S&D: 8 – Will I get to use this Umbrella?

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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It’s Tuesday.

The day after my second dungeon exploration.  I walked to school as usual. In my schoolbag, was “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” that I picked up yesterday.  I decided to hold on to it, because there may be an opportunity to increase my experience somewhere.


「Hey Saino…… Something about you looks different」

「Huh? What’re you saying?」

「Hm. Somehow you, you look more dignified….」


 Sitting at my desk, my friend came up to me with a questioning expression. I broke into cold sweat, while responding back to my buddy meekly. If my appearance seemed more manly, then it was probably because of  what I did yesterday.

 I graduated from being a virgin, after having sex with Sensei. It might have changed something in me, sort of like shedding ones skin and turning into a man. But just as I smiled back to my friend in reply, the classroom’s door slid open.

 She’s here……

Harumachi-Sensei, who was my first partner, came to class.


「A-a-alright, let’s begin homeroom」


 It’s obvious that she wasn’t her usual self.  Harumachi-Sensei who always carried a pompous attitude, wasn’t her usual overbearing self today. Well the reason for it is pretty obvious. The shock of getting into a physical relationship with me must be really affecting her.

 It’s been an undeniable rule for a school to remove teachers who put hands on their students.




 While watching the situation in class, Harumachi-Sensei’s body flinches slightly, just as she gazes over my direction. At any rate I’ll just keep my head down, at least for the rest of the day I don’t plan on making a big deal about it what happened.



「……Everyone Bow」


 Natsuno-san our Class Rep called the class to give their respects, noticing Sensei’s peculiar condition. Everyone bowed greeting the teacher in unison, before standing back up. 

Watching Sensei be a little all out of sorts. Knowing that yesterdays change in behavior was due to a magical tool, my attitude in class didn’t vary much from before.  Maybe it’s because I’m no longer a virgin, somehow maybe from that experience I became more courageous after losing it.


「…………。 N-now-w then, let’s start with r-roll call――」


 Sensei glanced towards me with a complicated look, but after shaking it off, went about starting homeroom with a slightly shaky voice.




 The rest of our classes for the day went by smoothly. Harumachi-Sensei was pretty apprehensive in the morning, but since we didn’t have World History today, she didn’t come by at all after homeroom.

 Today’s classes passed by just like a breeze. But deep inside, I was expecting for something to happen.

 And the reason for that was――

……..Looks like the weather turned cloudy, just like they said in the forecast.

 That’s right, it’s because I have “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” with me. The perfect situation that calls for any umbrella, is rain.  According to the weather forecast from this morning, things would turn overcast from the afternoon and rain into the evening.

 The weather forecast projected that it will rain heavily.  So now was a convenient time to share the same umbrella with someone. And right now, I was in the process of picking someone.

 Obviously I can’t do that with Harumachi-Sensei.  I’m pretty sure Sensei would refuse to get anywhere near me right now too. So the idea of spending some time underneath an umbrella wouldn’t fly.

 It would be pretty dangerous too, if someone were to catch us, a teacher and a student sharing an umbrella on the way home.


 Moving my sights over to the one who will be my target. Focusing on one individual who was at the center of the classroom. A strong-minded individual who puts her hair up into a ponytail and is staring strongly at the blackboard.

……That’s right, the person I decided to use my umbrella with, was our Class Representative.

 It was none other than Natsuno-san, who’s pretty frame came into view.




 School had ended for the day.  I decided to kill some time while everyone left the classroom little by little.

 Natsuno-san had gone off towards the Teacher’s Office, after being called to do something for one off the staff members. She should be about almost done, so I decided to wait up for her.

 Also I didn’t want to be blatant and rude in front of her, but I checked to see if Natsuno kept an umbrella in her bag.  Because I didn’t see any umbrella on the umbrella stand in class.

 Did she forget to bring one with her, or did someone take her umbrella thinking it was theirs?

 Either way, I felt pretty lucky.  Expectantly waiting I played with my smartphone, and not long after, the classroom door rattled before opening.


「…….Hm? Saino, you’re still here?」


 As expected, Natsuno-san was the one who came through.  She looked surprised to see me still in class.


「Hey Class Rep. Did you forget to bring an umbrella?」


 I make an excuse, one which I thought up in advance.  Using the pretense that she didn’t have an umbrella with her, she can’t go home right away, so with the collapsible umbrella in my schoolbag, wouldn’t I be seen as a Hero.

 I put on a facade, raising my voice slightly, ready to pull out the umbrella from my bag, completing the story.  All that’s left is waiting for the right time do so.

 But Natsuno stared back at me uninterested.


