S&D: 13 – A Sensual Invitation 【※】

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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 Afterschool in the classroom.

 Fuyushima-san massaged her throat while making a strained expression, having drunk my first load of semen.  Maybe she’s making that face because something may be caught in her throat.

 Because that last spurt came out quite thick at the end, so maybe that’s the reason.  But that wasn’t it, having stopped massaging her throat, Fuyushima-san looks at me and declared something else.


「……How about we do it one more time?」


 Without any sense of embarrassment, Fuyushima-san asks for me to ejaculate one more time. Because the tea she drank had 20mL of that special item, It didn’t seem she was satisfied with one load of semen after all. Holding onto my dick once more, Fuyushima-san strokes it gently to try and get me up again.

 Putting up a troubled smile for Fuyushima-san while hiding my excitement.  If she works hard enough, I have no doubt she could make me cum for a second time in a row.  But it would be dull if we did the same thing twice.  If we are going to do this, more risque acts would make it more enjoyable.


「I’ve released quite a lot just now, so it may be some time before I can get hard」

「…..I see. Then how do I make you cum?」


 Fuyushima-san immediately springs up a question, in response to my excuse.  Her calm demeanor came out again.  But towards her question, I answer while inwardly cheering.


「I’m sure it will come out if you suck on it. And it would help if Fuyushima-san gets naked too.」



 The moment she heard my suggestions, Fuyushima became motionless.  My requests may have been over the top considering that “The Thirsty Essence” only makes her desire my semen, so it its reasonable for her to hesitate.

 But I continued to coax her with more ideas instead.


「 And once you undress, if you let me caress you, I should cum faster. But the fastest way is if you let me inside you. It won’t be bad, and I’ll pull out immediately when I feel it」


 Speaking nonchalantly, I jokingly add in doing “the act.”  I don’t know how far she’ll let me go with this, but its better to take what I can out of a situation like this.

 Listening to all the demands I was spouting one after the other, Fuyushima-san remained expressionless, even after I ended my suggestions with doing “the thing.”




 Releasing my cock from her grasp, Fuyushima brings her hand up to her chin and goes into deep thought. But her line of sight is still concentrated towards my crotch. I wonder how far she’ll go, with her desire to drink my semen.

 Half a minute passes by before Fuyushima-san speaks――


「I have no desire to be touched. And you can’t put it in」


 ……..Listening to her decision was quite the eye opener.

 Fuyushima-san chose to protect her chastity even though that was the fastest method, for releasing my load.  Reflecting back a little, had I been shy about my requests, there’s no telling what other lewds acts couldn’t have been ask for.

 But without a change in her expression, Fuyushima continues to speak the rest of her thoughts.


「But sucking is okay. And being naked is fine」

「Oh, alright then」


 I involuntarily raised my voice in jubilant reply towards her unexpected compromise.  You would think if she wanted to protect her chastity, then there would be no reason for her to take off her clothes, but she’s actual fine with being naked.

 And she didn’t hesitate towards giving me a fellatio either.  I guess “The Thirsty Essence” only makes a woman crave for semen within a certain range of sexual acts.


「Then let’s get this going」

「Y,yeah, right」

「….Then wait one moment」


 While answering firmly, Fuyushima proceeds to undue her uniform. Removing her clothes without any delay. Fuyushima undresses exposing her delicate fair skin to the environment.


That’s some really expensive underwear……

…..I couldn’t tell before, but her chest is really small.


 Gazing up and down from her brassiere to her waist, I couldn’t help but get a certain impression. The color of her lingerie is snow white.  Embroidered with lace displaying an intricate design anyone could tell it was classy at first glance.

 But her chest area that her bra enveloped was a bit lacking, it didn’t look like she’d grow larger than a size B.  I wonder if the decorative pattern is what makes it more alluring or is it the amount of fabric that’s used.

 I’ve heard that small chests have their own luster as a joke, but that may actually be closer to the truth.  But Fuyushima-san had know way of knowing what was going through my mind as she put her hands on her skirt and undid it without batting an eye.

 And just like that it fell to the floor.  Her risque panties and matching bra were all that was left, which gave of prim & posh feel.


