Vol 4 Chapter 11

Kazuya~ is a bad liar~


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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The swarm of flying monsters were like locusts along with its parent the Ziz, approaching ever closer to Parabellum’s mainland.


「Enemy swarm has passed directly over the 1st Fleet. They’re still on a direct course for the mainland!!」


Ignoring the 1st Fleet’s unrelenting heavy anti-air attacks, the Ziz and the swarm continue to travel towards their intended destination


「Enemy swarm, has just entered Parabellum’s immediate airspace!!」


Various reports flood the Command Center, solidifying that the situation was becoming worse.


「Chiyoda…. what’s our status?」

「Tch…….Master, I’m sorry. It’s past the point of no return, our enemies will be making landfall soon…..」


Even with all of the mainlands defenses, its outlying island defenses, Sea platform fortifications, Flak towers, Anti-aircraft batteries, missile launcher emplacements, and many more which were under Chiyoda’s remote control (minus the automated systems). She calculated the trajectories of their systems and the strength of their firepower against the incoming invasion of monsters, and was reluctantly compelled to tell Kazuya the bad news. 


「I see…..」



Chiyoda grit her teeth the moment she received Kazuya reply along with his bitter expression.


It hurts….I hate it…. my heart, it hurts!! Dammed insects…. because of you…. I’ve embarrassed myself….. For invading Master’s sacred land….. I’ll make it so you can’t even…..

Come, I’ll make it, so that not even a single one of you make it out alive.

I’ll kill you all like the worthless bugs you are and send every part of you all to hell!!


Chiyoda’s guts twist at her uselessness, unable to show Kazuya her good sides. She felt inadequate, having control of Parabellum’s defenses but incapable from preventing these foreign entities from invading, her internal emotions fiercely bubbled like boiling magma.


「Chitose, I’ll be leaving command of all our ground forces to you」

「Yes, Master, understood」


Right after Kazuya delegated command authority of the ground forces to Chitose, she descends to the centermost part of the Command Center, and begins to actively give orders of their troops.


「Reina, Raina」

「「At your service」」

「This is just in case,  but please watch over Asuka for me」


Watching Chitose command their mobile ground defenses, Kazuya turned to his maids, Reina & Raina―― having stood behind him, they come to his sides, receiving his instruction to watch over his daughter.


「Yes Master」

「Master, we already know」


After receiving Kazuya’s orders the two maids scurry away from the Command Center, the skirts of their maid attire swishing as the left. Outside the they took the rest of Kazuya’s attendants and made their way to Asuka’s room. In time they would all head to the underground shelter, which was beneath Parabellum HQ and wait for everything to pass. 


「Now that that’s over with….」


How bout I head out for a little bit.


Once Reina & Raina were out of sight, Kazuya slowly gets up to exit the Command Center.


「Ah Kazuyaa~? Um, are you going somewhere?」

「Master, do you plan on leaving?」

「Mr. President!!」


Celicia, Chiyoda and Ibuki raise their voices all at once, looking at Kazuya with a suspicious expression.


「No, I, I’m just going to use the restroom」

「…… Kazuya~, is a bad liar~…….」

「Huh? Oh your just going to use the restroom, it’s fine if I accompany you halfway right?」

「…….Master, I don’t know what the Vice-President will say, but my sister will definitely say something about this later….. 」


…… I know already.


Kazuya claimed that he was just going to the restroom, but it was already obvious in everyone’s eyes, what he was planning to do.


「Ah, then I’ll help, so you can come back soon~」

「I understand, but make sure to return as soon as possible」

「I’ll make some arrangements and provide you an escort ――Master, Good luck」

「……I’m really sorry for giving you girls a hard time」


Knowing Kazuya would do as he pleases, and rather than having him stealthily disappear, the girls decided to monitor him and support him as best as the could.   Chiyoda and General Aoba, devoted their support for Kazuya, so he wouldn’t get hurt.


「Is it time Kazuya~?」

「Hm-hm alright let’s go」


With the implicit consent from his subordinates, Kazuya leaves the Command Center with Celicia in a stealthy way so Chitose wouldn’t notice.