「Ohh…… Well, I’ll be heading home first」


「…..What’s up? Is something wrong?」

「N,no, it’s nothing…….」


 Natsuno-san’s reply was completely out of my expectations.  A shocked sound leaked out of me, correcting myself when Natsuno questioned my response.


 Did Natsuno have an umbrella?……

 But there was no umbrella on the stand in class…..


 Leaving me confused, Natsuno exits the classroom with her schoolbag in hand.

 She doesn’t even look like she has an umbrella.

 Did she have an umbrella somewhere that wasn’t in class or something?

 If that was the case, then my whole plan was a complete failure.


「Bye Saino. See you tomorrow」

「Y,y,yeah, see you tomorrow…..」


 Replying back to Natsuno, I watched as she disappeared behind the hallway corner.  I was left in a daze watching her leave, but soon after I shook my head, and decided to just follow her.  My plan failed so it didn’t matter anymore.

 But then――

If there’s a chance to use it in the future, it’s better to have the umbrella on me……

 Yeah that’s right, if it ever rains again, there will be a chance to use “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” sometime down the line. I guess by that time, I’ll be able to figure out where Natsuno keeps her umbrella.

 Muffling my foot steps, I see the back of Natsuno small frame.  And make my way down the stairs to the ground floor. And just as Natsuno reaches her shoe box.

 That was when――


「Sorry for making you wait for me Maya. I made you go through all this trouble, sorry」

「Ehehe, no worries~. Isn’t that what I am always here for~」


 Casually talking to another person out of view, Natsuno spoke in a really friendly manner. And as I reach the last step of the stairs, the true identity of that person. It was none other than the bodacious beauty Akitsu-san.

Oooh, I see, so that’s why………..


 Everything finally made sense. Looking at Akitsu-san, she had a large umbrella in hand. They were both going to go home under that large umbrella.  One of them had probably seen the forecast this morning, brought their umbrella and planned to share it.

 From the looks of it, even though its expected to rain heavily, if its that large umbrella, these two girls should be able to fit underneath without getting wet.  And here I thought I could share an umbrella with her, but Natsuno-san already had plans to share an Umbrella with someone else.


Aw dammit……

There’s no other way, maybe I should give up for today……..


 Pulling out “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” I stare at it hoping for another chance someday.  It was easy to use “The Night Invitation Candle”, but it seems like it’ll be difficult using this item.

 In the first place, it’s never easy asking a girl to share an umbrella with a guy.  For young teenage boys, the hoops and hurdles we have to jump through are too damn high.

    I sigh to myself as I pull out my shoes from my shoebox, preparing to go home alone.

 Opening my umbrella just as I was about to leave the door――





 Hearing a certain persons voice beside me, I became curious and looked in that direction.

 It was Class Rep and Akitsu-san having a little conversation.  Glancing at Akitsu-san I could see a gleeful smirk, as if she was planning something.



「…….Maya? What’re you doing?」


 Turning towards Akitsu, Natsuno made a grimacing face, trying to ask what she’s trying to do.

 That was when Akitsu-san opened her mouth with sly smile.


「Hiyori, why don’t you share an umbrella with Saino-kun, he went through all that effort too~ Don’t worry, no ones around to see, so why not take the opportunity~♪」



 With Akitsu’s sudden proposition, Natsuno makes a wry smile while glancing towards me.  Even I was surprised.

 Why would Akitsu say something like that at a time like this?

 I mean it’s perfect for me…… But it just seems to good to be true, what is Akitsu-san planning.

 What is going through her head, that made her suggest to Natsuno to share an umbrella with me?……


「Look Hiyori, for the meantime just share an Umbrella with Saino-kun until we get to the convenience store nearby. And then we’ll switch from there~♪」

「Hey Maya, just wait……..」



 Giggling Akitsu smiles while opening the umbrella in her hand, going outside by herself.  Standing in the rain, she casually says’

「You two~  should hurry up~♪」


「……We should go」

「Hmm….. Fine lets go. I’m sorry about Maya, she always does strange things….」

「Ahaha….. you must have it hard」


 With a bitter smile and “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” open I gesture for us to go.  Natsuno made an apologetic face, but as soon as she came next to me, she suddenly blushed instead.


「Ohohoh, would you look at that, you look like the perfect couple~」

「Haha…….. *Sigh* she really likes to do random things, every now and then……」


 Akitsu laughs teasingly, while Natsuno sighs with her head down.  Maintaining a manly front, I secretly rejoiced in my heart.

 I’m not sure how things turned out this way, but I finally was able to share an umbrella with a girl.  All that’s left is to walk them home for as long as possible.

 I wonder how effective the umbrella would be, would they even want to get closer to me?

 Trying not to get wet by the rain, my heart trembled with anticipation.

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi