S&D: 1 – A Dungeon Discovery

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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What’s going on over here…..?

 Just when I got used to living on my own. In a single-family home with seven rooms in the middle of the suburbs.

 It was just an ordinary house which had its own basement and that was it. But there I was, standing right near the entrance of what was supposed to my basement.

 I, Sohei Saino was standing in a dungeon. Before me was a long stone corridor. The walls were lit with torches every few meters, just like a medieval castle.

 ….. No matter where I looked, it was nothing like what the basement of a house should look like.


 I rubbed my eyes, to see if this was really a basement,

 But even after that, nothing changed at all.

 All I could see was a stone corridor lit with torches.

.……What should I do for something like this? Do I call the police? Or firefighters?…. No wait, should I just go to the hospital and have my head examined instead?……

 I tried hard to think up a solution, but never really got that far. It’s probably better just to call my parents.

 But…. I don’t even have any of their contact information.

 Both my parents are adventurers and have gone off on an exploration of their own, they are probably looking at some jungle ruins right now. My mom and dad are so carefree, they didn’t even leave me with a surefire way of getting in touch with them.

 We rarely keep in touch, and even if I wanted to, I can’t even contact them first.

……… *Sigh* How about I just explore around for a bit

 After some thought, I decided to just go with the flow. Maybe its because I inherited my parents genes.

 With an unknown area right before me, I’m becoming a little excited. Why don’t I just take a little look-see.

 Walking down the corridor in just my socks. The floor feels fairly leveled despite the shoddy look of the stone work and bracing. But in the future it would be better to put on some shoes before I explore some more.

 Well, there’s also a possibility that I won’t get another chance.

……. Where is the air coming from? It feels like the air is blowing deeper inside. It doesn’t look like there is any plant damage here. I guess I don’t have to worry about this place collapsing on me.

 I should move carefully while looking more at my surroundings. It seems this place was made really well. When I pat the wall, I can feel the sturdiness behind it.

 It doesn’t feel like it would collapse at all. Continuing down the corridor, I suddenly see a wall in front. Could this be a turn towards another direction?

 We are already fifty meters away from the entrance of this dungeon. I should have passed right underneath the neighbor’s house by now.

 What is going on with this place?


 I silence the sound of my movement as I approach the corner. The fact that there’s another torch, must mean that another person has to be here. It wouldn’t be bad to move more cautiously.

 I move carefully while keeping my body glued to the wall, slowly sticking my head out from the corner.

…………What the, nobody’s there. This is just another corridor….. Is that stairs going down over there?

 I exhale deeply, while not making another sound. For the time being, I’m glad I’m not in any kind of danger. But, the path before me stretches for a long while and leads to another set of stairs.

 I’m still not sure whether to consider this place safe, but that’s why….

Why don’t I keep going for bit…...

 Originally I was just going to just take a quick look at things, but in some way I just kept on exploring.

 Well I’m fast on my feet, so if things do become dangerous, I’m confident I can run all the way back.

 The basement door has a sturdy lock, so even if someone follows me, I should be able to avoid the worst possible situation.

 So as not to make a sound, I silently proceed down corridor to the stairs.

 ….. But that was when I discovered something out of place.

 Roughly a meter from the corner.

 I didn’t catch it initially because it blended in with the color of the corridor, but a thin notebook was laying on the ground.

………Huh, what is this?

 With the little book in hand, I decide to open it.

 It seems to be written in Japanese.

 What is this…… “Something to remember”?

 There’s drawings of all sorts of creatures in here with numbers and descriptions under each picture. But the book itself is incomplete, only a quarter of it is filled and the rest is all blank.

 Turning to the first page, I begin to read its contents.

 There seems to be a note written right here.

 『For you who picks this up. I well entrust you with all my experiences, so that you can have absolute happiness』


 Shocked, questions float in my head after reading that note. This message obviously appears like its directed towards me.

 I was about to toss the book away, but after reading that note……. I wonder what it actually means.

 Before reading again, I looked around me to make sure nothing strange happened, then turned the page.

