S&D: 11 – Who to give the essence to?

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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 Inside the final treasure chest on the 1st Floor.

 Was a small bottle labeled “A Thirsty Essence” which would make a woman who drank it, desire the semen from a man.

 Placing the bottle in my backpack, I decided to return home as soon as possible, so as not to break the treasure I found.  Rather than head straight towards the 2nd Floor, I wrapped up my exploration for the day.

 There was still some time to explore the 2nd Floor.  But after acquiring this bottle of liquid desire, I wanted to think about how I would use it.  And after figuring out how to use this magic item, I could also increase my level and that would make exploring the 2nd Floor a lot more easier.

 Having made it back, I had spent the entire night thinking about how to use ” The Thirsty Essence”.  If I were to give to a girl, how would I have her drink it?

 Or rather, who should I give it to?  A lot of things ran through my mind as things sort of became difficult to ponder.  But after putting together a plan for tomorrow, I dove into bed to wash off the days fatigue.




 Today is Wednesday.

 Leaving my house after finalizing some preparations.  Making my way to school, I see the same things as usual.  After a while, I began to pick up my pace.  It’s been like this ever since I found the dungeon in my basement.

 I wonder what’s going on with the girls today?……



With various expectations filling my mind, my heart throbs with excitement as my body suddenly gets a boost. Feeling like it was the time of my life, I try to resist the urges that came with such thoughts.

Come to think of it, I don’t feel any remorse from what happened….



 I suddenly became aware of the changes to my attitude.  I know the first time I used a treasure…. “The Night Invitation Candle” with Harumachi-Sensei, my heart ached after, seeing her in that state.

 But now, I have no problems with using the items I find. I wonder if, ever since I lost my virginity, I lost something else as well. Or maybe after experiencing so many battles I’ve become desensitized.

 Even though this all happened in the span of a few days, I feel like my demeanor has become more brazen.  I’m not sure if all of this is a good thing, or if it could be bad in the end, but……

 While I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about all the changes I went through. All of a sudden I felt a slight tap from behind.  Which ended up turning into several light taps.

 Turning around, I was surprised by――


「Uh…..um…… Saino-san……..」

「…….Oh Natsuno-san?」


 Greeting me in a weak voice, shifting her eyes away slightly….. It was none other than Class Rep Natsuno.  Looking at her small frame, she was quite pretty today. Her face flashed crimson while shyly glancing towards me.


 ……It seems the effects from the umbrella we shared yesterday, are still showing up today as well.


 I can still feel her usual confident demeanor from before, but when facing me she becomes quite shy and conscious of my gaze.


 Maybe I’m seeing things, but doesn’t her ponytail look a lot better than usual?


「Good Morning, is Akitsu-san not with you today?」

「Ah!…… W,well Maya couldn’t make it…. s,sorry…….」


 Flashing a slight annoyed expression, Natsuno stumbles out words with a meek reply.  With her small frame, she’s almost like a cute animal trying to act strong.  I smiled towards Natsuno, trying to quell her insecurity.


「I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just glad I get to go to school with Natsuno-san」



 Natsuno turns away while covering her face with both hands.

 Oh this is getting interesting.

 I tried to make a light joke with my cheery expression, but I didn’t expect her to react this way. Glancing at my watch, I couldn’t help but inwardly rejoice at how easy it was for Natsuno to become aware of me.

 There’s not much time until we needed to be at school. But looking at her amazingly cute figure, I couldn’t help but want to use “The Thirsty Essence” but that wouldn’t really be effective in this case.


「Y,you…Saino just….」


「Saino-san just, s,s,says that to everyone….」

「What do you mean?」

「”I, I’m glad…to go to school with you”…….」


 Natsuno-san tries to explain, but her voice trails in-between words, her face changing expressions shyly.  And towards her reasons, I just smiled back casually.


「Really? But I don’t think I say it that often, or say that towards just anyone either」

「Ah!…..I, I see…..」


 Natsuno begins to quicken her pace, looking down to hide her crimson face.  Watching from aside, she looks really happy.  I wasn’t aware of it before, but I found myself to be smiling as well.  Trying to stay next to Natsuno, I also picked up my pace.

 And that was how it was, as we both walked to school together.




 After making it to class, we parted ways as we headed for our seats.  And after 10 minutes the door to the classroom rattles ajar.

 Harumachi-Sensei arrived.


「Good Morning Class. Everyone to their seats」


 Glancing over her whole class, and having her students settle down. 

  Sensei, looks like she’s faring a lot better than yesterday, but even now I can tell she’s trying to keep her distance from me.

 Well, that’s natural for an upright kind of teacher.  After all, having an intimate relationship with a student is outrageous in a teachers line of work.


「Everyone Bow!」


 Natsuno-san does the usual homeroom greeting.  And everyone in class pays respects to our teacher, before getting back up in unison.  And when it’s all over, everyone sits back down in their assigned seats.


…….Looking at Akitsu, she seems normal.


 After everyone had sat back down, I looked over towards Akitsu-san’s chair, checking on her condition.  But it doesn’t seem like anything changed about her at all, she’s still her bubbly airheaded self today.  She didn’t show that serious intellectual curiosity of hers, like yesterday.


