Vol 3 Chapter 7


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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The army of Parabellum managed to defend the City of Olga in time, and in turn they had also repelled the Imperial Army in various other places.

They began to push a large scale offensive against the Imperial Forces of Alsace, utilizing air strikes & bombing raids from helicopters and other aircraft.

After the war had finished, the postwar processing was turned over to the Monster Kingdom’s Demon Army.

「….. This place, as well.」

The Parabellum military annihilated the remaining soldiers of the Imperial Army scattered throughout the Monster Kingdom’s territories, like wrenching the hand of a child. But there was a significant issue that setback the Parabellum military from advancing further.

「HQ this is the 17th Recon Platoon, over.
We’ve arrived at the target village. ~Break~
… … This place is just full of bodies, over」

17th Recon, we read you loud and clear.
Higher is sending reinforcements to you now. ~Break~
Confirm the existence of any survivors, how copy

「 Roger HQ, we will be confirming the existence of survivors.
17th Recon, out」

The problem lay in dealing with the bodies of the different Monster Tribes that were slaughtered by the Imperial Army, in the villages scattered throughout the Monster Kingdom.

In collaboration with the Demon Army, the Parabellum military assisted with the clean up of corpses, not because they were an eyesore or that they stank up the place. Their concern was the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses, caused by the decaying corpses. While dealing with any stray Imperial forces along the way, Parabellum units were dispatched to villages and towns and tasked to assist with the clean up.

「Come on people, let’s move!」


「……Again, really?」

「This is getting depressing….」

Members of the 17th Reconnaissance platoon voiced complaints, while getting out of their light armored vehicle. They wore their gas masks to prevent any infectious diseases, and carried their M4 carbines in hand. In the middle of the village, flies and small insects gathered on the heap of corpses.

「You guys, don’t overdo it. There still may be creatures out there that will come to eat the dead bodies, or some Demon Army forces might mistake us for Imperial Soldiers and attack. 」

「「「Sir, yes sir!」」」

Taking the Captains words into consideration, the soldiers moved together in teams of three or five to search the village for survivors.

「How about this place?」

「It’s the same here as well.」

When the Captain came over from a nearby house, he asked one of the soldiers who was accustomed to the situation. But his subordinate could only drop his shoulders and shake his head in reply.

「I see…. We’ll have the female soldiers take over from here.」

「Understood, sir.」

The Demon Army and Parabellum troops rode in two Type 74 personnel carriers, driving side by side they had just come into the villages line of sight. The Captain then patted the shoulder of a nearby subordinate. After slinging his M4 over his shoulder, he picked up a shovel and headed towards the back of the village, to dig several graves.

As the Parabellum army kept on advancing and recaptured regions from Imperial Forces, events like the situation in this village repeated every time.



At his Presidential Office at Dallas Base Central Command, Kazuya was reviewing reports silently from each unit, as he was buried in a mass pile of documents.

Knock knock

「Excuse me. Master, I’ve come to bring you some drinks.」

At this time Chitose entered the room with the maids Reina and Raina.

「Ah~ Thank you. I was just thinking of having a drink at this time.」

The vampire sisters Reina & Raina had brought snacks and drinks on a cart. As Kazuya gave his thanks to the maids, he let go of the report in his hand, to receive the drinks and snacks. As Kazuya took a breather, bringing his drink close to his mouth, Chitose begins to speak.

「Master, Why don’t you take a break for awhile? You haven’t been resting at all for the past month, ever since the battle started.」

「Hmm? A~ah…. But I can’t be resting just yet, there are still soldiers fighting on the frontlines, I’d rather not set a bad example to them. 」

「But, still yet…」

Traveling back and forth from the Parabellum Headquarters to Dallas Base, Kazuya had been reviewing reports and documents everyday and night. Chitose could not stand it any longer and reprimanded Kazuya. Initially he refused to take a break, but after being admonished by Chitose he eventually decided to take a day off.

It was a unexpected day off for Kazuya as he didn’t make any plans. He decided to go to the Monster Kingdom’s capital Belgrade, in order to improve his mood.

At the time, Kazuya had invited Chitose to accompany him. Unfortunately, there was still work that needed to be taken care of, so Chitose chose to remain at Dallas Base. As Kazuya toured Belgrade he decided to take his attendants Wilhelmina and Colette with him.

「Soo, why is Ms. Rosinger here? 」

Inside the Humvee on its way towards the Captial Belgrade, Kazuya asked Feene, who had shrewdly sat next him.

