Vol 4 Chapter 19

We are doing everything we possibly can…..


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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It was the dawn of another new day, right after the time when Kazuya named the three titans, Behemoth of the Land, Leviathan of the seas and Ziz of the skies.

Originally the warm spring sun would have risen and shone on the land clearly & radiantly, but that wasn’t the case this time. Almost as dim as twilight, visibility throughout the land was blotted out due to plumes of volcanic smog or “Vog”. Volcanic ash continuously fell and covered the land as a result of the Volcano residing on the Behemoths back.

Because of the austere weather conditions, Parabellum’s forces were having a difficult time building up their defensive emplacements at their Second line of Defense, the Neral River. Preparing to face the Behemoth and a horde of monsters, three Military Divisions were tasked to reinforce the line of defense which encompassed both sides of the river, but due to several setbacks only one Division was presently working on all fortifications.

The 12th Army Division which would have come by rail transport to support the effort, suffered delays as the train tracks had to be constantly cleaned of volcanic ash. Although they were just coming from an adjacent battlefield, the quantity of ash created piles large enough to impede the gathering of forces.

Furthermore due to their paralyzed railway network, Railguns and heavy artillery that could devastate their enemies in a single blow, which were their central fighting force against the hordes of monsters were facing delays as well.

Without the required amount of forces gathered, due to the setbacks, Parabellum’s fortifications were 30% behind schedule.

This would become the beginning of Parabellum’s string of mishaps caused by setbacks.

「The situation isn’t looking too good…. if things continue as they are, our forces won’t be ready by the time the Behemoth arrives at the Neral River」

Sitting in the Command Room Headquarters with a gaunt appearance, Kazuya frowned at the reports, sinking back into his chair muttering his displeasure.

「We are doing everything we possibly can….. but we are at a disadvantage」

In contrast to Kazuya figure, shaking her head in reply, Chitose looked more energetic with her smooth glossy skin.

「I see. Because of these unfavorable conditions an airstrike is useless, so we are only limited to ground warfare」

「Master, we’ve received a report that the Landkreuzer is having difficulty moving, it’s tracks have become bogged down and has stopped moving 」


Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse.

Chiyoda whose skin was just as glossy as Chitose reported the status of the Landkreuzer. With an order to consolidate forces from all over, the Landkreuzer’s breakdown hindered the defensive operation as it was blocking one of the main land routes to the front.

「……How long until our units resume movement?」

「Our Commanders in the field report that it will roughly take 1-2 hours before they make progress」

「…….Big Sigh

Sighing heavily, from the very beginning Kazuya knew the disadvantages of the Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, because of its multi-layered thick armor, it greatest weakness became paramount, as it was at the mercy of the elements.

Naturally weighing at about 900 tonnes, it’s range of mobility was scarce and needed to be supported by Parabellum’s Assault Armor units.

「Things won’t be good at our current combat strength…… ―― Chiyoda what is the Behemoth’s current course?」

「Acknowledged. Plotting the Behemoth’s path, currently it’s on a course towards the Canary Kingdom’s Royal Capital City, Barrance」

Chiyoda was able to predict the Behimoth’s goal from Parabellum’s past encounters with the titan.

Ultimately the Behemoth is targeting densely populated areas, many of the civilian towns which became temporary bases for Parabellum’s Army, were routed or became useless. Furthermore its volcanic ash is wreaking havoc upon the Canary kingdom’s former territories preventing the consolidation of Parabellum forces.

Even though the enemy’s purpose seems clear, with their intent to invade past Canary Kingdom’s territories and all the way towards Barrance the Royal Capital City. Kazuya had a difficult time planning out his options to counter this tactic.

「……Excuse me ――Mr. President according to the latest reports we received, the 12th Army Division has halted their movement by rail, and have begun moving via river and land routes」

「I see…. at this rate they may barely make it in time」

An expression of relief colors Kazuya’s face, with Ibuki’s report the size of his problems decreases, but one problem after another continues to pile up.


