

[The Second Trial from God]

Survive from the magical beings inhabiting the valleys bottom.

Until the end of this tribulation [Commencing Combat] the summoning ability has been restricted.

Arbitrarily appearing before Kazuya’s eyes everything became clear, reading the letters off of the window screen, he understood why the helicopters trajectory suddenly changed mid-way.

Fucking God! Whatever already, let’s do this!!

And because of God’s divine intervention they had been pushed all the way to the bottom of the valley.  Furthermore having his summoning ability sealed, Kazuya had been repeatedly spouting abusive curses.

Rrrrrrgghhh!!  Anyway….. now I can…breathing hard….my body….I can move my legs.

Fuck, my arm!! Aargh!! My left arm is broken….. I don’t care anymore….fuck me…..

Uuugh my side, there’s some broken ribs…….somethings stuck, this?….

Ku~ahaha!! Shit it hurts……

Having closed the window screen, at the bottom of the valley Kazuya examined his body for abnormalities since he was thrown out from the helicopter, breaking his left arm and several ribs.  Raising himself slowly upright next to a rock, a long and narrow iron scrap which had come from the Presidential Hawks frame was protruding from his right side.

How long have I been out?….No…wait what happened to everybody……

While putting up with the pain, Kazuya scanned the nearby area.

Wha!? Damn it!!

About 20 meters from where he had lain, Kazuya could see the tattered Presidential Hawk lying on its side, approaching it with his unsteady strides.

Cher, Colette!!

While approaching the downed aircraft he spotted Cher and Colette who had also been thrown from the helicopter laying on the ground, enduring the pain throughout his entire being he drew closer towards them.


Towards Kazuya’s call, Cher could only respond faintly, her voice was hoarse.

It’s gonna be o’――it’s…no…no…..

Are the two of you alright?  Kazuya tried to ask but after seeing Cher’s whole body, especially her lower half ―― a great amount of blood had pooled around her snake half. Off to the side Colette looked like a doll, laying lifeless as her neck had been snapped in an awkward direction, unable to say any words in her final moments.

「This….  scratch….  is…..  cough….  isn’t so….  bad….  cough But….  Co….lette..  coughcough

……Don’t talk…. I already know….

Biting his lower lip, gnawing at it while holding a mournful expression, Kazuya draws close to Colette, staring at her appearance he closes her wide eyes and crosses her hands on her chest, gently patting her head before saying farewell, reluctantly parting he moves to Cher who was 2 meters away, holding her body in his arms.

Just wait a while, I’m going to heal your injuries…..

Cher who lost a lot of blood began to turn pale.

Watching her condition, Kazuya felt he had no choice but to use his perfect healing ability in order to save Cher, but before he could use his ability on her wounds, Cher calls out, preventing him from continuing.

「Please…wait, Master….  I’m..fine…so… please… save… Ms. Feene…」

Kazuya tried to use his perfect healing ability, but Cher points towards the direction of the Presidential Hawk.

Ah~…for something like this…it’s a lie, right……..damn..

Kazuya unintentionally leaked out a few words before looking towards where Cher had pointed, before lowering his face down.

……What am I supposed to do? Damn it!!

Until just now, hidden by the shadow of a boulder, Feene was pinned underneath the crashed Presidential Hawk.

Feene had been crushed from her thighs all the way down to her feet. From her waist down she was soaked in a pool of her own blood.

After seeing her figure, Kazuya understood he had to choose between who to save and who to let go, it was either Feene or Cher.

Troubled, Kazuya closes his eyes momentarily before making his bitter decision

….Cher….maybe because I’m incapable…. my perfect healing is limited… I can only save one person at best. Which is why….I want…to save….

「It’s….alr…ight… Please.. pri..oritize… Feene… before… me…」


Kazuya was struck with grief apologizing to Cher, helpless to save her.

「Don’t…  worry…  Mast…  er…  gaspingwheeze  .. I was… origi…nally..  saved…. by Master…  I,  don’t,  mind,  if,  I leave,  like this….」

You’re right…..Cher…Thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done

「I was..  finally able..  to…  hear…  those words…………………………………..」

Kazuya was overcome with emotion as tears poured from his eyes, with a content and delightful expression Cher smiled as she breathed her last.

….Damn.. it!!….

Kazuya had been on his knees clenching his teeth as he restrained his tightened fists, Cher lay peacefully sleeping. Starting from a trickle the rain began to hit Kazuya’s face, coming down harder and mixing with his streams, the rainwater surged becoming one.


After roaring with abandon, Kazuya vigorously rubs his eyes, cleaning up his face while thinking of Cher.  And so as not to waste her final moments, Kazuya rushes over to where Feene lay.

