S&D: 6 – My Second Exploration

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Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「All right then」

 After Sensei had already left. My body felt slightly fatigued from having continuous sex. But my eagerness to confirm how strong I’ve grown, overruled those sentiments.

 Gathering all my equipment, I stood at the entrance of the dungeon, that was my basement. Stepping into the stone corridor, I looked at the palm of my hand. Yesterday, the number which flashed across my palm was zero.

 But this time――

「……..Lv 5. Did my Lv (Love) increase by 5?」

 A little bit of relief assuaged the anxiety in my mind.

 Wondering to myself if the number of times I had sex with Sensei was the reason for my Lv. While we did engage in such intimate acts, and it may have been against Sensei’s desires, the number on my hand did reflect the amount of times we did it.

……. Now then, I should see how effective this Lv up is

 Taking a deep breath I focus my thoughts into one. Now that I’ve grown, I should explore to see the fruits of my labor. My fighting power should have increased, compared to when my Lv was zero. I should also be able to explore the dungeon more efficiently as well.

 I might be able to acquire another『Magic item』too.


 Walking down the stairs I made my way to the first floor. The scene before me is no different from yesterday. The wind blew to the back and the path forked just the same.

 I took my smartphone from my pocket and pulled up a mapping app. Originally developed for other games, its usefulness should also be effective in this dungeon.

…… Let’s use the “Left-hand” method for the time being

 Yesterday, I used the “Right-hand” method and I was able to acquire the “The Night Invitation Candle”

 If I followed that route again, I would only come upon an empty chest, it would be more efficient to try out a different route instead. Placing my left- hand on the wall, I slowly proceeded down the corridor. Mapping my steps while at the same time looking out for any monsters that would appear.

 The dungeon was silent maintaining its stillness, it was a good environment for keeping my concentration. But then after five minutes of exploration, an abnormal scene presented itself before my eyes.

……Is that, are those rats? There were two creatures. Wait, they don’t notice I’m here…..

 Two plump rodents appeared 20 meters away from me. Roughly the size of a balance ball used for exercise, they knock into each other using their bodies. Could this be some kind of territorial dispute? They don’t appear to be that strong, but they’re both snarling at each other.

What’s their Lv…. both of them are Lv1. Oh perfect.

 Having closed one eye, and verifying the monsters Lv, I nod to myself. The Lv of the Hollow tree that I fought yesterday was also Lv1. This is the best way to confirm how much I’ve grown. Pulling out my combat knife, I make my way closer to the rats.

 The enemy still hasn’t noticed me.

 But the moment I came within 10 meters of the two, both rats turned towards me ferociously.


 Both rats raised a battle cry before heading towards me. But their speed wasn’t as fast as I thought. It was just at the speed of a walking human.

 But rather than wait for the two to come towards me, I instead made a break towards them. With momentum on my side, I rolled to the one on the left aiming my knife directly at it.



 The rat which received my blow comes to a dead stop. And soon it turned into little white lights, disappearing in moments. Immediately following that action, I turned to my right planting my knife directly into the other rat with a little more strength. And once again, my enemy burst into little white lights, before disappearing.


 After making sure that I killed the both monsters, I sighed in relief having exerted a lot of my strength. And after that I placed my knife back into its sheath.

Man, that didn’t seem so bad at all. But could that just be the influence of my current Lv?…….

 Thinking about it, I looked back at the palm of my hand. The battle ended really quickly. And the number of attacks I used to defeat the enemy only amounted to one strike per monster. Still it could’ve been that these two were distracted.

 If that wasn’t the case, maybe my attack power increased. Recalling how it took three strikes to defeat the Hollow Tree. Adding onto that, I didn’t feel as drained from this battle, unlike the time I fought the tree. But yesterday was first time I fought so I had a lot of stress piled up, this time it really wasn’t that stressful at all.

 I wonder if I’ve gotten used to being in combat. Or could it be that, with the increase in Lv, my mental strength increased as well. Really though, after all that, this battle was so much easier than yesterday’s.

 And for the moment I stood basking in the ambiance of being able to kill Lv1 monsters easily.

…… All right then, I should continue exploring the place. Yesterday I only stopped at collecting one item, this time I should search for two….. Maybe I could gather all the items on this first floor

 According to the rules of the labyrinth written in that little book, there should be three treasure items on a floor. I opened a treasure chest yesterday, so there should be two left.

 If my search goes smoothly, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to clear this place completely. I should start exploring and map this whole place out.

 And before long――

(!!!) Hey it’s a small room…..