「Huh? Chitose, what’s wrong?」

「We received incoming reports from the front, the rate of volcanic ash falling is becoming more frequent」

「What do you mean, specifically?」

「Master, Because of the increase in volcanic ash, connectivity of ongoing communications have become an issue, weapons, vehicles and other devices are becoming harder to operate, and the health & morale of soldiers are going down」

「There isn’t much we can do in regards to our communications… neither can we deal with the electronic equipment failure, weapon and vehicle deficiencies on site because of the falling ash. How are our men’s health degrading, they’ve been issued NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) gear and gas masks――aren’t they wearing MCU-2/P full-face protective masks?」

「Master, the MCU-2/P masks were distributed to Soldiers beforehand, but as there weren’t enough supply, we had no other option but to use N95 respirator masks and goggles」

「….. I wanted to end this in a short decisive battle, but that can’t be the case this time, we’ll have to build up our strength as much as possible」

With the Soldiers on the front working hard amidst the volcanic ash, Kazuya’s options were limited as to what they could actually do.

「…..Is there no other way? With our current conditions, I can only pray for their success」

There was about three hours before their battle with the behemoth would begin.

All that time became frustrating for Kazuya, as time flowed slowly for him.


The world was grey, the plants, the ground below it and the sky above, were all dyed grey. And those who decided to stay, not listening to Parabellum’s Evacuation Orders met their own demise. With the fall of Ballard City’s stronghold, those who weren’t eaten by the horde of monsters, lay a strewn as they were trampled by the Behemoth’s advance.

「Did we not make it in time?…..」

Sitting upon his chair within the Command Center, observing the images of the Behemoth on screen, Kazuya watched as it’s six stumps shook the ground repetitively. As if the real-time footage was in slow motion, he whispered to himself in regret that they did not gather all their forces in time.

「Chitose, what is our current combat power?」

「Master, as of this moment deployed at our 2nd Line of Defense we have the 5th Marine Corps Division and 4th Army Division, 30 Assault Armor, 20 Tank Destroyers (Kanonenjagdpanzer) and Mechanized infantry with 60 specialized Tactical Assault Light Operator Suits.  In addition to that we have 20 patrol boats on the river」

「Chiyoda, what are the odds of winning if we face the Behemoth and the horde of monsters with our current combat power?」

「…..If the number of monsters are within our projections, at most we have a 25% chance at winning. If reinforcements make it in time, that number goes up to 45%」

「So what you’re saying is that, at our current situation the chances of winning are slim, and even if we boost our forces that may not make a dent either…」

As I thought, it will be rough without air superiority.

Kazuya cradled his head as the situation hadn’t progressed in the way he imagined, with their railguns and the 12th Army Division not in the fight, it was like he was backed into a corner.

「…..Send a broadcast to all units deployed at the 2nd Line of Defense. “Hold out until reinforcements arrive”」

「Sir, yes, sir」

「And Chitose, gather the rest of our forces at the Final line of Defense」

「……..Understood, I’ll do it immediately」

In the worst case scenario Kazuya had Chitose make preparations for their Final Line of Defense which lay at the border between the Empire & former Canary Kingdom.

「Huh!? Sir, we’re detecting a surge of life signatures separate from the Behemoth. There appears to a be a horde of creatures moving towards the 2nd Line of Defense!! There are over 30,000, their numbers are increasing!!」

「Sir, we cross-referenced imagery of the creatures with the current known database, no match was found. They appear to be some kind of new monster. There are no confirmed cases of any flying creatures.」

「It’s a good thing there aren’t any flying creatures…. but what do you mean its a new kind of monster? Put it up on the display」

「Yes, sir」

At Kazuya’s instruction, the operator puts up the surveillance imagery of the creature on the screen display.

「…….Is that a giant lizard? No could that be a land dragon? But what are those tubes on its back supposed to be?」

Tilting his head in confusion, Kazuya watches the display showing lizard like creatures, which had purple scales, sharp claws and fangs, measuring roughly 4-5 meters in length charging through the volcanic smog, with cylindrical things mounted on their backs.

「Celicia. Just to verify, have you seen this monster bef―― Huh? Adele? What’s wrong?」

Turning towards Celicia to see if she knew what these creatures were, Kazuya noticed Adele’s flabbergast face, staring at the screen wide-eyed and mouth ajar.

「Why…..how…this can’t be real…..」


「Adele? What’s with you, why are you being like that? 」

Staring at the footage displayed on screen, Adele stood back in shock. She was unfazed with Kazuya’s questioning tone, as Celicia scolded her for being unresponsive, but even that didn’t cause her to budge.

「Those creatures…. those monsters are from my world」


「Enemy contact at phase line alpha!! The battle has started!!」

Just shortly after hearing what Adele muttered, an operator announced the start of battle. 15 Kilometers from the Neral River, Parabellum’s military had set up barbed wire fences while faring through the volcanic ash and crafted mud ditches. Within seconds of reaching Phase Line Alpha, the dragons broke through the barbed wire fences.

