Vol 4 Chapter 18

Madam Vice President!! Waait, don’t leave!!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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In Hangar 00 which housed the F-23, Kazuya nervously climbed down from the cockpit with a ladder that was placed beside the aircraft and was greeted by Chitose who’s terrifying smile masked her anger.

「First of all…… the most important thing….. is that Master has returned safely」

Chitose broke the ice as Kazuya removed the helmet covering his face.

「Oh, ah, uh thank you」

Frightened by Chitose who sighed in relief, as her furious aura leaked from behind her grin, Kazuya could only return a sheepish smile.

She’s angry after all

As Chitose neared him, Kazuya could only drop his gaze turning away from her smiling expression, which didn’t feel like a smile at all.

Dejectedly his head hung low, feeling like a prisoner on death row, heading towards his execution.  But contrary to Kazuya’s expectations of receiving a punishment, Chitose went behind to embrace him.

「Truly….. Thankfully… I’m glad you’re safe…」

Chitose spoke as she wrapped her arms around Kazuya who became rigid as a board.


Kazuya felt like there was a knot in his stomach as Chitose’s actions defied his expectations. Hesitantly, Kazuya slowly wrapped his arms around Chitose’s trembling frame returning her embrace.



「I beseech you, please… stop this kind of behavior… if something terrible were to happen to Master…..I….」

After expressing her feelings, Chitose separated herself from Kazuya and pleaded him with teary eyes.

「…I..I understand. I’m sorry」

「If you understand…That’s all that matters.」

Did I make her worry too much?….. Maybe I should try to ease her burden from now on.

Having heard Chitose’s plea, Kazuya turned remorseful as he reflected on his own actions.

Embracing Chitose tighter, Kazuya strokes the back of Chitose’s head.

Being thoroughly held by Kazuya, Chitose thought it better to appeal to his conscience, rather than reprimanding directly him for his actions.

…… Well if you won’t learn your lesson, I’ll have to keep on resorting to do  things like this.

While Kazuya was patting the back of her head with remorseful thoughts, Chitose carefully pulls something out of her pocket―― unbeknownst to Kazuya a collar connecting to one end of handcuffs appeared behind his back―― not realizing what was occurring, Kazuya would find out the moment Chitose spoke.

「Now then….. Master, shall we go?」


「Isn’t it time for us to go to our room?」

Having embraced Chitose in public view comforting her for his actions, all of a sudden Kazuya was taken aback by what she did next.

「Umm, Chitose? By chance you’re not still angry at me, are you?」

Realizing that Chitose still hadn’t dropped the issue, Kazuya noticed a trace of devious desire in between her eyes, while giving him a sweet lovely smile. Causing him to break into cold sweat after hearing her next few words.

「Now why are you asking that~♪」

「Didn’t we just make up, I thought we had a compromise?」

「Master, that is a different matter which is already taken care of. This is just a matter of punishment, don’t worry ……… I’ll take care of you」

Grasping Kazuya’s right arm and pulling it into her chest, Chitose restrained him perfectly as she guided him to her quarters, stepping off with delight.

And while Kazuya was reluctant to follow, he didn’t put up much of a resistance as he knew it would be useless against Chitose’s intense desire.

「Madam Vice President!! Waait, don’t leave!!」

Thinking there wouldn’t be anyone to get in their way, suddenly Ibuki appears blocking their way, because another problem still remains.

「Huh? Ibuki?  ……Oh don’t worry. Feel free to join in later」

「Wha? Oh ah thank you, I will take you up on――wait no, that’s not the point!! The battle is not over!! We still have some problems to deal with, once that’s over, then you can continue with the punishment!!」

Almost falling for Chitose’s handout, Ibuki immediately regains her train of thought, rebutting Chitose and reminding her that there’s still work to be done.

「…….Tch, alright I understand」

Having been saved for the time being, only to be later punished after their troubles have been dealt with. Kazuya sighed to himself as he was still held by Chitose, as she clicked her tongue, holding onto him as they returned to their Headquarters Command room.

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「I see… so all that we have remaining… is to deal with the Behemoth…….」

With the sun setting outside, twilight then turned into darkness as Kazuya gathered his Generals & Military Officers from various departments. In Parabellum’s headquarters conference room everyone convened to discuss how to deal with the Behemoth.

Sigh Now we have to deal with this troublesome guy……

Looking over the two emergency reports in his hand, Kazuya starts the strategy meeting.