Hmmm, for the time being I need to be wary of her….. Even if I used the item I just acquired, things will become difficult if she figures it out.


 While trying to think of ways to deal with Akitsu, Saino turns back to face the front of class.  I should be careful so she doesn’t find out about the labyrinth.

 But at the same time, Akitsu-san’s body is so enticing, there’s no way I’m not going to give up on doing erotic things with her.  One day I’ll find an item I can use, and with that I’ll be able to do whatever I want.

 After putting my thoughts together, I glanced over my class, before turning to the seat right next to me.

 Since Sensei doesn’t seem to want to get near me.  And Akitsu is always together with Class Rep, that makes it hard to go for either of them.  Then that leaves me with one other individual left.




 A cool beauty, that always looks forward, never bothering to be concerned of what is around her.

 The calm, enigmatic, marvelous girl in class.

 With her elegantly straight glossy black hair and slender figure, it would be easy for her to become a model.  She doesn’t have a modest chest, but she’s still attractive enough to match the rest of her figure.

 The ideal image of a silent beauty.  That’s right, the only person left I can use “The Thirsty Essence” with is our class’s Snow Fairy, whose beauty is like a work of art.

 Fuyushima Enishi-san.




 The rest of the day went smoothly as time passed and by then classes had ended.

 It was the long-awaited moment, I anticipated. It was after school.


「……Excuse me, Fuyushima-san?」


 The moment when class ended, I swiftly went over to chat with my seat neighbor.

 Fuyushima-san didn’t belong to any club and neither did she do any afterschool activities, as she always went straight home once school ended.  If I didn’t talk to her right away, I would miss the timing.




 Fuyushima-san looked at me with emotionless eyes.

 *Woah*  Her cool gaze.

 Even after responding to me, there was not a single twitch nor stir in her heart.  I decided to put on an energized smile, towards her indifferent response.


「Well you see, there were a couple things in class I didn’t get…. Fuyushima-san is good in math, right? If it’s alright, can you tutor me for bit?」

「…… It shouldn’t be a problem」


 In a low voice, Fuyushima-san responds, but not a flutter of emotion could be seen.  I was surprised that she readily agreed.  I thought Fuyushima-san would be a little more reluctant.

 But with a brief nod in agreement, I was grateful that it wasn’t that hard.  After thanking her, I put Fuyushima-san and my desks together, so we could sit next to each other.


「So which is it?」

「Ah, the part I’m having trouble with is the trigonometric functions, its………」


 Opening my textbook, I pointed Fuyushima-san to the part of the book where I was having trouble after she questioned me.  It was a math problem with reasonable difficulty and it was something our teacher taught in class not long ago.

 Something of this caliber was quite easy for Fuyushima-san who was excellent in math, and to be frank I already knew the solution to the problem I was asking her to help me with.

 Having learned it in class, it wasn’t the difficulty of math that I was struggling with but, something else.  Acting as if I had trouble with the equations in order to get Fuyushima-san’s help, was a lot more difficult than I had planned.  Of course it’s not like we could stay late in school, because we still had curfew.




 Feeling that someone was watching me, I raised my head and glanced around.  And immediately found the individual whose presence I felt.

 Right near the classroom door.  Was a petite girl who’s beauty could not be missed, it looked like she wanted to say something, but nothing comes out.

 Class Rep?

 Could it be that her feelings are in turmoil after seeing me with Fuyushima-san?


 But before Natsuno-san could act out her thoughts, her back is pushed from behind by Akitsu-san.


「Hiyori come on, let’s go home~」



 Leaving the classroom with Akitsu-san urging her.

 It looks like I’m safe.

 If Natsuno-san stayed back and became the third wheel here, it would turn into a really inconvenient situation.  Even though Akitsu-san who was overtly interested in my secrets could have intruded, this time her leaving with Natsuno-san was good for me.





 Just before the two left the classroom. I caught Akitsu-san’s glance as she narrowed her eyes at me.  Eyes which held contempt and at the same time a deep sense curiosity, almost like yesterday but not as calm.

Oh man what a relief, but……



 It didn’t seem like Akitsu-san did, what she did, to help me.

 I then started to realize Akitsu-san’s motives, as I sigh inwardly.  Maybe Akitsu-san knows that I’m going after Fuyushima-san.  And she’s using Fuyushima-san as a scapegoat.

 She’s probably thinking about if Fuyushima-san will change or stay the same, comparing today and tomorrow. Or maybe she’s planning on watching the situation to find out my tricks.  Or did that look mean “I’ll cooperate with you, as long as I get to know your secret“?

 Anyway with Akitsu-san’s logic, Fuyushima-san would be a good sacrifice for her curiosity.


「First of all, we’ll use Law of Cosines at this part and on this next part………..」


 Without noticing Akitsu-san’s nor my intentions, Fuyushima-san continues explaining math to me.  Looking at the textbook and then focusing back to Fuyushima-san.

 Nevertheless, it’s a good thing they won’t get in the way.  As more students leave the class, it wasn’t long before the only two people left were Fuyushima and me.

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Translated by: Kaimana Editor: NarK0Lepsi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)