S&D: 3 – Who should be the first target?

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Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「Hey Saino, what’s the matter with you?」

「Huh? N-nothing, no uh everything is fine. Was something wrong?  There can’t be anything, right?  There’s just no way…. Ahahahaa……」

「Sure, but what’s with that reaction…. why are you laughing…….」

 It was Monday, the day after my first dungeon exploration. I went to school thinking all was well, but my friend immediately found me giving off a weird vibe.

 I wonder if I did something, that made it seem like my personality was off from usual. This guy, maybe because he’s around me so much, its easy for him to tell if I’m out of it in some way.

 But that’s because yesterday, I got my first 『Magic Tool』 from the dungeon. It is called “The Night Invitation Candle”.

 Reading over the candle’s instructions, which also came with candle in the treasure chest. It seems the effects of the candle would send a person into heat. After knowing that much about it, it was a bit hard to keep calm and pretend not to know this.

「Ah whatever, its nothing. Oh hey look, the teacher is coming, lets go back to our seats」

「Huh? Oh, alright then. Hey just let me know if you need anything」

 Managing to keep things hidden from my friend. Although he showed a bit of concern for me, he eventually returned to his seat.


 I deeply exhale. I’m not good at putting up an act, maybe I’m not cut out to hide things. There will be more things in the future that I will have to keep hidden, so I must train to keep up some sort of facade.

 I don’t want to fake things, but what else can I do…….

There’s also a possibility where I could be with a handful of girls…. but wouldn’t that be considered cheating…….

 A weight of guilt begins to hover in my chest. But according to that little book, the tool I acquire from the labyrinth, are needed in order to increase my Level. And with it, the number of times I have sex, increases my Lv as a human. So to summarize, these magic tools can only be used along with the opposite sex.

Isn’t it fine as long as I live happily as a man of culture…..  Morally its questionable, but……..nevermind, maybe the more I use this, I’ll just get use to it.

 Lost in my thoughts I think about my room. Having obtained “The Night Invitation Candle” from the labyrinth, I went ahead to set it up and things. All I need to do is bring home some girl and light up the candle. And my Level will go up, I can get rid of my Zero by the end of today.

「*Heavy Sigh*………」

 I sigh to myself again. I’d be ecstatic if my level increased. I’d have done it with a girl and it would become easier for me to fight.

 But with my conscience on this matter, I question if this is really okay. I wonder if I’m thinking like this because I’m a virgin.

 What if its like one of those, “Once you do it, you won’t feel guilty about it afterwards”

「Ora~ora~, Class has started, everyone do the morning bow」

 While I was lost in my worries, my Homeroom Teacher, Harumachi-Sensei enters the room in her usual rough tone.

 I always wondered how did this beautiful teacher, turn out to be such a Yankee.

 She always wore jerseys and her long hair is usually in a slight mess.

 Damn that also added to her sex appeal too.

 Her face carries that natural beauty with her eyes lighting up in a bright way, that kind of ruins the image as a whole.

 If she had dressed much more appropriately, she could have started her own fan club.

 It really was one of those moments where, it feels like a waste.

「All Bow!」

 The moment Harumachi-Sensei entered the classroom, everyone moved in a dignified manner to their proper places.

 The one who spoke up was our Class Representative Natsuno-san.

 A strong-willed girl with a short stature, who always wore her hair up in a ponytail.

 But she’s not fond of being called things like cute by the opposite sex, and have been known for not speaking with people for a week after being complimented as such.

 Its such a small infraction, but the consequences were horrible for the one who did it.

 Just the thought, makes me not want to go after Natsuno-san.


 Right in the middle of our classroom bow, a big sneeze echoed through the air.

  Looking around it was none other than Akitsu-san.

 The classroom was filled with whispered laughs and chuckles, while the culprit herself apologized to her surroundings.

 Akitsu-san is always being like this.

 A gentle face with somewhat droopy eyes, her overall personality is very reserved. 

 But her figure is glamorously bodacious, from her chest to her waist her ratio was close to perfection, a body that would strike at anyone’s hearts.

 Every now and then a boy would try to approach her, but Class Rep Natsuno-san always comes to her rescue.

 Their personalities are completely opposite, but they sure make a great combination.


 And sitting right next to me is Fuyushima-san whose posture was rigid and succinct.

 She wasn’t even fazed by Akitsu-san’s sneeze and kept her eyes straight ahead.

 Her calm and cool appearance as if she never heard a thing, would paralyze anyone looking at her.

 I have never seen Fuyushima-san speak any more than she needs to, it’s almost like she’s in a world of her own.

 Just like looking at a “Snow Fairy”1, her well-proportioned face and frosty look would cause any boy to freeze, with excitement in their hearts. 

