Site Maintenance

Test runs of certain things


Sorry for the abrupt notice. But Its my day off from work, so I wanted to try and test out certain features this weekend.

Maintenance & Testing will be Today and Tomorrow, and next weekend as well. (Saturday 2/22/2020 – Sunday 2/23/2020 & Saturday 2/29/2020 – Sunday 3/1/2020)

Edit (2/29/2020): I’m making my policies from scratch and referencing various DIY website terms, policy, agreement and what not. This is the first time I’m taking the thing serious. So I haven’t translated as of recently. So Vol 4 Ch 15 will be delayed a week in March.

Edit (3/1/2020): With the transition to DISQUS comments system, Native WordPress comments will be hidden from public view and concurrently removed in the next three months. In order to better facilitate page load.

Enjoy the weekend, Cheers & Aloha!