「…..Do you want me to take my underwear off too?」

「Huh! Y,yeah that too」



 Answering back to her enthusiastically, Fuyushima-san replied in a whisper before putting her hands behind her back.  No sense of shame could be seen from her face, as she undid her clasp, and lowered her bra straps and then the cups drifted off.




 A small vexed sigh leaks from Fuyushima-san’s mouth the moment her bra was completely removed. With the ornate cloth finally gone, her small breasts were finally exposed.




 I gulped while reveling in the scene before my eyes. Fuyushima-san’s chest was completely bare.  Her breasts were so small, you could barely make out the mounds of where they were supposed to be.

 I seemed to have been duped by the bra itself, it must’ve had quite a lot of padding to give me a bigger impression.  Her nipples were centered and nicely in line with her left and right bulges, and were pleasant to look at.

 Brightly pink in color, there were like ripe strawberries on snow white cutting board.




 Maybe she doesn’t really care that I’m looking, but Fuyushima-san didn’t hide her chest at all.  Rather, she just went straight to moving her hands to her waist, lowering her panties in one short go.  With the last piece of lingerie gone, Fuyushima-san’s secret garden was revealed before me.


「…….! There’s no…… Do you shave it?……」

「It just doesn’t grow」



 The final secret was revealed when Fuyushima-san dropped her panties.  As no bush could have seemed to have existed.  And according to Fuyushima-san’s words, she never groomed herself down there, as it naturally never grew.

 Speechless from the great reveal, I just lost myself towards Fuyushima-san’s secret garden.  Not hiding anything at all, I could clearly see the wrinkles of her lips as well as her delicate pristine center.


「Are we going to do this?」

「Oh! Right, this is just perfect」


 Fuyushima-san’s voice rouses me to my senses, after I had been staring in awe.  But rather than rebuke me for my actions, Fuyushima-san remained detached, kneeling at my feet before grasping my dick in her hands and saying a few words.


「So what do I do next?」

「Soo… what you would do is, wrap your tongue around the shaft and suck from the top and lower your head and raise it repeatedly」



 It was terrible advice really, but Fuyushima-san followed my instructions without question.  It was my first fellatio, so there wasn’t much I could explain to her.

 But convinced that, that was all there was to it, Fuyushima-san grasped my cock, enveloping it with her mouth


「Nm…..Mm, mm, Nnn, Mmm~…….」



 I couldn’t help but moan, feeling the inside of her warm mouth.  And the pleasure of Fuyushima-san’s tongue coiling around my dick, licking me fervently was amazing.  She didn’t even look upwards at me, but continued to move her head back and forth over and over,


「*Nmph* *Schlick* *Shlupp* *Schlop* *Ollmn*………」



 While Fuyushima was moving her head, vulgar sounds were being made from the act.  The sloshy sound from her cheeks and mouth were reverberating along with her sucking technique.

 Almost like a vacuum cleaner humming.  It was all Fuyushima-san’s fault for making me moan, as she bobbed her head repeatedly on my cock.  It was the first time I was experiencing it but, it was such great feeling.

 Her lips wrapped tightly around my skin, as the saliva from her mouth provided lubrication and her tongue curled around me. Her movements were a bit rough, but it wasn’t enough to make me lose interest.  Rather the scene of her giving my cock a fellatio was a sight to behold.

 And watching her bury her face all the way to the base of my shaft was exhilarating.  From another angle as she goes down on my member, I watched her body move as her black hair parted, revealing her beautiful snow white skin from the top of her neck down to her butt.

 Her breasts may not have developed, and neither did she grow any pubic hair and her butt wasn’t grand like a mature woman’s either.  But being that Fuyushima was relatively taller than the average girl, her natural development may have been delayed in that process.


「*Shlurp* *Schlock* *Shuke* *Mnn*………..」

「Oh~ Fuyushima-san~……..so good~…..」


 I couldn’t help but pat and rub Fuyushima-san head a little as she gracefully moved back and forth on me.  Releasing a slight praise for her, Fuyushima-san doesn’t react to me as she just concentrates on giving me a blowjob.

 Her goal was only to drink the rest of my semen.