「We just lost all contact with the 17th Coastal Battery!!」

「Maritime Defense Platform #180, has been sunk!!」

「Mimasaka Island’s garrison is requesting for reinforcements!!」

「Bizen Island is also requesting for reinforcements!!」


The moment the swarm of monsters made landfall on the small islands surrounding the mainland, they began ravaging everything in their sights and once done, left very little traces of anything.

Meanwhile, small defensive boats equipped with missile pods, frigates deployed on inlets and anti-air emplacements on sandbars tried with all their might to combat the invaders, but the damage they could do was minuscule compared to the swarm.


「……Those damned maggots, they should all be destroyed」


Chitose watched as the country Kazuya had built, began to be devoured, brashly spewing obscenities, she grew impatient by their forces results.

Negative reports continue to pour in, as it becomes fuel for Chitose’s rage.


「――What was that!?…..Seriously!? Are you sure it wasn’t a mistake!?…..ah. Roger, understood. Vice-President, bad news!! The entire crew of three destroyers have abandoned ship and deserted the battlefield. The ships are Sejong the Great-Class Destroyers, 『Sejong the Great』,『 Yulgok Yi l』, 『Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong』, which we’ve completely renovated and upgraded」

「The moment they are found, kill them on sight」


「Don’t make me repeat myself, kill any and all deserters on sight, treat them as our enemies, understand?」

「Ah…….yes, yes Ma’am. Understood, clear as day!!」


Already in an aggravated state, Chitose declares to eliminate deserters casually like it was nothing, before swiftly returning to direct the troops on the ground. 


「Incoming enemy swarm, they’ve made it to the mainland!!」

「We have confirmation via the short-range interceptor system and from the fortified towers with our anti-aircraft units!!」

「We have the 16th & 112th Infantry Regiments along with the 2nd & 5th Tank Battalions, as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Anti-Air Batteries all engaging the enemy!!」


Deployed on Parabellum’s eastside two infantry regiments, two tank battalions and three anti-air batteries begin engaging the invading swarm within their fortifications.

The development of the situation became dire as their war reach Parabellum’s shores and began spreading throughout the mainland.


「Fuck….. Now that it has all come down to this, it’s become an all-out-war. It doesn’t matter anymore, use everything and anything against our enemies!! Kill them all, don’t let those bugs desecrate Master’s country anymore!!」

「「「「Yes, Ma’am!!」」」」


As soon as the fight reached Parabellum’s mainland its anti-aircraft defenses went into full motion, M51 Skysweepers, L-90 35mm Twin barrel anti-aircraft guns, Vulcan Air Defense Systems (VASDS-1 Kai), OTO Melara 76mm, Otobreda 127/54 Compact, Phalanx CIWS, Goalkeeper CIWS, RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles, Iron Domes and more all fire upon the monsters.

Mobile anti-aircraft vehicles which were the core of the three Anti-air batteries mobilize, the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, Type 93 Surface-to-air missile truck, 9k35 Strela-10, 2K22 Tunguska, Type 87 Self-propelled Anti-aircraft gun, Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind and other Self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles all fire one after the other.

Their two tank battalions were comprised of M1 Abrams an T-90s while their Infantry regiments wielded man portable surface-to-air missile weaponry. Firing upon the flying monsters with FIM-92 Stingers, the British Starburst, 9K38 Igla, Type 91 Surface-to-air missiles and other MANPADS.


「Enemy losses have reached up to 89%!! Just a little bit more!!」

「Oh no!! A part of the swarm has broken through the Anti-air defenses and are terrorizing the city in District 9!!」

「They’ve also broken through another area and are attacking the 8th and 12th Districts!!」

「We’ve just lost communication with the 1st Anti-Air Battery!! Their unit has been annihilated!!」

「Bugs are swarming Flak Tower #42!! At this rate the non-military personnel taking shelter inside are in danger!!」


Following the intense anti-aircraft fire from all types of weapons, the number of monsters decreased slightly, providing a ray of hope to all.

And yet, one after another, countless casualty reports flood the Command Center.




Although she was upset by the reports, Chitose begins to wear a thinly crisp smile


「……These bugs are underestimating us, by pushing us this far」


Observing the screen showing Flak Tower #42 under siege by the bugs, knowing that non-combatants were taking shelter inside, Chitose chuckles to herself before ferociously giving the signal to begin the counterattack.


「The amount of enemies left are something we can take care off ―― Have all forces drive those bugs off our land!!」

「「「「Yes, Ma’am!!」」」」


As the amount of bugs were decreasing, Parabellum’s military finally could afford to fight back, and this was the tipping point where they went on the offensive.

But surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the Veteran Soldiers who lead the charge, it was the non-military citizens of Parabellum.

The monsters which came from the Ziz’s body began awakening to their natural instincts, and were gradually tearing down Flak Tower #42, searching for prey.

Imprinted within their very being, a natural instinct that was carried throughout each generation, the insect-like creatures would always seek out prey they considered to be much weaker than they were. They would crowd around their prey’s nest (Flak Tower) and continuously burrow until it was breached, in order to devour their prey.

But little did these creatures know, that Parabellum’s citizens weren’t the feeble prey that their instinct were leading them to be.

The final barrier sheltering the non-combatants as they ran for safety was broken through. A hole large enough to fit the monster’s large head, pokes through, its mandibles clack with glee at its success.




But the monster which had protruded its head didn’t find its prey cowering in fear, rather than that, the young and elderly held up weapons pointed straight at it with the intent to kill.

Dumbstruck, the bug couldn’t retreat as in the next moment its face as well as its body became blown back by the torrent of bullets, hollowing away at it.


「Hmph, we may not be Soldiers, but as citizens of Parabellum, there’s no way we will go down without putting up a fight」


Chitose watched proudly as the non-military personnel, Parabellum’s non-combatants rise, carrying various firearms and fight back.  They exited Flak Tower #42 counterattacking with vicious fervor and yet maintaining rank discipline like standard military-men.

All the while, in line with the common people’s counterattack, Parabellum’s military personnel & Soldiers returned fire, pushing back the invaders which had driven them in a corner with tremendous force.

Submachine guns like the P-90 & MP7 had been distributed to capable children, while elderly men and women alike were given assault rifles. In which their firepower could pierce the tough exoskeleton of the invading creatures.

All throughout Parabellum’s fringes, images and video feeds like these would display this occurrence of its people fighting back.


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The strength of the swarm began to dwindle as its momentum was overturned with their citizen’s militia. With that, their military could focus on driving out and annihilating the rest of the monsters.


「……It’s already over」


The only thing left is that giant bug.


Although their country suffered some damage, Chitose was relieved that the remaining enemy left was the Ziz. 


「What’s the status of our Aerial units and the defending fleet?」


The battle in the skies tapered off as Anti-aircraft units weren’t firing off as intensely as before. With the flying titan as their remaining opponent, the 1st Fleet had also returned inland to counter the Ziz as the Air Force had temporarily left the airspace not long ago.

Concerned about how their Air force and 1st Fleet are doing, Chitose questions a nearby operator.


「Ma’am, the mass attacks from our Air units have become sporadic as they haven’t been able to cause significant damage. At the moment the 1st Fleet is launching everything they’ve got, from Anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles, main guns, various anti-aircraft weaponry and so on, but none of those seem to be very effective, Ma’am」

「I see…. So what’s the current situation with the Ziz now?」

「Right now, we currently have the Air Force keeping it distracted, we’ve isolated the Ziz away from the swarm, their currently 20 Kilometers off the mainland coast」

「Alright then…. Ah Master, what should we do nex――Huh!?」


After getting an update on the Ziz, Chitose had turned around to get Kazuya’s thoughts on how to take care of it.  Expecting to see Kazuya in the President’s seat, she was only met with a very empty chair.