One of the reports mentions that due to the large amount of volcanic ash spewing forth from the Behemoth’s Volcano, limited their air assets abilities and targeting the Titan directly was unfeasible. The second report then went on to explain that if the Behemoth’s Volcanic core were to be struck by a weapon like Keranos, it would erupt and the damage to the surrounding environment would be devastating.

With the two reports, Parabellum’s trump cards became useless, as they couldn’t use Keranos nor their air superiority to deal with the Behemoth.

「Alright, then let’s start from the beginning. Chitose go ahead」

「Yes Sir! Due to the volcanic ash pouring down within a 100km radius our air craft are unable to get close to the Titan. Furthermore, if we were to directly strike it’s Volcanic core, chances are that it would erupt into a catastrophe just as large if not greater than the Yellowstone Caldera erupting back on Earth」

「Damn…. that would be the worst case scenario」

It would be easy to use Nuclear weapons or Keranos to defeat the Behemoth….. But then the resulting fallout would be worse than it is now.

Sigh…. It’s a good thing I didn’t use the Keranos right after the Behemoth appeared.

Confronting the issue, Kazuya felt relieved he hadn’t made a rash decision. Patting his chest as though a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

「Master? What would you like us to do now?」

「Well at first, I was going to send in the air force, but that isn’t viable……. My next idea was to use Keranos, but that wasn’t a solution either, nor can I use nuclear weapons at this point…….  I’m just not sure of what options we have left…. We could use the new MA-bomb, but with 10 of them currently in production, frankly the process in itself troublesome」

Waving his arms comically as though he’s given up, the conference room bursts into laughter at his jest.

「All jokes aside, there is still much we can do in our present situation. So in this limited period of time, I’ll need everyone to give it their all」


「Well considering our choices, they aren’t all that bad」

「I wonder if we can do that……Given all the uncertainties, there’s still a chance for success」

「We will just have to do as much as possible during this time ――Chiyoda, pull up a map for me and go on to explain」

「Acknowledged, My Master」

Responding to Kazuya’s guidance, Chiyoda brings up a map on the conference room’s LCD screen and begins to brief the phases of the operation.

「Utilizing all the strategies put forth from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this is the one with the highest probability for success.

Our goal is to guide the Behemoth which is near the abandoned Fortress City Ballard, towards the Neral River which is 1 kilometer wide.

As soon as the Behemoth approaches the Neral River, we will simply concentrate all firepower on it utilizing our ground forces, slowing it down and stopping it entirely.

We will be utilizing forces from the 5th Marine Corps Division & 4th Army Division to set up the offensive, additionally the 12th Army Division will be enroute to assist with its Russian armament, to make for a swift victory.

All frontline assets will be deployed to the vicinity, this includes railguns, assault armor, the “Landkreuzer” our mobile headquarters, and various other armaments.」

「In other words, since the Empire wants fight dirty―― it will be an eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth, we’ll use our might & resources against their might & resources」

Right after Chiyoda finished her brief, Kazuya added some words of encouragement.

「Alright then, we will begin this operation in 24 hours. I want all of you to do your utmost out there」

「「「「Sir Yes, Sir」」」」

With the operation’s detailed discussion & strategy conference at an end, Kazuya swiftly dismisses his Generals and Military Officers that had attended. Exiting the room and going back to their respective departments.




「Now then Master, Shall we go?」


Following after his Generals, Kazuya tries to secretly make his way out of the conference room, only to rub shoulders with Chitose. Having been grasped just as Chitose voice entered his ear, Kazuya couldn’t help but jump in alarm.

「…..Cough cough Ahaha, Chitose… 」

「Master there is still 24 hours before the operation begins. Don’t you think you can spare 4~5 hours of your time for some leisure?」

「…..Ah No, uh actually, I don’t think I have time to spare, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, right Ibuki? Ibuki?」


Turning around and looking towards Ibuki for help, Kazuya became crestfallen as she looked away.

Why!? Don’t look away, Ibuki!!

You’re the only one left that I can count on!! Is it because…. Did you give in because Chitose said she’d let you join in?

Seeing that his only hope, Ibuki had abandoned him. He realized the reason for why she changed sides.

「…… Kazuya hasn’t been paying attention to me lately…」


Is that the reason!?!?

「Now then shall we go, Master?」

「…..Kazuya, please forgive me for doing this….」

With Chitose gripping his right arm, Ibuki held onto his left, as they both pulled him in the same direction.

…….Not yet, there is still something I can do!!