But as soon as they went over the mud filled ditches which had layers of volcanic ash their charge soon slowed.

Laid buried within the mud filled trenches were aerial ordinance―― the Mark 84 General purpose unguided bomb (which had been taken from FOB Sprut, the base where Cpt. Kirishima caused problems) had exploded all upon contact.

Numerous pillars of fire arose like fences, blocking the invading dragons, blowing them away without a trace and isolating others in the same moment.

Not only that, these general purpose unguided bombs created craters as wide as 11 meters and as deep as 15. Set at specific intervals, the exploded ordinance carved out a simple moat which, hindered the charging dragons and redirected their approach.

「Adele, please continue what you were about to tell me」

「Ah, uh, right, yes, I understand」

Observing the scene with hundreds of dragons being buried or blown away, Adele finally responds back to Kazuya’s query.

「Those……those creatures are called Canon Dragon’s, they were a mid-tier level monster and a part of the Demon Lord’s forces back on my world…. but I’ve never seen a force this large before. More so in my experience they are so territorial and would never group up like this. That, that’s why I feel these guys are quite different from what I remember……」

「That’s plenty of information by itself!! Do you know what kind of fighting capabilities they would have?」

「Well, for one thing―― those tubes that are on their back, depending on the actual dragon itself, they’re able to launch fireballs or magical bullet attacks. The range of their attacks can go from as close as 2 meters to as far as 300 meters.  As for the rest of their characteristics, similar to a normal dragon one should watch out for its jaws, claws, body charges and tail swipes」

Having been in an unsteady state, Adele was a little embarrassed by Kazuya’s query, but had immediately regained her composure and was able to spill everything she knew from memory.

「Thank you Adele, you’ve saved us quite a lot ――Chitose!! Inform all the troops to combat these dragons from as far away as possible」

「Yes, Master!!」

Due to the volcanic ash disrupting communications, information regarding how to combat the Canon Dragon took some time to make it way to the front lines.

Changing the direction of their charge, just as how it was predicted the invading dragons rush straight into another minefield, something Parabellum had laid out in advance.

M19 Anti-tank mines go off one after another, as they become triggered by the dragons charge.

But unlike what happened before where they would scatter, the dragons continued their charge as many blew up and were pitifully trampled upon by the trailing dragons.

Observing the video telemetry before him, Kazuya expression darkened.

「Chiyoda, how big of a force are we facing?」

「Master, at this time were detecting enemy signatures reaching 60,000. It way over our prediction models more so……. the amount of enemies seem to be increasing 」

「60,000!?……..That’s not a number two divisions can take on by themselves」

Kazuya’s complexion becomes worrisome, it wasn’t that they weren’t defeating enough dragons, but that the number killed is less than the amount their facing.

「The enemy has broken through the minefields!! 20 seconds until they reach Phase Line Bravo!!」

Moments after Kazuya’ mutters under his breath, he makes a face as if he just ate a bitter bug, operators within headquarters shout their reports one after another.

「Fire mission, artillery bombardment has begun!! 25 seconds till impact!!」

Phase Line Bravo was set roughly 12 kilometers away from the Neral River―― Where the 4th Army Division & 5th Marine Corps Divisions artillery units were stationed, had begun bombardment on the invading dragons.

「Contact in 3…2…1…..CONTACT!!」

A rain of shells pour down over the dragons which broke through the minefields, creating heaps of bodies all over the battlefield.

The artillery units within the 5th Marine Corps Division were, the M777 155mm Howitzer with Rocket assisted projectiles (RAP), Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle, M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), and the M109 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer.

The artillery units within the 4th Army Division were, the FH70 155mm Field Howitzer, Type 99 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer, M110 203mm Self-propelled Howitzer, M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

「Enemy casualty rate is at 18% and is increasing!!」

Even after the enemy crossed into Phase Line Bravo and shells fell like a meteor shower, the wave of enemies did not falter and continued their charge.

「Master, with the way it stands they’ll be out of―!!」

「I know!! ――Reinforcements have yet to arrive!!」

「Just a little bit more, Master, a little bit more」

「Damn it….. the situation doesn’t look to well」

Kazuya shakes with anxiety knowing full well the bombardment wont be indefinite, and the longer it continues they’ll be at a disadvantage.

And just like that, something he didn’t wish to occur happened.