「*Gulp* *Schlick* *Shluck* *Shlok* *Mnnn*……….」


 The gentle stimulating warmth enthralling my cock.  Was leading me up the stairs of ascension, I could see myself reaching my climax real soon. With my desire to reach that point, one of my hands grabs a hold of her shoulder.

 I know Fuyushima’san said she didn’t want to be touched, but being that its only just her shoulder, surely she’d just forgive me for this minor indiscretion. 


「*Shlurp* *Schlock* *Shuke* *Schlick*……」


 Not bothered by my touch, it seems like things are OK, as Fuyushima-san doesn’t stop in blowing my stiff member.  Feeling a little reassured I pat and caress her head, while sensually touching her shoulder.

 Her delicate skin feels as smooth as it looks.  Like passing my hand over a cloth of silk, the warmth of Fuyushima-san’s skin was transmitted to me. For a woman like her, her skin was worth cherishing.


Someday, I’ll be immersing myself with holding her as much as I want…...


 A savage desire to monopolize Fuyushima springs within my heart.

 Having caressed her head, neck and shoulders, I craved to do I as I pleased with the rest of her body, from her chest to her ass and to her secret garden. Longing to finally enter her cavern of riches. When that time comes, I have no doubt it will become a euphoric moment of ecstasy.




 Imagining what would occur when that day arrived, naturally amplified the pleasure I was experiencing.  Feeling my semen fully charged and ready to fire, I couldn’t help but brace myself for that final moment

 Unbeknownst to her, my member stiffens even more as her blowjob continues rhythmically. I ran up those stairs of heaven, as Fuyushima-san coiffed, using both her hands along with her mouth to pleasure me.


「Fuyushima-san! Don’t~ Stop~……」

「Nmnmph, *Schlock* *Shluck* *Schlick* *Suck* Mnn………」


 Glancing upwards at me while, reciprocating back and forth, wrapping, enveloping, sucking me hard. Was the final blow to my defenses as I couldn’t be blamed for what happened next.

 I didn’t resist her techniques, and in the last few moments I raised my hips just a little.  And reaching my limit, I held Fuyushima-san’s head as I plunged my cock deep into her mouth before exclaiming――




 *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse* *Pulse*


「Mmph!…….gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp……..」」


 My mind went blank for a moment from the release, as the rest flashed before my eyes. From her mouth to her throat, my member pulses with cum with quite the momentum.

 It must have been a little painful, as Fuyushima-san held my hips tightly, squeezing my sides as my load goes down her throat, swallowing as it goes. Not pulling back, not even to breathe.

 Was her desire to drink semen that strong, enough to endure all that suffering?

 Drowning myself in my own desires I exhaled from the pleasure while holding Fuyushima-san’s head still.  And not long after my ejaculation subsides, releasing Fuyushima-san from her ordeal.

 Gagging the moment my cock left her mouth, Fuyushima tried to clear her throat of the sensation.


「*Cough* *Cough* *Rrngh* *Cough* *Cough*……..」

「I’m sorry, are you okay, was it too much?」

「Mn…No, its fine. I drank it all」


 Unconcerned with my apology, Fuyushima-san replies back as if it was nothing.  Wiping her mouth with her hand, she immediately gets up and gathers her underwear and uniform scattered on the ground.

 Now that everything was finished, she wants to get dressed already?




 I sigh to myself after looking at my dick still slathered with Fuyushima-san’s saliva.  Both times, were exhilarating.  There’s about 10mL left of “The Thirsty Essence”, maybe I could use this opportunity to get another handjob & fellatio from Fuyushima-san.

 No, I should just save it for the other girls.


「Bye, I’m going home」

「…….Oh uh right, See you later」


 Putting her uniform back on Fuyushima-san leaves the classroom as if this never happened.  She’s back to her indifferent personality, same as before, the moment everything we did ended.


 What kind of mental process does she even have?


 I couldn’t wrap my mind on it and instead just immersed myself in ambiance of my actions all alone.

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi

Narko: According to Kai the literal title for this chapter is Skin & Mouth, but if you explore the kanji a bit and derive some of its other meanings. You can give the English version a little more nuance. Thanks Kai, for making me add this note for the audience, I didn’t need the extra work, but your welcome.