「This…. can’t….. be……. Master you….」


Not seeing Kazuya’s figure anywhere within the Command Center, she turns towards Ibuki and Chiyoda, only to see them turn away from her gaze, and an ominous feeling began to boil within her.


「Wait, why is?……. The doors to Hanger 00 are opening, why is it!?」


It was at that moment her greatest suspicions were confirmed.


「Did the President get on that YF-23 Stealth Fighter!? Why is it taking off!?」


Aware of who exactly was piloting the YF-23, which had come up from the underground basement. Hanger 00’s elevator doors opened as the plane was guided to the runway.


「Patch me in directly to that YF-23!! Do it now!!」

「Yes, Ma’am!!」


Furiously tapping away at their console, the operator executes Chitose’s command. On screen within the Command Center, was Kazuya’s profile, wearing a Joint-helmet-mounted-cueing-system (JHMCS, an integrated heads-up display, which can cue weapons systems with retinal movements).


『……………… Oh, crap! …… Ahahaha Chitose, how did you know?』

「”HOW DID I KNOW!?” Master, what do you think you’re doing!?」


The moment she connected with Kazuya’s plane, she unleashed her anger like lightning.


『Ah, it’s not what you think. Our weapons aren’t causing enough damage, I’m just going out there to collect a little combat data. And we’re going to need a little more information if we’re going to deploy “This” to deal with this guy.』


Emphasizing “This” Kazuya motioned to the little package mounted on the wings of his Stealth Fighter.


「Leave that duty for others!! Get off that plane right now and get back here!!」

『…………What the? Chitose? Chitose? I’m not hearing what you’re saying…. Somethings wrong with the line……Chito―』


The line was immediately cut, in a pitiful way.




Staring at the pitch black screen, Chitose fumed as her voice echoed within the Command Center.


「YOU TWO!!….. Why didn’t you stop Master!?」


The moment after communication with Kazuya was cut, Chitose stormed towards Ibuki and Chiyoda infuriated.


「Madam Vice-President,  please calm down」

「”Calm Down?” What do you mean calm down!? Master, is going into the battlefield by himself!!」

「Well, about that, he should be okay. The F-22’s and F-35’s belonging to Secret Service are already with him and I’ve sent an additional ten T-50 Fighter Aircraft. If it truly comes down to it, there is a built-in-program within the YF-23 that will cause it to return to base by our order」

「In addition to what the General has mentioned, my copy is flying another fighter and is escorting Master」

「Seriously!? You two…. ….You should’ve…. 」

「Madam Vice-president, it was better for us to assist the President, that way we could follow his actions and have better control over the situation. Otherwise, the President would have done various things without our knowing」



Chitose fell silent towards Ibuki’s sound reasoning,

But then Chiyoda and Ibuki flinched from Chitose’s bone chilling gut wrenching reply.


「….. I understand perfectly what you two are telling me.  But we don’t know exactly what kind of power that Titan is hiding. Therefore I will need to deal with it quickly」


Chitose picks up the phone while trying to get in touch with a certain place.


――*Dial Tone*


――*Ring* *Ring* *Click*


『This is Drydock one! Who the fuck is calling at a time like this!? We’re busy dealing with repairs and fending off monsters!! What do you want!?』

「This is Chitose」

『…………………….*Speechless* *Erratic mumbling* Eh, Ah, Er, V-vvvvice…… Is this the Vice-President!?』


A wave of immediate regret washed over the Drydock worker who answered Chitose’s call. He began to sweat bullets after having told off Parabellum’s Second in Command,


「You are correct. This is a dire emergency. What ships are available to sortie? Are the 111, 797, 798 or 799 ready? Are any of the Iowa Class, Montana Class, South Dakota Class, N3 Class, G3 Class, Lion Class, or H Class――you know what, is there any ship that can fire its main guns after retrofitting it to become a flying battleship, amongst the ships the President himself summoned?」

『Ah yes ma’am!! Right, we’ve just finished installing the magic furnace on our Yamato-Class Battleship 111st, we haven’t completed all of its upgrades, but its 1st and 2nd main turrets are functional!! But we are unable to move it as there are other ships being retrofitted as well!!』

「Alright then, I want you to send out 111st immediately」

『Huh, ah…..Are you sure? Like right at this moment?』

「I said ”immediately” didn’t I」

『Ah but we haven’t fully tested if the magic furnace works, much less have spare personnel to move the ship』

「Regardless, just gather some people and do it. Do you understand?  In 30 minutes, I want the 111st at the specified location, I’m sending to you」



The drydock worker who answered the phone was speechless, unable to respond back to Chitose unreasonable order.