……so warm, I’m melting.

Just like an unborn child residing inside a mothers womb, a warm and soothing pleasant feeling wrapped around Feene, realizing this warmth she slowly regains consciousness.


Are you awake?

Feene slowly starts to open her eyes and sees Kazuya right before her.

「…..Kazuya? I…..urgh!!」

Feene who had been laying on Kazuya’s lap suddenly tried to get up, but her mind blanked out as her body wobbled.

Stay still, you’ve lost a lot of blood

「Wha!? What the heck…is this…!?」

Questioning the significance of his words, Feene noticed Kazuya’s gaze as he turned to look downward.

「Why?…..am I…..」

Originally the China dress which Feene wore had a lengthy stature, with the chest area exposed in a daring manner. But now, the length of the dress was perversely short, the bottom end was barely covering her thighs as her white underwear could be seen.

……Why are my clothes…..so much of it….it’s gone…. why are they missing?

While she was unable to think properly Feene held doubts as to why she was laying in such a way.

But looking around slowly, Feene began to realize what happened. The crashed helicopter laid next to a large pile of rocks, and from the crash site two streaks of blood had trailed all the way towards the shadow of the large boulder where Feene lay



「Uh, why is there so much blood on you?」

It’s better that you don’t know……

Enquiring with a feeble voice, Feene questions Kazuya, while his reply came with a dark expression.

「It’s fine….but I vaguely get it, still I want to hear you say it……Please…..」

……….。 This blood is from Ms. Rosinger, in order to pull you out from underneath the helicopter, your legs had to be amputated. That’s also the reason why your dress is shorter

「I guess…. it can’t be helped…But I still have my legs… did Kazuya heal me?」

Oh, right? ――hmm, Misha are you there!?


As Kazuya was answering Feene’s question, crawling out from the cockpit of the Presidential Hawk, dangling her legs from the window. Captain Misha Baranov’s figure came into view, Kazuya left Feene’s spot to go help out the pilot.

I’m…. did it….. c-cold… it’s cold… umm… the warmth… where… I….. Kazuya….. can’t stay… I… can’t…. my….. legs…. Kazuya….. thank you… must…. Kazuya…. Kazuya…. Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya Kazuya…. I… my… life’s… savior…. important… person… dearest.. person… my.. only beloved… person…. I WONT HAND HIM OVER TO ANYONE….

Feene began experiencing the side affects of Kazuya’s perfect healing ability, her eyes turned transparent as her emotions were in turmoil, before finally shining with a desire to monopolize Kazuya.

Whoops! Uhh….coughs….Misha, are you ok?

Kazuya hastened himself to catch the falling figure of Misha, embracing her form before impact, Kazuya’s face warps from the pain from his sides as they both collapse on the ground.

「Oh thank god…..really….you’re alive, If something happened to Kazuya……」

Misha began shedding tears full of relief, clinging to Kazuya, unaware of Kazuya’s face distorting from the pain.

ugh….. Misha pull yourself together, you can cry later. Are you hurt? What about Major Takao?

whine….yes, I’m sorry.  I seem to have injured my right leg. Major Takao…..didn’t make it」

I see… for the time being let me provide you some emergency treatment

「Nnnn….. No, don’t worry about me. Anyway isn’t Mr. President more injured than I am?」

What about me? Only my left arm and my ribs are in bad shape

Towards Misha’s inquiry, Kazuya answers in a way so as to not cause any worry.

「Wha? I’m soo sorry!!!」

Hearing that Kazuya’s left arm and ribs were broken, Misha who was leaning on him started to panic.

Shut up already, lend me your shoulder you can’t walk by yourself

「Yes!! I… I understand!!」

But as Misha panicked, Kazuya forcibly pulled her close causing Misha to blush with excitement. Using each other’s shoulders the pair walked towards the shadow of the boulder where Feene was.




In a dimly lit room surrounded by weapons and equipment within the Parabellum mainland, making preparations to mobilize, Chitose makes a call.

It’s me.  What’s the current situation?  Oh, that’s fine.  I see, if that’s the case there’s nothing to be concerned about.  Prepare both ICBMs and SLBMs with their nuclear payload get them ready to launch, the target is the Alsace Magical Empire,  launch code is 09952158.  Stand by for my orders to fire.

Returning the telephone receiver back into place looking as though she wanted to slam it, Chitose trembles with fury like a demon ready to sacrifice everything.

Master….if you’re….gone, I’ll….everything…burn it….I’ll turn everything to ashes

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ICBMs : Intercontinental Ballistic Missile 
SLBMs: Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile

Cöln  pronounced as Cologne

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