「That’s because it’s my duty to be with you.」

The Demon King Amira, had suggested that she would be his maid, but it would be cruel to treat the princess of another country in such a manner. So as a result, Feene was given the role of an observer. But she didn’t hide her hostility, as she gazed piercingly, full with distrust towards Kazuya.

If I was told how I’m supposed to treat you from now on, I would treat you that way. But there seemed to be a strong reaction from the matter.

While she does take after Amira, what is up with the way she dresses? I need to look away…. this will poison a man’s eyes.

Kazuya could only shrug his shoulders as he tried to avert his eyes from Feene’s voluptuous darkly-tanned figure. Her breasts swayed dangerously from her skin tight China Dress, the fabric barely covering her shoulders and thighs. As he was having trouble of where to look, the Humvee continued on its way the Monster Kingdoms Capital.

After a few minutes, Kazuya reached the Capital Belgrade. Coming out from one of the side streets and onto the Main street, they got out of the Humvee to explore the Capital.

「This is really tasty. Do you want to eat some Ms. Rosinger?」

The sizzling sound of grilling enticed Kazuya to buy several Grilled Chicken skewers from a nearby food stall. After having one himself, he offered a skewer to Feene.

「No, I’m fine!!」

「….Are you sure?」

「Ugh………just a little…」


As the daughter of the current Demon King and a member of the nobles class, there weren’t many times where Feene could experience the city like this. After watching Kazuya enjoy the grilled chicken skewers he purchased, she began to crave them. After a long silence, and tempted by the delicious smell, she accepted a skewer from Kazuya, staring long at it before placing it in her mouth.


「That was really good.」

「…tsu! fu~fu!!」

Kazuya laughs after watching Feane make a delighted expression. But soon after, Feane turns away as her face becomes bright red. Kazuya could only return with a wry smile, at the sight of a bashful Feane.

「Let go of me!」

A little distance away, Kazuya looks in the direction of the voice he just heard. And in moments a crowd of people naturally gathered.

As Kazuya approached the crowd with curiosity, an adult was holding the arms of a resisting child.

When Kazuya asked one of his escorts what’s going on. They explained that shopkeepers would catch children from the slums stealing food from the stalls that lined the street.

「Is there not enough food to go around? I heard they were distributing rations to the refugees.」

After hearing such a story, Kazuya blurted out his doubts, Feene tried to answer his questions but wasn’t able to say it properly.

「Even though mother managed the distribution of food for the refugees for a while. The amount of displaced people grew too much, to the point where there wasn’t enough to go around. ….the army is given priority when it comes to the food supply.」

「…Is that right?」

As Kazuya spoke in such a way, the crowd disperses in a light manner. And the child in question was the only person left. Then before anyone noticed, Kazuya had already made his way to the lone child.

「Hhm? Mr. President!! Wait don’t..! 」

「Hey, are you hungry?」

Kazuya’s escorts stood blank in amazement, thinking Kazuya was approaching the girl with dirty intentions.

「What is it, old man?」

O..old man!? I’m still in my late teens!! I’m not that old!

「Fufu~tsu..AHAHAHAHA..Old man..you」

「Ms. Rosinger, don’t laugh at me and stop rolling on the ground」

Feene wasn’t able to keep her composure, after hearing the girls response towards Kazuya.

「Well it’s fine. Ah, actually its not fine, but nevermind…. Can you tell me what’s going on?」

「 I wasn’t stealing anything!」

「Oh I see….. Alrighty then, let’s do this.」

Kazuya held out the bag of grilled chicken skewers that he just purchased not too long ago.

「…..Is this ok?」

As the girl grabbed the bag from Kazuya, her expression brightened as she held the bag of grilled chicken skewers.

「Oh and if there’s any other foods that you want, I can buy them for you. ~But I have some conditions.. no actually they are requests.」


As soon as he said ‘conditions’, the girl gazed at Kazuya with a mix of hostility and anxiety. But unsure if she would get another opportunity, she did not want to miss out on this lucky chance to get more food.

「Don’t worry, I just have three requests. First off, Don’t call me “old man”. Second, Please tell me your name, and my third request, please tell me your story.」

「….Is that really ok?」

Initially, the young girl thought she would have to use her body. But after listening to Kazuya’s requests, she received a shock with a little disappointment, staring wide-eyed and blinking in disbelief.


「―um.. I have a little sister who is still tiny and my mother is bedridden with an illness. Unless I can get something for them to eat, we won’t be able to survive.」


While sitting on a bench in the main square, Belle the Half-Elf answered honestly to all of Kazuya’s questions. By answering Kazuya’s requests, she received more than enough food that she couldn’t hold it between her hands.