「You have two choices, “Yes Ma’am” or “Understood”」

『Right…. I….I..understand. It will be done……I’ll get to it immediately!!』


Forced to choose between two unreasonable replies, the drydock worker couldn’t utter a complaint as he couldn’t rebuttal Chitose’s options, the worker could only comply that he understood her order.


「Now that that has been taken care of. Time to deal with the rest…..」


Now what kind of punishment shall I give master, upon his return?


「「「「*Screams internally!?*」」」」


Having given the Drydock Worker an unreasonable order, Chitose quietly exuded a chilling aura as everyone in the Command Center trembled with fear.


「This is Spider 1 in the F-23, I’m taking off!!」


Soaring off from the runway, Kazuya declared enthusiastically, unaware of the things going on inside the Command center and oblivious to the things he would face upon his return.


Huh? Is that…… Celicia?


Flying towards the Ziz, out the corner of his eye Kazuya happens to catch sight of monsters which had come from the flying titan being killed with magic. Turning towards her direction he sees Celicia wave widely at him and his F-23 stealth fighter.


『Master, slow down, your escorts won’t be able to catch up』


Returning a wave back to Celicia, Kazuya suddenly gets an abrupt transmission from Chiyoda just after he cuts off his afterburnners, reducing the speed of his stealth fighter. Flying up next to him was a YF-24 Variable Fighter “Aardvark” (A fusion of the Mitsubishi F-2 and Northrop YF-23 along with the Empires Flying Mech Armor) in its pilot seat was Chiyoda’s figure.


「Chiyoda!? Why are you out here, and why are you piloting? Oh――wait this is your clone flying. Because this is a specialized aircraft, I didn’t think you’d be able to fly 」

『I’m an artificial intelligence, something like this shouldn’t be a problem for me. But I’m nothing like you Master』


Chiyoda replied back to Kazuya proudly, when he expressed his surprise towards her ability in flying the YF-24 Variable Fighter. Humbling her voice when she brought up Kazuya’s ability to handle any and all types of weapons.


「Alright…. Well the escorts have finally caught up, let’s get rid of that thing and head back」

『Yes, Master, lets do just that. …….By the way my sister is furious』

「…….Don’t remind me」


I’m getting jitters just thinking about returning back now……


Recalling Chiyoda’s comment Kazuya begins to feel skittish at the thought of returning home to an incensed Chitose.


「……Is everyone ready?」

『Ready when you are, Master』

『Good to go, sir』

『Ready to go at anytime, sir』

『We’re ready here』

「All right then, let’s head out!!」


In order to take his mind off some scary thoughts, Kazuya calls out to his Pilot escorts. After receiving their replies, they quickly engage their afterburners, using the short boost before cutting it off once more.

Increasing their altitudes and getting into formation.


「Altitude reaching 4000….6000….8000…..10,000!!」


The moment Kazuya confirms their target altitude of 10,000 meters from his altimeter, which had been rotating at a tremendous speed. He levels off his aircraft and begins forming up with the rest of his wing escort


「Bogey confirmed. All aircraft follow me! We’ll strike this thing in a single hit and all return home!!」

『Yes My Master』

『『『『Roger that!!』』』』


Double checking to see that their target is in their sights & everyone is in position, Kazuya makes the call and they begin their assault.


「All aircraft begin the descent!!」


All 31 fighters begin to make a steep dive as they surge towards their opponent, all following the prototype fighter at the lead.