Unwilling to submit himself for the punishment these two had in store for him. Kazuya used all his might using his lower body, planting his feet as he was forcibly pulled allowing with Chitose and Ibuki’s whims.

「Oh Kazuya~!!」

「……Tch, a hinderance has appeared」

And with perfect timing, a certain person popped up.

「You’re one and only Celicia has come~ I waited hoping your meeting would end soon. Ehehehe~…. I was hoping Kazuya would grant us a reward for all our deeds in this past battle」


Suddenly appearing and going to her knees, bowing in the middle of the hallway, Kazuya became perplexed with Celicia’s actions.

「Well….. I was hoping you would reward us」

「Um, well giving you a reward is fine, but….. Before we go into that, first of all…. why is Adele rolled up next to you and gagged?」

「MmpphhmMmphh!!  MmMmphhhhMmm!!」

At the end of his gaze, Adele was tied up with rope & wrapped up like a caterpillar as she tried to roll and inch herself away.

「Ahaha~, well I heard Adele made quite the contribution in defeating a bunch of monsters so I brought her along with me. Rather if I didn’t, she would be too shy to come to Kazuya for her reward」

「….. She look more like she’s angry than shy」

「Oh that’s only on the surface, in front of you she likes to hide it~」


「……No I definitely think she’s pissed off」

Watching how Adele kept on struggling and glaring back and forth towards Kazuya and Celicia, Kazuya made the expression towards Celicia to release her.

「Ah don’t worry~ You really shouldn’t mind her. It’s just that her switch isn’t on right now that she’s behaving like this」

「Her “switch”?」

「That’s right~ Usually Adele may bear an unscrupulous attitude towards you, but once her switch is flipped. She’ll be more than obedient, she’ll be a woman who’ll serve Kazuya more than anyone else. Well that’s just how she is…. She’s been well educated~…. I was watching her~….」

「Oh, uh, I see……」

Kazuya was at a loss for words, answering Celicia with a dry laugh, as she boasted her thoughts.

「So Kazuya~, as for our reward……..  By all means, won’t you love us both――」

「Master, we need to leave, there’s no time to dawdle」

Cutting off Celicia, Chitose pulls Kazuya away.

「…..But I wasn’t finished, there’s still things I have to sa――」

「Save it for later, Master is busy」

「Grrrr…. I get, you may have won this time, but next time……」

Dismissing Celicia’s protest with a single look, Chitose overpowered her complaints. Lightly laughing to herself as if she won, Chitose tries to leave with Kazuya in tow.




Like a bullet, the infatuated Princess rushed headlong with all her might leaping into Kazuya’s chest.

「Mmuu-wagh~~ BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, Ehehehe~ Ehehehe~ Ehehehe~ BROTHER~ I got you. BROTHER!! I was sooo scared, there were monsters pouring in from all over!! So please help me go to sleep!! I was a good girl, so pat my head please!!  Since I was such a good girl, we should―― Brother? What’s wrong!?」

Cough Cough…….. uuuggghhh…. I’m okay…. it’s not….. so bad….. I’m okay wheeze…….」

Because both of his arms were being held by Chitose and Ibuki, Kazuya was unable to get away from Iris’s rush, taking the full brunt of it, causing him to gasp as his face contorted in pain.

「IRIS!! You… how could you do such a think to Master!!」

「…..Oh, it’s you. Well you look okay. Come Dearest, let’s leave this weird woman alone. Let me guide you to my room」

「Ha, you have real nerve, your courage isn’t small. You think I’ll just let you waltz right in and receive Master affection?」

「Fufufu, it’s laughable hearing that from you. You’re just scared, you just want to monopolize Brother because you don’t have the confidence in keeping him to yourself」

「Hmph, your only worth, was being a chess piece for us to annex the Canary Kingdom. If it wasn’t for me, you’d never have the chance to even receive my Master’s Affection. So why don’t you beg to show a little appreciation?」

「Fufu, what a cheap joke….. Sooner or later, it will be just me in Brother’s heart. Just as you grow older with Brother―― my fruit will blossom and fit his tastes, as yours will just rot and become useless」

「……What was that?」

「……Are you deaf or something?」


Iris & Chitose locked eyes as they created sparks in between them.

「……Why is it like this, what’s going on?」

「Hmmm…. Looks like the other women are fighting over Kazuya, Dear sister」

Feene and Lena who’ve taken shelter within the Headquarters underground bunker during the Ziz’s attack, had exited following Iris as she had dashed out when the attack settled down.

「…….Um.. they seem to be busy, maybe we should come back at a later time」

Scoffs Ugh!! Why are you always like this! Sis you’re too passive at times like this, if you keep on carrying that kind of attitude, you may not even receive Kazuya’s affection? Do you really want it to turn out like that!?」

「Huh!? But…. 」

「Come on, let’s just go and join in」

「Huh! Wha! Waiii―」

Things became even more chaotic within the Headquarters hallway as Feene & Lina joined in after Iris as they fought over who’ll be with Kazuya.

「Enough!! How many times do I have to tell you all!! First comes, first served!! All of you wait your turn for later!!」

「Madam Vice President is right!! So all of you should get out of the way!!」

「NO!! Dear brother should love me first!!」

「Why should we!? Rather than wait on the side for Kazuya’s affection, we should be the ones to receive it more!! Who gave you the right to go before us, after all our hard work, we should be before you. Adele, don’t you think that’s the case? You agree with me right~」

「MMMGGMMPHHH!! MMMGGGMMMPPPPHHHH!! (Don’t involve me in this!!)」

「Ehhh!? This arrangement is so unfair!! If we follow the order like this, Big Sis and me will be last in line…. Especially since we haven’t had that many opportunities, I think it’s fair if Me and Big Sis go first!!」

「Ah, Tha-that’s right!!」


All these gorgeous women putting themselves forth for me, makes me happy…. but this is madness.

Actually, it’s a good thing Karen and Amira are away as delegates in their former Kingdoms. If those two would be here, the degree of chaos would turn even crazier than it is now.

Right now there’s a struggle with four opposing factions―― Kazuya embarrassingly sighed as we watched the ensuing scene.

「……Master, do you have some time?」

Having not participated in the chaos ensuing in the hallway, Chiyoda inches close to Kazuya, taking the opportunity to report to him of a certain matter.

「Oh Chiyoda, what’s up?」

「Regarding your previous order, I sent one of my proxies (a spare biological droid) to protect those soldiers」

「I see… That’s good to hear」

「But… Another incident had occurred…..」

「”Incident”? What do you mea――」

「Master? What are you two discussing?」


Chiyoda and Kazuya had exchanged a few words, before they were interrupted by Chitose, who was supposedly stuck in a whirlpool, squaring off with the other girls.

Then before anyone knew it, things settled down quick just as all eyes focused on Kazuya.

「Wha Chi- tose, oh its nothing, just a small matter….ahahah.」

「Actually, Chiyoda, what were you two talking about while I wasn’t looking?….. Did you think I wouldn’t notice you two taking advantage of the situation?」


「Sister, it’s not what you think. I was right next to Sister the whole time」

「Hmph. Chiyoda that’s right, you were next to me. But that’s no excuse―― Master, what was the troublesome matter you had my Sister do for you?」

「Ah no…. that’s…..I was…..」

「…….You plan on denying it then?」

Unable to bear Chitose’s intense stare, Kazuya caves towards her oppressive aura.

Opening his mouth and after five minutes of explaining the situation with Chiyoda’s interjections, Chitose erupts with fury.

「The image of our Elite Guards are now ruined!!」

Having received Kazuya’s and Chiyoda’s sides of the story, Chitose doesn’t hold back her anger.

「How could they betray Master’s trust, ordering soldiers for their private matters!? There’s no way I can forgive them! They took control of the base and even commandeered a transport plane! Chiyoda exterminate that bastard now! Him along with everyone who took part in it as well!!」

Kazuya started to panic as Chitose fury increased.

「Whoa, wait a minute!! Chitose calm down, just calm down!!」

「”CALM DOWN”!! How can I stay calm, when the Elite Guard, Master’s personally selected Highly trained troops, cause trouble!? The situation’s out of hand, I should’ve never given them those tickets!! Ah never-mind, I’ll just get rid of those rewards.  Master, it’s those in the Elite Guard are sworn to protect you that created this mess, and I will take care of it!!」

「Alright, Chitose I get, I understand. For the time being let’s wait for everything to settle down. We’ll have a Court Martial to decide what their punishment will be. You’re okay with that, right?」

「If that’s what Master has decided, I won’t go against it―― but after the Court Martial, instead of a firing line, you’ll change the method of execution to death by hanging, right?」

「……. We’ll see when that time comes. But not before we confirm the facts of the matter」

「………Yes, Master」

After the intense back and forth, Chitose reluctantly nods to Kazuya’s final decision.

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