「What!? Report from the artillery units, they’ve run out of ordinance!! They’re in the process of reloading and re-arming!!」


If it’s like this…. Well have to pull back our units from the 2nd line of defense.

Right after news of their rocket artillery halting their bombardment, more bad news came through.

「Phase Line Bravo has been breached!!」

With the decrease in shells and rockets, the tightly packed horde of dragons continue their reckless charge.

「The 1st Armor Battalion has begun their bombardment at Phase Line Charlie!!」

The horde of dragons that made it past Parabellum’s pre-laid defenses and heavy bombardment, were to be thinned by the 1st Armor Battalion of 4th Army Division. Who had been deployed ahead of the Neral River’s defense network as a vanguard to buy time, for the rest of their forces.

Sooner rather than later, the 1st Armor Battalion began their engagement.

50 Type-10 battle tanks opened fire on the charging dragons.

With its automatic fire control system, its 44 caliber 120mm smoothbore cannon would accurately track an enemy target, coupled with its auto loader it efficiency becomes unmatched. Compensating for the gaps between the Type 10 Battle tanks, the Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle equipped with Type 79 Jyu-MAT anti-tank missile launchers would carry out its counter fire.

While it did succeed in cutting down several ranks of the Dragon Tsunami, it didn’t entirely stop their momentum, as they still continued to pour through.

With that, Parabellum’s Assault Armor and the Tank Destroyers began to move in position.

「All units, make ready!! Don’t get too hasty, we are at the pinnacle point where what we do in this Armor will affect future generations, win at all costs!!」

『『『『SIR YES SIR!!』』』』

A great wind blew over the battlefield, as the Commander of the Assault Armor shouted words of encouragement to the rest of his pilots.

With the fusion of magic and science, the production of Parabellum’s Assault Armour were limited to various prototypes equipped with 30mm assault rifles, 57mm light cannons, 88mm heavy cannons, 120mm sniper rifles and other prototype weapons.

In addition to these Assault Armors were 20 Kanonenjagdpanzer with two GAU-8 Avenger autocannons and its main 105mm anti-tank gun. Moving into formation these Tank Destroyers and Assault Armor lay down a wall of suppressive fire towards the incoming wave of dragons.

But even with that much firepower, the Canon Dragons momentum doesn’t stall or come to a halt.

And the reason for all that (The biggest factor of them all was the large quantity of dragons) hidden behind the vog which clouded the battlefield, agitated by the shockwaves and blasts of various artillery shells from the ensuing bombardment, was just their sheer quantity of forces.

To begin with―― there was nothing more wasteful, than a round which doesn’t hit its target.  But with just the sheer amount of dragons filling in the gaps, no round or shell was left to waste.

「Enemy enclosing on 1st Battalion!!」

「Notify all troops at Phase Line Charlie, escort the 1st Armor Battalion and have them withdraw from their vanguard position」

Seeing that the dragon’s advance did not diminish, the Division Commanders judged that further combat would be reckless. As troops on the front line would become exhausted and firepower dwindle, decided to move into a defensive posture. Luring the enemy towards a specific point and counterattacking with their renewed force.   And so an order was sent out to the 1st Armor Battalion and accompanying forces to withdraw to consolidate forces at their camp on the other side of the Neral River.

「Break contact, break contact, all units to withdraw from Phase Line Charlie!! All vehicles in the vicinity Break contact!! Get moving, don’t waste time!!」

『Alpha Company acknowledges!! We’ll support the withdrawal of forces!!』

『Bravo Company confirms!! Breaking contact with the enemy!!』

『Charlie Company acknowledges!! Beginning our retreat!!』

When the order to withdraw was issued, every unit deployed at Phase Line Charlie began to break contact with the enemy while providing cover fire.

But due to the limited visibility from the volcanic ash being stirred up by the bombardment, it had become difficult to return fire and so units fired randomly into the ash cloud.

「15 minutes until the 1st Armor Battalion and escorts complete their withdrawal」

「Once they make it over the river, we should have a little bit more time」

Kazuya leaks several words of relief while watching their forces retreat across the Neral River upon two temporary bridges.

But then something that no one expected, occurred.

「「「「What the―!?」」」」

「What are―!? Dragons are appearing behind the 1st Armor Battalion!! They’re coming up from underground!!」

「Roughly 5000 dragons appeared!! More are still popping up!!」

「The 1st Armor Battalion’s retreat has been disrupted!! They’re completely cut off from the rest of our forces!!」

A separate group of dragons had gone underground and dug their way through Phase Line Charlie.

Appearing directly behind the 1st Armor Battalion and separating their forces, 26 Type-10 Battle Tanks, 10 Type-89 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, One mechanized infantry company with 20 personnel in their specialized armors were caught up in the ambush.

『The enemy appeared behind us!? This is bad, halt the withdrawal!! Stop the retreat!! 』

『Stop the withdrawal, but we are so close!?』

『We’re surrounded!! What do we do!?』

『We’re completely cut off!!』

『Fuck, Each unit just fight back!! Open fireee――Gyaaaaaa!! 』

The Type 10 Battle Tank which was in command of the withdrawal, trying to rally the rest of the units, suddenly explodes and goes up in flames.

Witnessing such a scene, the isolated units fell into confusion as the direct cause for the explosion came from one of the Cannon Dragons.

『You’ve got kidding me!? The Commanders Tank was destroyed!!』

『Shit, can the enemy’s attacks penetrate our armor!?』

『Don’t let the Dragon’s shoot you!! They’ll kill us all!!』

『Even if we fire back, where do we aim!? I can’t see a thing because of the clouds of ash!!』

『Just fire away!!』

『If you fire widely, you might shoot one of us!!』

『Headquarters, this is Alpha Company, we’re cut off due to enemy ambush!! Requesting immediate assistance!! Enemy firepower can penetrate our armor!! I repeat enemy firepower can penetrate our armor!!』


Despite being so far away, Kazuya anguished as he could imagine the confusion and fear his men who were isolated felt.


Turning back to face Adele, Kazuya could see the her turn away from looking at the devastation on the screen display.


「No matter how close those Canon Dragon’s get to our Type 10 Battle Tanks, there’s no way their attacks should cause significant damage right?」

「Ah, that, well no. Their firepower couldn’t compare to yours……. As far I remember their attacks never had that much power in them」

「I see….. So its possible they modified these monsters in some way. What did they do?」

As if to support Kazuya’s assumptions, one of the operators in the room gives their report.

「Sir!! After reviewing the footage sent from our cut off forces, the Canon Dragons aren’t firing fireballs or magic bullets, they’re firing spear-like objects!!」

「……So that’s how they did it」

The enemy copied our tactics….!

Secretly hiding his anxiety with an unfazed expression, Kazuya returns his attention to the current state of affairs displayed on screen.

On screen was 1st Battalion, Alpha Company’s desperate plight, on the verge of becoming wiped out as the 4th Army Division & 5th Marine Corps Division do all they can to rescue the stranded unit.

But even with the 4th Army & 5th Marine Corps divisions support, Canon Dragons continued to surface out of the ground isolating Alpha Company around the Neral River.

「The dragons that broke through Phase Line Charlie by going underground are advancing through the Neral River!! They’re triggering the minefield!!」

Initially laid down by the Type 94 Beach Minelayer, the minefield that these dragons charged into was a net comprised of 2 different types of mines.  The first type of mine, referred to as a sinking mine is an explosive disk 45cm in diameter, weighing 40kg laid at 30m intervals on land or the shallows. The second type of mine, referred to as the mooring mine is cylindrical explosive 65cm in length weighing 45kg and is deployed in the water at depths 3 meters or greater.

Alongside the minefield activating, sending dragons into the air, to impede their advance, the 4th Army & 5th Marine Corps Division Artillery units concentrated their firepower on the dragons which continue to break through.

Columns of water kissed the skies, as mines exploded, shells rained down, and gunfire riddled them into pincushions.

「The enemy has crossed the Neral River!!」

As if to laugh in the faces of Parabellum’s forces, the Canon Dragons that survived the torrential destruction breached the Neral River defenses.

Directly attacking the 2nd Line of Defense units, firing metallic spears from the two cannons on their backs.

「Any reports from the 4th & 5th Divisions?」

Unable to get up from his seat watching his forces get beaten back, Kazuya tried not squirm as he asked one of the operators for a sitrep.

「Sir, they said “Until reinforcements arrive, we’ll defend the 2nd Line of Defense with our lives, we’ll carry out the orders of our Commander-in-Chief”」

「……What about our cut off forces?」

「……They are still in the fight」


Watching the screens, Kazuya seared the figures of his men to memory for their loyalty and valor, continuing to fight with the hope of reinforcements.

Within those moments, suddenly the horde of dragons which had closed in on the 1st Battalion’s Alpha Company suddenly get blown away.

「… … Huh?」

Disbelief and shock struck Kazuya as he watched pockets of dragons exploding or rising chaotically into the sky.

In addition to the explosions on land, the river shot up columns of water annihilating the wading dragons trying to cross.

「What’s happening!?」

「Those explosions…..those are….they’re from our Railguns!! Schwerer Gustav, the Dora and the rest of our Railguns have come into range and began their bombardment!! The Landkreuzers also arrived and are firing their guns as well!!」

While Kazuya’s disbelief turned to amazement, Chitose was one to raise a question as one of the operators answered in return.

And this began Parabellum’s counterattack.

「The 12th Army Division have made it to the Neral River Defense Line」

Getting off the railways, 40 vehicles arrive by highway the T-80UD & T-90 Battle Tanks dismount the infantrymen they carried. And rather than firing artillery shells, the tanks 125mm smooth bore cannons fired 9M119M REFLEKS anti-tank missiles.

Targeting the underground tunnels the cannon dragons dug, they succeeded in destroying them all.

Besides the “Tank desant” the 12th Army Division’s Infantry moved towards the 2nd Defense Line while firing off rockets from their RPO-A Shmel rocket launchers which they carried. The Canon Dragons which reached their side of the riverbank burned until nothing was left.

Following the same momentum, 20 BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles floated down the Neral River along with 30 BTR-90 Amphibious wheeled armored personnel carriers. Counter landing on the rivers shores heading towards their isolated brethren, firing off their 30mm autocannons, low-velocity 2A70 100mm rifled gun and 7.62mm PKT machine guns.

Infantry personnel descending from their vehicles operated their RPKS 5.45mm machine guns, AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers targeting the holes where the Cannon Dragons were surfacing from.

Soldiers with AK-47 assault rifles, RPK light machine guns and AK-12 assault rifle with a 75 round high capacity drum mow down the Cannon Dragons around the 1st Battalion linking up with their isolated allies.

「We’ve linked up with our allies!! Request IDF support!!」

『This is 3rd Artillery, we read you Lima Charlie. The shelling will be intense, be careful out there, over』

The surviving 1st Battalion Alpha Company consisted of 12 Type-10 Battle Tanks, 3 Type-89 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and of the Mechanized Infantry Personnel, 3 Assault Armors were left.

Having forgone rail transportation, the 2S7M Malka a Self-propelled 203mm heavy artillery got in position along the 2nd Line of Defense to begin shelling.

With over thousands of self-propelled artillery produced all over the globe, this particular heavy artillery unit is capable of firing a standard shell (ZOF-40) up to 37 kilometers, and with Rocket-assisted Projectiles they can reach as far as 47-55 kilometers, which was the furthest any field artillery gun could reach at the time.

Its chassis is equipped with an over-pressurized type of NBC protective equipment allowing it to be operated in Nuclear, Biological & Chemically polluted environments. But because its weapon system requires exterior operation, personnel operating it would have to expose themselves to the polluted environment, hence the technical contradiction.

Along with the 2S7M Malka, was the A-222E Bereg-E 130mm Coastal Mobile Artillery System.

The CMAS consisted of one Command and Control vehicle, a Combat Support Vehicle with up to 4-6 weapon units. Of the vehicles one is meant for firing while the other is equipped with an optical aiming device. The whole system is mounted on an 8×8 wheeled all-terrain chassis, providing enhanced mobility. The self-propelled system is also capable of manual operation where one can load shells directly.

Filling in the gaps of the shelling whenever the 2S7M Malka & the A-222E Bereg-E reloaded was the TOS-1 Buratino a short range MLRS, firing off incendiary and thermobaric warheads from its multiple 220mm rocket launchers.

Moreover supplementing the bombardment the 4th Army & 5th Marine Corps Division Artillery, Railway Guns & Ratte fired of their ordinance in succession.

Like a waterfall, the iron curtain caused the Cannon Dragons to withdraw en masse, having grasped the futility of pressing forward.

Parabellum successfully repelled the great wave of canon dragons and managed to rescue the 1st Armor Battalion as well.

But with the state of what the 2nd Line of Defense became, defending the Neral River was considered impractical and the plan was scrapped. Parabellum’s higher ups decided to consolidate all their forces at FOB Sprut and sending them back to square one, they went to prepare for the next engagement.

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