Diving with gravity they also ignite their afterburners, instantly causing them to break the sound barrier and bringing the ground in view within the blink of an eye.


「All aircraft, make sure to adjust at the right moment!!」

『『『『Roger that!!』』』』


With the Ziz coming into view they adjust their descent by 50 degrees. Kazuya can see another fighter flying at mach 2.5 as its being chased by the flying titan as his group approaches at supersonic speeds.


「Fuck Yeah!!」


31 Fighters bear down at the Ziz as it was focused on chasing its prey, the lone fighter in front of it.




With their flight path dead center on top the Ziz itself, it would seem as though their fighters would crash, if not for some quick maneuvers, Kazuya group immediately threads their fighters through the proverbial eye of a needle.

Passing through and around its grotesque body.

In the next moment, six Durandal missiles which had been attached to Kazuya’s stealth fighter and GBU-28 laser guided bunker busters from the escort fighters reek havoc all along the Ziz’s thorax and abdomen.

The bunker buster penetrates the titan’s tough exoskeleton along with the Matra Durandal, its 100kg charge would create an opening allowing for its secondary charge to embed itself inside the creature before bursting causing even more damage.

The Ziz’s insides swelled from the internal explosions, causing mayhem and blowing off parts of its exoskeleton and guts.




The Ziz’s body separates in two, shrieking as though it was dying while spurting its purple colored blood.

But attacks on the flying titan had not ended just yet.


「Raaaaaaaaahhhhh!! COME ON!!」


Chiyoda who had been tailing Kazuya in her YF-24 variable fighter, which was slightly larger than the F-23 stealth fighter, dropped back and transformed into into its mech form before continuing its attack on the Ziz’s recently wounded surfaces.

In the moments it transformed from its fighter state into its humanoid form, the 88mm heavy cannons which were attached on its pylons underneath its wings, had been converted into hand held weapons. As it flew over the Ziz exposed insides M261 Hydra 70 rockets shot out of its rocket pods blowing up more of the titans internal organs.


「This is just a bonus!!」


Having fired off all of her 88mm Armor piercing rounds and exhausting her rockets, in a final hurrah Chiyoda held a panzerfaust equipped with a thermobaric warhead.

Firing it at the wounded titan, she reforms her YF-24 back into its variable fighter state, and just before the Ziz is engulfed in a maelstrom of flames she bugs out of the immediate area.


「Is that it?」


Watching the Ziz sway from having its insides damaged before dropping from the skies, Kazuya says a few words under his breath.

But the creature did not go down as quietly as he thought.


「What the!? Seriously!?」


Just as the light within the titan’s monocular compounded eyes had all but faded, a black eerie glint appeared, relighting its fervor as it rushed indignantly at Kazuya’s F-23.

Moreover, its flight speed and maneuverability had more than doubled after losing roughly half of its body, making it much more lighter.


「Oh Fuck!!」


How are you still alive after all that!? Shit, are closely related to cockroaches or something!?

Damn this fuckers fast!!



『Mr. President!!』


Due to the unexpected turn of events, Kazuya made a split second decision. Pushing heavy on his throttle and taking a steep dive, barely avoiding hitting the wounded titan, he manages take shake it off.

But that was short-lived as the Ziz soon was back on his tail and began chasing him even more.


『Master, I’ll cover you!! Get away from here please!!』

「What your asking for… is a bit…difficult―― I’m trying as hard as I can as it is!!」


Along with Chiyoda’s YF-24 who was trying to hold off the Ziz, Kazuya’s escort fighters began firing their AIM- 9M Sidewinders and R-73M Short range air-to-air missiles. All the while Kazuya had his head right near his throttle as he tried to evade the Ziz, its mouth wide open and furiously chasing him with its four pairs of wings.




Blaring through the emergency line, Chitose’s voice reverberated within Kazuya’s helmet.


「Chitose!? Ah, sorry, but I can’t talke to you right n――」

『Continue as you are, please fly through the cumulus cloud 4000 meters at your 12’!! Master, drop your altitude by 450 meters, Please!! 』

「Huh!? Ah, got it!!」


Confused only for a moment from Chitose’s instruction, Kazuya immediately regains focus and follows the order, dropping his altitude by 450 meters and flying straight towards the cumulus cloud in front of him.


「Is my altitude and heading on course?」

『Yes Master, it’s perfect』

「Chitose, what’s going on, what’re going to do!?―― Its dangerous here!」

『Not to worry, I’m just going to take out the trash』


Sweating intensely Kazuya had asked while evading the Ziz’s bite, but Chitose just replied in a serious tone.


「And how are you going to do that!? Didn’t you see what we just did?」

『We still have a hand to play』

「How can this thing fly at such crazy speeds―― Holy shit!  It’s really dangerous right now…」

『As long as our timing is right….. Hm-hm, it will be possible』


Slipping through the Cumulus cloud like Chitose directed, Kazuya spotted the shadow of a certain design.

The moment he sees the grandiose sight of the flying battleship, the Ziz which was following right behind him appears from the Cumulus cloud and six Type 91 Armour piercing shells roared out of the battleships main guns.

Unable to avoid it as it was ships length away, the Ziz was bombarded with Type 91 shells at close range.

Timed at the right moment, the armor piercing shells drilled into the Ziz’s tough hard exoskeleton head, making it into its soft brain, stirring it up like miso soup, before its timers go off.

All the explosive charges packed into the shells detonate, causing the Ziz’s head to burst in a grand way.


「I never thought I’d see Warship 111… mobilized for something like this」


Despite the battleship being bathed in monster guts and purple blood, Kazuya looked at the flying warship with hope. Reminiscing about the original ships history and how it was never built, due to Japan’s deteriorating situation in World War II.


「Now that that’s all over time to go home…..huh? What the, why am I broadcasting on all frequencies?………….Chiyoda?…. what did you do!?」

『This should be fine, right Master?』

「Are you abandoning me now?」


As soon as the battled had ended, Kazuya’s radio began to transmit while he was taking a breather.

Sighing in resignation about the radio transmission, Kazuya decides to send Chiyoda back.


『 It’s okay Master, I understand』


After watching Chiyoda’s YF-24 fly away, Kazuya turned his plane, aiming his aircrafts nose back to Parabellum’s mainland.


「……. I should say that I have something to take care off (I want to run away)….. She should be able to get the hint right? That I have things to deal with」


Thinking about how to run away from the situation, he was soon greeted with the sudden appearance of his second in command. Having landed safely, his F-23 was being taxied to the hanger as Chitose welcomed him back with a big smile.

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 M167 VADS-1
 Oerlikon GDF 
 OTO Melara 76mm
 Otobreda 127/54 Compact 
 Phalanx CIWS 
 Goalkeeper CIWS
 RIM-116 RAM 

 Man – Portable Air Defense

 FIM-92 Stinger missiles
 Starburst missiles
 9K38 Igla “Needle” 
 Type 91 Surface-to-air missile

 This box was left

Terminology & stuff

 Anti-Aircraft Warfare 
 FN P90 Submachine gun 
 HK MP7 Submachine gun 

TL Notes: Thank you for your patience. I hope this technical reference helps you understand the various kinds of weapons that are being used in this scene.

*YF-24 Aardvark* This is a Variable Fighter similar to Macross variable fighters, in this world they just mashed together the Empire’s Magic Flying Mech Warrior with Parabellum’s tech. You can refer back to Vol 3 Ch 29, about how they were researching this and made different prototypes.

*Warship 111* Historically was planned to be the 4th Yamato-Class Battleship and was to be named upon completion. Her keel was laid down in the 1940s, she was 30% complete but was taken apart and scraped in 1942. Her materials were recycled and used for the conversions/upgrades for the Ise and Hyuga . [This was what was referenced, when Kazuya knew about this particular ships history, how he felt hopeful towards its rebirth]

Also this relates to Warship 797 which was planned, but never built as well as Designs for the Super Yamato-Class Battleships. Which were Warship 798 and Warship 799.

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