S&D : 7 – A Surprise Attack

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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…… Hmmm, should I continue exploring the place?

 Having picked up “The Umbrella of Intertwining fate” from this small room, I place the magic item in my rucksack.  I debated whether to continue exploring the Dungeon having dove into the place, not long after sex with Harumachi-Sensei.

 And so far my exploration is going well, I don’t feel that much fatigued either. I still had that injury from when the Blue Rose’s thorns cut my arm. But the wound itself wasn’t that deep and I didn’t have trouble moving around.

「*Inhale* *Exhale*……. Okay…」

 Inhaling deeply before departing the small room. I had weighed my options about continuing my exploration or turning around and heading back.

 According to the little book, If I receive a severe amount of damage I would be automatically forced back to the Dungeon’s entrance, but that also meant losing the items I acquired.

 That would mean, “The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate” would return back to its Treasure chest.

It didn’t specify how much damage is considered critical, but…… I should just be more careful from now on

 I continue walking down the stone corridor, while thinking back to the rules I read before. My left hand still following the wall, mapping things as I go.

 The mapping app on my smartphone also recorded my position, properly showing this labyrinths structure. Looking closely at the shape displayed on screen, I had an epiphany about the dungeon itself.

Wow…. could it be, was the first floor a 400 meter perfect square?…....

 Staring at the mapping app, the path displayed before me has been following a certain pattern. Having taken a left 200 meters from the Dungeon entrance, and moving 400 meters forward of that, even if the path creeped a little further to the right side.

 The path I traced out with my left hand, created a winding path that mapped the outside of the floor. Looking at it’s beautiful shape, it was too much to call it just a coincidence.

So if this place is a 400 meter by 400 meter square, the area of the first floor should be 160,000 square meters……

That’s  0.16 of a square kilometer.   Given that the Tokyo Dome is 0.05 Sq. Km, the size of this place is about three times that.

 While doing simple arithmetic in my head, I realized the problem about exploring every part of the first floor. It may take some time to completely map out the place, because the passages are more intricate than one would think.

 Having found two Magic items so far, must have all been due to sheer luck. After coming to that conclusion I decided to set off mapping the dungeon once again.

 And soon my theory of this place became confirmed. After exploring for less than an hour, projected on my screen was a beautiful square image.

 And not only that, but I came upon a very familiar small room.

It’s here…. the small room I entered yesterday….

 Looking at the scene it matched my memory perfectly, with everything being there as I had left it. Inside of it was an open chest, it’s lid still lay open with nothing else was in the room.

 And just to make sure, I looked inside the chest where I had picked up “The Night Invitation Candle” and right there in the middle was the note.

……. Did I just explore the whole exterior path of the dungeon?   Whoa I didn’t expect that the exterior paths would connect like this, so it didn’t matter if I went clockwise or counterclockwise…….

 Tagging the rooms location in my mapping app. Because this place was labyrinth, I figured I would run into a dead end somewhere along the way, but miraculously I never did. I was at a loss for words, it’s hard to tell if all of it was due to luck or not.

For now let’s just go back to the entrance, then I’ll try to go to the center of the dungeon this time to check if my theory is correct. I’m still feeling pretty good right now, maybe I should try and get that last item

 Having made a plan of what to do next, I set my mind on it and just followed out the path I walked yesterday.

 It’s a path I’ve already explored once, so going down it again should be a cinch.

 Along the way I encountered Lv 3 Rats, I was able to deal with them without any difficulty.

 And soon I made my way back to the dungeons entrance.

Now then, this time, let’s go this way

 Taking a different path from the entrance this time, the passageway went left then right, and then another left and then right before turning into a fork. Maybe if I go this way I can actually make it to the center.

 But the moment I turned the corner――



 From around the corner, a branch comes swinging down at me. Throwing my arms above my head to block the surprise attack, I managed to stop it.


 The impact wasn’t that heavy, but pain traveled through my arms as they started to become numb. Jumping back, I couldn’t help but frown.


「Hollow Tree……!」

 From around the corner, slowly coming into view I could make out the shape of the dead tree. There was no doubt in my mind, that this was the same Hollow Tree that should’ve been in the treasure room I had explored yesterday.

 …… I shouldn’t have let my guard down.