After hearing all that he wanted to hear from Belle, Kazuya went deep into thought. He borrowed a radio from one of his escorts and began contacting someone on the other end.

「Um hey, can I go home already? I want to quickly feed my mother and sister these treats.」

「Hmm? Yeah, that’s fine. You’ve pretty much fulfilled my all requests, and I’ve heard want I wanted hear. Oh, shall I walk with you home? It’s pretty dangerous to go through the slums carrying all this food.」

「Hmm. Okay, I’ll be in your care.」

Belle could only oblige towards Kazuya’s offer.

「Well, let’s go.」

「It’s this way.」

Kazuya didn’t believe that the security of the slums would be safe for Belle and decided to walk her home. And as Belle lead the way, Kazuya swiftly walked not falling behind. At first, Kazuya’s military escorts opposed the notion of him going through the slums, but after informing them that he was more than enough, the soldiers withdrew since that was the case.

「What is that?….」

「Why the hell is..!? What is all of this!?」

Belle finally reached the slums where her home was, but not after taking a detour with Kazuya. Both Belle and Feene stood in shock, mouth wide at the sight before their eyes, while Kazuya placed a grilled chicken skewer in his mouth.

「Oh that? That’s a mobile field kitchen, and the one next to it is an upgraded version of a mobile field kitchen.」


「I don’t want to listen to that! I’m asking why are your soldiers distributing food here?」

Listening to Kazuya’s response, Belle tilted her head wondering what he meant. While Feene burst out in irritation, by Kazuya’s irrelevant answers.

Belle and Feene watched as soldiers from Parabellum prepared a makeshift tent and distributed hot meals made from both the mobile field cooker and its upgraded version. A hospital tent was erected and were treating the injured and sick refugees.

「Thank you for doing this! We…I….that…it’s shameful…repay… I can pay…repay you…I think…」

In the beginning Feene’s tone was full of vigor & authority but then it gradually weakened and became more humble. She was like a Cherry blossom that started to shrivel up due to its surroundings.

「Haha~ What, you think I care about something like that? It’s fine, I’m not going to ask for anything. This is just charity.」



Kazuya smiled to the withering Feene, before noticing a tug on his sleeve. When Kazuya looked to see who was pulling him, Belle looked up at him anxiously.

「All those people, did big brother call for them all?」

「Oh yeah, sure did. 」

「………um big brother, who the hell are you?」

Belle stared at Kazuya mixed with suspicion and interest.

「I’m the President of Parabellum.」

「…..well, I know about Parabellum, I overheard some rumors about them. They’re a country that came from a different world. Thanks to them they’ve been fighting off the Imperial Army that came to attack us…..but what’s a President? 」

Oh, even if I say ‘President’, most people wouldn’t understand.

「It’s a King」

「It’s a…!? Wha…eh..eH.. EEEHH!!?」

Belle raised her voice in shock, staring wide at Kazuya, because of his response. Looking at Belle’s face, Kazuya grinned mischievously at his own success.


After learning the true identity of Kazuya, Belle turned quiet and meek, like a cat whose owner was no where to be seen. He delivered the timid Belle home safely. As Kazuya had parted ways from Belle, a crowd of refugees expressed their thanks to the soldiers, after being provided meals and treating the sick & injured. On their return to Dallas Base, many refugees wished to go back with them.

Leaving Belgrade and heading back towards Dallas Base, Feene Rosinger was thinking hard inside the cab of the Humvee. Correcting her posture after a long while, she suddenly turned to Kazuya with a serious face.

「…Um…its… There’s one thing I want to know 」


「Why did you have your soldiers distribute food and treat the sick? Helping those people who are refugees, won’t benefit you.」

「Well, If you look at it from the perspective of a business, then it certainly is a loss.」

Kazuya answered laughingly like he was embarrassed.

「Then.. Why?」

Feene was confused by Kazuya’s reply, she gripped his collar and shook him, motioning for him to explain

「Well, I’m not a Saint or anything, I do have some selfish plans as well…」Replying nonchalantly Kazuya gazed at Feene’s disbelieving expression.

「If someone happened to be in trouble right before your eyes, wouldn’t you want to help?」


The answer Feene was expecting to hear, was different from what came out of Kazuya’s mouth.

「…..Is that your reason?」

「Why wouldn’t it be?」

Kazuya had replied with a straight face. Feene was so amazed that she had loosened her grip. Before sending Kazuya off, Feene voiced her thoughts.

「You are very sweet or rather kind, indeed〜 …. But――― 」

Feane’s words trailed and her voice turned soft, so no one else could hear the rest of her words.

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