S&D: 5 – Loving each other 【※】

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Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「Mmm~, Haa~, Mmm…..Saino~…..」


 Within my house’s living room, neither of us moved more than just wholly chasing each other lips. Holding each other tightly as our mouths moved on their own.

 My spire, encased in a soft warm place, sticking tightly, not letting go.

 I could feel the heat from Sensei’s body being transmitted to mine.

 Focusing solely on this, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy.

 But with “The Night Invitation Candle” burning in effect, my desires continued to swell endlessly.

 Wanting to pour all my lust into this pleasurable garden.

 I couldn’t deny my instincts as man, yet neither could move on my own.

「Sensei…. I…….」

「Haa~, there there….. I’ll make you feel better~…….Mnn~, nnNN~….! 」

 Nodding her head back, she starts to ride me in response to my plea.

 Her deepest crevass massaged my flesh rod, sucking, pressing, wrapping, & caressing, the friction generated a pleasurable warmth.

 I grit my teeth, embracing this gratifying feeling that I’ve never had before.

「Mmmn~, Haa~, Nnn~….. Saino~ if you ever want to pull out, you can do so at any time~…….Mnnn~, mmmm~, nnnnnn~…..!」

 Looking at me intensely, ecstatically moving, even Sensei’s words had a charm that shook my soul. 

 Her waist didn’t just move back and forth, up and down. But like a dancer she used my spire, pulling and pushing me skillfully in all directions.

 But it wasn’t just me who was feeling elated, Sensei’s euphoria showed on her face, as there wasn’t much else on either of our minds.

「Mnnn~, nnnn~, nNnn~…..! Ah~, Haa~, Haa~, Nnn~, Saino~……!」

「Haa*……Sensei*…..feels so good*…….」

「nNNnn~ Ah~…me too~ Saino~……! So hard~…..Saino is soo~ manly~…. nnNn~」

 Forgetting the difference in our positions that were just teacher and student, we continued to feed of each other desires.

 Harumachi-Sensei who never showed a sense of feminine style, displayed all her womanly qualities at this moment.

「Ah~, Haah~ oh god~, Aa^~aAa~」

 Grinding her bottom back and forth, pushing her knees downward as she arched her back.

 Moving ever deeper towards a certain place.

 Matching her thrust, I lifted my hips attacking her most sensitive place.

「Ah~ Saino~ Aah~ tha~…….! HaA~aAa~~….!」

 Grabbing hold of my shoulders, pulling my face closer to her body raising her steamy voice.

 Gripping Sensei tighter I kiss her neck. 

 Sucking on her skin, just as much as she shook her bottom, entering her over and over and over.


 At the moment when her insides squeezed me she leaked an erotic moan.

 Finally released from her deathly grip, a glanced down at the place where we connected, noticing a shimmering red.

「Sensei, has finally become my woman….!」

「Ah, Nngh, Haa~, don’t say it….. idiot!」

 Sullied by my words, Sensei tightens her hold around me, choking me.

 But there was never any real power behind it, as her response was more docile instead.

 Looking at her face oncemore, her eyes cast down as she tried to hide her inner feelings of joy.

 Trying hard not to smile, as if I was her lover who just proposed to her.


「Ah~, Haa~, Nngh~…. Saino~…..!」

 Gently moving her waist, I respond back in kind, drilling her bottom with my all.

 The smacking sound of our juices reflected in the rhythmic bouncing of our bodies.

 Holding my shoulders, Sensei bounces salivating off my body.

 My spire rising to match her fall.

「Haa*…Sensei*…I…I’m almos*….」

「Nnn~, Haa~, it’s okay~ you don’t have to~….! Just let it out~ You can do it inside~ MwaAa~ Nnnn~……」

 It was my first time, but I was getting closer to my limit.

 Even though she said to do it outside before, receiving her blessing to pour it all inside with such an erotic expression.

 Incited my male instincts, revitalizing my will to hold back from ejaculating just a little bit longer.


 Sensei’s voice became excited as she increased her tempo.

 Her breasts bounced lightly before my eyes as a result.

 Her hair shaking all over the place as she had moved violently over me.

 Reveling in the image of Sensei’s saintly appearance turned succubus, raised my desire to its greatest heights, wholly pouring myself into it.

「Sensei*…..I’m almost*….. 」

「Me too~ Saino~….. Aah~, Mmm~ Muaah~ Haaa~ Ahh~ Haa~…!」


 In our last moments, we were thoroughly absorbed into each others bodies.

 Thinking of nothing else but reaching that pure ecstasy.

 As the both of us reached the ends of our ropes, neither of us could hold back any longer.

「Here it comes*, Ah*, Sensei*」

「Haa~, HaAA~, AAAA~, AAA~, AAAA~~~」

 *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse*

「NNNNNNNNNNN~~,NNN~, NNN~, Puah~, Haa~, Haa~, mmmm~」

 The feeling was so invigorating that my mind went blank.

 Her walls tightened around my shaft, clinging to my member as it throbbed with great force, semen spewing from my tip. 

 Sensei embraced me tightly, her body trembling with every pulse, as my semen kept entering her.

 Filling her deepest crevices, my ejaculation lasted surprisingly longer than I had thought.

「Nyaah~ Nnnn~ Haaa~ Saino~ Mmmm~ Muah~…….」

 Having poured my all into Sensei, she slowly releases me from her embrace, while our eyes level with each other.

 Enthralling eyes and a flushed face. It was an erotic expression full of desire and love.

 Unable to bare such a gaze, I buried my face in between her breasts.

 And with that Sensei gently stroked the back of my head.

 So warm, so good, I couldn’t describe the heaven that I was feeling.

「Sensei…. I’m glad, I’m really happy my first time was with Sensei」

「Fufufu…… Me too, I was really happy to give my first time to Saino too」

 Speaking our thoughts to each other in a relaxed manner.

 There’s no way I could let go of these feelings for Sensei, even after having experienced her.

 According to the description “The Night Invitation Candle” is only a one time use item. But it doesn’t limit the number of acts done, just that the candle can only be lit once.

 So what would happen if the flame were to go out?…. That question revolved in my mind. But I couldn’t bring myself to test it out.

 I wanted to enjoy this intimate time with Sensei just a bit more.

 Since it would be impossible to use “The Night Invitation Candle” more than once how about……

 I began to think more about its uses, but that soon became useless as within less than a minute, my thoughts turned elsewhere.

 Looking at each other our desires soon coalesced and we soon followed those impulses.

「Hey, Saino~….. do you want to go again~……?」

「Sure*…… But this time can I start from behind*….?」

「Mmm~ I want Saino to fill me up~ Let’s both feel better together~….」

 After exchanging a few words with each other, we finally let ourselves go and spoke with just our actions.

 Moving to the floor we began to have doggy style sex.

「Nnn~, Saino~, more~ it feels~ sooo~ goood~…..! haa~ aah~ nnnNN~ HmMM~」

 Harumachi-Sensei shouts out in ecstasy from the movement of my hips, raising her waist even more.

 Over and over we interacted with each other, never getting tired of each other’s company.


「Mmm~, Nnnn~ Mou~ Nyah~…….!  HaAA~ AAAA~, AAA~, AAAA~~~!」


 *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse*

 Reaching my threshold once again, I poured all my semen into Sensei’s deepest parts. Pulling out my member as her crotch began to drip with both our juices mixed.

 This was the fifth time I had ejaculated.

 It was a euphoric experience, saying this was heaven doesn’t describe the feeling of elation I was in.

 It was roughly an hour after I had lit “The Night Invitation Candle”

 Sensei and I continued to have sex without stopping, consuming ourselves in the deepest of pleasures.

 The description did mention that when lit the candles effects would lead a man and a woman to desire each other. And from this experience the effect seems to last for as long as the flame continues to burn.

 In those moments the only thing crossing our minds was just to embrace each other over and over and over.

 …….And then it was all over.

 If one took at a look at the table, the candles’ flame began to flicker, waning as it reached its end.

 And after a few seconds the candle lost its glow, with its flame disappearing.

 And that’s when――


 As if waking up from a deep sleep Sensei, looks up in realization.

 Suddenly covering her body with one hand, she waves the other around as her eyes cast off a sense of shame.

「Huh, Saino! Ah… this, this isn’t what you……..!」

 Sensei immediately raises her voice, before suddenly going silent.

 Probably thinking of an excuse or something to say.

 Mixed expressions gathered on her face as Sensei tried to make sense of herself. But before she broke down, I spoke first, with some lines I prepared beforehand.

「Sensei, why don’t we keep this all a secret. If word got out that you put hands on a student, you’d never be able to continue on as a teacher」

「Ah! Tha,that’s right…… It would be helpful if you did that…. yes, please keep this a secret」

 Realizing the magnitude of the mistake she committed. Sensei’s face immediately turned regretful, but she nodded to my words in agreement.

Truthfully her expression was too hurtful to look at….

 My chest began to throb once again.

 Although my desire for Sensei had already disappeared, ever since the candle’s flame was extinguished.

 It was still quite a shock to see the woman I desired making a regrettable expression like that.

「Anyway, I think you should go home for now. I’ll try to persuade my parents on my own for the time being」

「……Sorry for the trouble」

 Nodding weakly towards my words, Sensei steadies herself as gathers her things.

 Semen still dripping from her thighs, using some tissue it was quickly wiped away.

After all of that, I wonder if my LV increased……

 As soon as that thought came into my head, I felt horrible for thinking so. Passing it off I began thinking about something else.

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Translated by: K4!M@|\|a Proofreader/Editor: Kuro_0ni