 After turning left several times I see a similar scene before me. Roughly five meters from the corner there was the exact same entrance like yesterday. I hold back my excitement voluntarily, my expectations building the closer I get.

 There should be a treasure chest in the center of the room, if it’s anything like yesterday’s room. So most like this room should have a treasure chest as well. I try to take a peak into the room, trying not to make a sound.

There is a treasure chest after all!…. But right next to it, there appears to be a Blue Rose

 Just as I predicted there was a treasure chest made of wood and iron in the rooms center. And just like yesterday there was a monster in the room as well. This time the enemy was a “Blue Rose”

 Roughly the size of a human child, this bush had a large beautiful blue flower in its center. The size of its petals were a quite decent, but other than that it appeared weak and thin.

 But if one were to look closely, a large number of sharp thorns encompassed its stems. If I were to carelessly touch it, I’d likely become injured. If I were to attack the Flower bush now, would it use those parts to retaliate?

 Closing one eye I verify it’s Lv, and the number 5 appeared.

Thats the highest Lv I’ve seen so far!….. This thing must be tough to deal with…...

 Pulling my knife from its sheath, I swallow back the spit which was stuck in my throat, trying to calm my heart. The Blue Rose bush seems to be a high tier monster on this 1st floor.

 Both its Lv and mine are the same, so I may struggle here for a bit. But considering yesterday how I fought a Lv 1 Hollow tree while I was at Lv 0. Based off that experience, maybe our equal Levels aren’t too much of difference.

 Settling the doubts in my head, I slowly make my way into the room.


 The moment I stepped into the room, the Blue Rose bush turned towards me. It didn’t approach me, but I could hear it rustle threateningly as if it was speaking.

 Moving carefully towards it, as it beckoned me to attack. I put some distance between us, feinting several times before striking towards it.


 Slashing down with all my might. Several petals were severed, causing the Rose’s body to shiver.


 But pain suddenly went through my arm, as I put some distanced between the flower and myself. Looking at my arm while maintaining some vigilance, there was a shallow gash about 10 cm in length on my right arm.


 The Blue Rose shook wildly, rustling its leaves in mockery. Seems like I got entangled by one of its thorns during that strike just now. It wasn’t that much of an injury, but ever since I dove into this labyrinth, I didn’t expect to get myself injured.

……Damn At times like this, I wish I had a weapon that could attack enemies from a distance

 My knifes range is just as far as my arms length. Which means that when attacking, there also a risk for a counterattack. It is easy to use and I can do powerful strikes, but its only a close-quarters weapon.

 Wiping away the blood from my arm, I rush the Blue Rose again. This time moving carefully as possible, I slash towards the Blue Rose, steering clear away from its exterior petals.


 Receiving no resistance I push forward. Cutting cleanly through its inner petals, my knife makes its way to the center of the flower, causing it to vigorously shake as though moaning in defeat. Not missing a beat, I make a slashing motion, severing its bulb from its stem.


 The Blue Rose collapses and bursts into particles of light. As the light disappeared into the walls and floor, all that was left in the room was the treasure chest.


 Sighing to myself I put my knife back into its sheath. It was tough game of back an forth, but it took three strikes to take it down.

 This was the first time I received any damage though. It also made me think of how I should combat these kinds of monster in the future.

 But with this experience, I was able to win against this high tier monster with a considerable amount of margin. Knowing this made it easier to explore the 1st floor.

 Maybe monsters which are the same Lv as me are opponents that I can take on in equal terms. Hey, that’s what I’m talking about, this is amazing. After all, with my Lv as it stands, I should have no problem clearing the 1st floor.

Anyway, I should just open this treasure chest…..

 Clearing away my random thoughts, I turn towards the chest in the center of the room. This has always been the main reason why I wanted to explore dungeons. I wonder what kind of item will be in there this time? Opening the treasure chests lid, I peak inside.

 And what was inside was ――

…..A collapsible umbrella? Oh hey, there’s an note with a description

 Within the treasure chest was something that looked like a black collapsible umbrella, something that could be sold at any random shop and right next to it was a piece of paper.

 From all appearances it resembled the note from the other treasure chest which held “The Night Invitation Candle”. Picking up the note itself I read off the words carefully.

The Umbrella of Intertwining Fate

When the opposite sex enters the range of this umbrella’s cover, they’ll begin to have romantic feelings for the umbrella’s user. Its effectiveness increases, the longer one stays under its cover.

Number of uses:

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Translated by: Kaimana Proofreader: Kuro_0ni
Editor: NarK0Lepsi