 On the next page, there were several bullets with descriptions written.

Let’s see…...

『Within this Labyrinth, there is a Lv system.  A high Lv is considered strong, and a low Lv is considered weak』

…….? What is this, are these some kind of instructions for a game, is that what this is?

 I read the first bullet again, which I thought was out of place.

 I thought there would be information regarding what this place was and the stone corridors, but the explanation given was something like a role-playing game.

 It didn’t look like it, but I guess it really was a game manual.

 But then I read the next following bullet much more attentively.

 『Your Lv can be confirmed by staring at the palm of your hand within this labyrinth. You can see the Lv of other people and other creatures by looking at them with one eye 』

 Look at the palm of one’s hand, huh?………

 Skeptical, I decide to look at the palm of my hand, thinking the description didn’t make any sense.

 And there it was――


 My eyes went wide when I saw it.

 I closed and opened my right hand again.

 It wasn’t there before, but it was clear as day. In blue characters, the number Zero was right there.

No way!!

 Not sure what to think, I suspected that it could be trick.

 How on earth did I get this number?

 Was someone pulling a prank on me, while I wasn’t looking?…….

 No, that can’t be, the chances of that are pretty low

 If someone were to use a pen on the palm of my hand, I would have definitely noticed that.

 Was the information in the book really true?


 I decide to look into the book while feeling weirded out.

 That’s when I read the following description.

 『When looking at a Monster’s Lv or a Human’s Lv, the Lv is an indicator of their strength. Monsters gain experience through combat, whereas a human’s Lv increases through sex』

「Wha, wha, WHAT……?」

 After reading that description, my voice leaks out incoherently.

 I get that monsters can grow through battle.

 But humans get stronger by having sex?………

 What kind of lewd description is this?

But then I stare back at the number Zero, on the palm of my right hand……

 Staring at the number displayed on my right hand left me feeling dejected.

 I have zero experience when it comes to sex.

 I’m just a virgin.

 In that respect, the information picture here isn’t wrong.

 My current LV …….. Love level is just Zero.


 I continue to read the written message while suppressing the urge to just slam the book onto the floor.

So, um the next part was…….

『 Each floor of the Labyrinth has three treasure chests.  The items within these treasure chests are magic tools which can be used inside and outside of the labyrinth. Items collected from these treasure chests will replenish after one full year. The magic tools you gain will be useful increasing your LV』

……Magic tools huh?……

 According to this notebook, there appears to be quite the treasure, sleeping somewhere within this labyrinth.

 These『Magic Tool’s』seem really suspicious, but for now I’ll just accept that what it’s saying is true.

 The adventurer blood dwelling within me starts to boil, I’m getting excited just with the setting of things.

 I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I suddenly want to explore the mysterious passage ahead.

 I continue reading the rest, with deep anticipation as my heart beat quickens.

 This seems to be the last part of the message.

 『When you take on damage past a certain point within the labyrinth, you’ll be instantly transferred to the labyrinths entrance. But once that occurs, all items you acquired during your search will be forfeit and will be returned to their original treasure chests. It is extremely important not to take on too much damage and survive as much as possible』

I’ll be instantly teleported to the dungeon’s entrance……? And I’ll lose any items I found along the way, but at least I won’t die, right?……..

 Isn’t that also a game-like feature?

 In summary the entrance is like a save point, and when I get severely injured I’ll be sent back to the starting point.

 Unlike those actual real-life adventures that my Father and Mother go on, the risk of actual death here is fairly low.

 I really wonder if one actually 『teleports』 if they take on damage past a certain point, but then again………..

…….this is Awesome

 Closing the book, I made up my mind then and there.

 With the blood of an Adventurer flowing throw my veins.

 I inevitably want to go on an adventure as well.

 I guess this is just like that saying, “you can’t fight what’s in your blood.”

 Well any way――

I’m going to conquer the labyrinth, or at least try to…..!!

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Translated by: K4!M@|\|a Proofreader/Editor: Kuro_0ni