 The only regrettable thing is that her chest can’t compare to Natsuno-san’s, but in terms of height she’s quite tall.

 Well, small ones have their own cuteness to them as well.

When you look at it in another way, my class has a full assortment…..

 Those thoughts crossed my mind while I was in the middle of bowing.

 Harumachi-Sensei, Natsuno-san, Akitsu-san, Fuyushima-san.

 These four girls who are in our class could become idols or actresses. If it were seen from the point of view of the boys from other classes, this place is like heaven.

 Anyone would agree, when they see these four women.

 So if I use the Night Invitation Candle on someone.

 Who should I choose――

I’d really wish it could be someone out of these four…..

 The more I fantasized about it, the more I couldn’t get rid of those thoughts.

 All throughout the rest of my classes, I kept thinking about how I was going to get together with one of the four girls.



 All my classes had ended and it was already the end of school. I was standing alone right in front of the staff room door.

 My hands trembled with a little anxiety.

 I wasn’t sure If I could do it. All I could imagine were lewd thoughts throughout my classes and how to achieve that sort of reality. Devising some sort of plan to reach that goal.

 It boiled down to who should be my first, out of those four. And how do I am I supposed to do that.

 I agonized over what to do and thought up so many possibilities which led me to this. Because of that kind of thinking, I’m standing here right now. The Staff room where all the teachers should be.

 Even now I’m sure she’s just doing her usual paperwork. So yes, I made up my mind of who’ll Ill lose my virginity to.

「Um, excise me…. uh Harumachi-Sensei are you still here?」

「Hmmm? Oh Saino, what’s up? Something the matter」

 Harumachi-Sensei promptly responds to my call.

 Carrying a quizzical expression, towards my appearance.

 I wonder if it’s because I rarely stop by the Staff room.

 Well I don’t get bad grades or anything, and usually if I have problems I try to solve them by myself as much as possible.

 The thought of my personal issues reaching the teacher and in turn getting handed over to my parents, would cause so much unnecessary trouble for others.

 This is the second time in ever, since I’ve been to the Staff room.

 I went over to Harumachi-Sensei’s desk and before opening up my mouth, I made the most apologetic expression I could muster.

「Sensei, I’m sorry to bother you. But there’s something I…. It’s a bit hard to say….」

「…………Saino-san with the way you show up, out of the blue in front of me, I’m getting a bad feeling about this. But go ahead, what do you have to tell me?」

 Looking at Harumachi-Sensei’s beautiful face, she urges me to speak up.

 From all appearances, looks like the act is going smooth.

 Since I’ve always been a well-behaved student, she doesn’t seem to doubt my words.

 I bowed even more deeply towards my teacher, in order to deceive others I have to deceive myself.

「Sensei, I’m so sorry! My stupid parents did something stupid….. so stupid that i won’t have enough money to pay for next years school tuition!!……..」

「What the!?  How can that be…. Saino aren’t your parents adventurers, shouldn’t they have enough money to pay? How can they not pay, what’s going on?….. 」

「That’s…. you see, they used up all our savings to buy the latest equipment for an underwater exploration…..」


 With my story, Harumachi-Sensei look flabbergast.

 From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like she noticed my lie.

 She actually looks like she believes what I am saying.

 A small cheer resounds in my head, while I keep up the act and cause my voice to crack.

「Sensei, please speak to my parents and have them come to their senses! They wouldn’t listen to me, but if it was you, they would actually listen to reason!! Please tell them that they should cancel their purchase….!」

 That was an amazing & impeccable performance if I say so myself.

 My tears fell down my face so naturally that it almost seemed like I was looking for salvation.

 Just like an A-List actor.

 This morning, I thought I had no talent in acting because my friend could detect something weird from my behavior. But apparently I seem to be pretty good if I set my mind to it.

 ….. And my best acting performance also fooled Harumachi-Sensei to boot.

「I get it…. All right, I’ll see what I can do! I’ll gather my things, so just wait for me. Head Teacher2 I will be leaving work early today. That should be okay, right?」

 Harumachi-Sensei starts to gather her things while making her way to the Head Teacher in the staff room.

 With my grand performance in front of Harumachi-Sensei, it was so effective that the Head Teacher nodded his head in agreement.

Yes!… With this… everything should fall into place….

 I strike a gutsy pose in my mind, while maintaining an apologetic expression on the outside, waiting for Harumachi-Sensei to finish getting ready.

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Translated by: K4!M@|\|a Proofreader/Editor: Kuro_0ni


  1. Yukki-Onna: Snow-woman
    冬島 Fuyushima literally means Winter Island. So I opted for the nickname Snow Fairy instead of Snow-woman, even though she has that cold like personality. The Cool beauty is another way to describe her.
  2. Kōchō : Head Teacher or the Teacher in charge of all Staff.