 This thing was strong, the battle before this made me think I could take on anything. This is a dungeon, this is a labyrinth, the enemy will attack you regardless of what state you are in. I paid the price for forgetting all of that, in that attack just now.

That’s a…..Lv 5!?

 Just when I closed one eye to look at it, I was shocked by the number that appeared in my head. It was the same Lv as the Blue Rose bush I had fought earlier. Settling my thoughts I pulled out my knife.

 And charged towards the Hollow Tree which was just shuffling from side to side, timing my attack as I closed in on it.



 I only dealt a glancing blow to its body. Managing to break apart a piece of its face, the rest of it’s body just leaned back from my attack.



 My hand throbbed as the knife slipped out of my grasp. Falling to the floor, it made a loud clacking noise. I hadn’t noticed but my grip strength had loosened, it must have been due to that surprise attack earlier. I was so distracted I didn’t realize it.

 And the enemy didn’t miss this opportunity either. Shaking its branches, the Hollow Tree advanced on me.


 Swiping at me, the tree’s branch just barely crosses in front of my face.

 I managed to step back in time.


 Cold beads sweat drip down my face, having gotten away in a split second.

 My knife was on the floor, right between me and my enemy.

 What’s more it was completely within the Hollow Tree’s range.

 If I go to grab it now, there’s no doubt I’ll take a painful hit.

Can I damage it by hitting it somehow?….. No, that won’t work, I may break my fist if I tried… A kick maybe?….. That might not do anything either, the power may not be high enough…..

 While figuring out what to do next, my mind raced with ideas, as I observed my enemy.

 …….it’s not coming at me.

 Did it realize I didn’t have a weapon, it just keeps shuffling around my knife like it knows something.

This is bad….there must be something I can do to breakthrough….

 While facing the Hollow Tree, I desperately look around for something.

 What other ways can I attack it? There must be something I can use. Could it be――


 Eyeing my surroundings with urgency, I finally land on something inside the labyrinth.

 Never consciously thinking about it until now, since it was always a part of this dungeons environment.

 It didn’t dawn on me until now that, that could be a weapon.

 It was the perfect thing for the Hollow Tree.

 Approaching the wall right next to me, I put my hand right on it.

 Feeling its faint heat, I grasped it firmly.

 The Tree seemed to sense this as well.

 That’s right, the thing I wanted to use….was this dungeon’s torch.

「……..Okay, let’s do this!」

 It actually didn’t take a lot of effort, as the torch came off the wall fairly easily.

 Holding onto its shaft with both hands, I face it directly towards the Hollow Tree.

 It still felt pretty nice to have.

 It’s base was a little thick, but it really was no different than holding a baseball bat.


 After all, fire was it’s natural enemy. The Hollow Tree flinched from my newly acquired weapon.

 This time without, missing a beat I rush towards the tree, aiming the torch’s tip directly towards it.

 And then――



 I swung the torch with all my might.

 The impact causes the torch to bounce of its body, scattering some embers.

 That was a good hit.

 Besides, attacking with fire, seems to be effective against a guy like this.

 Flames begin to spread all over the Hollow Tree from the scattered embers in no time at all.


 After it was completely engulfed, burning to a crisp, the Hollow Tree burst into particles of light.

 In an instant the flame disappeared as everything else about the Hollow tree disappeared along with it.

「*Breathing hard*…….Haa…..damn…..haaa….. *wheeze*…….」

 After confirming my victory, all strength left my body.

 A wave of lethargy went through my body.

 …… Having leveled up, I thought I could keep on fighting in this ranking order, but it seems I need to seriously reconsider that notion.

 This place is home to many monsters.

 There’s always danger present, it’s not some place to let your guard down.

 I also need to change my view on how levels work.

 A while ago, I thought as long as I was equal in Level to a monster I could take it out easily, but from this experience that kind of logic was a mistake.

 Rather monsters who are equal in Level with me are enemies I can face on equal terms, there is still a certain amount of danger.

 Nothing was as easy at it seemed.


 Picking up my knife, I place it back into it’s sheath. Turning around, I walked back the original way I came. My injuries weren’t that serious. But exhausted from that battle just now, my condition wasn’t perfect.

 I made up my mind, that’s was all I was going to do today.

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi